Monday, January 28, 2008

Ring around the Reesey

Reese has become quite the dancing (and singing) queen.


Sunday, January 27, 2008

Chatty Girl

Reese is working on all sorts of talking. Here are just a few highlights. Don't mind all of our giggles in the background!



Wednesday, January 23, 2008

A Typical Wednesday

Reese loves to play on the stairs and look through the banisters.

Piggy tails today! She did not love them going in, but they sure look cute!

Avery is just hanging out and wondering what is going on!

Trying out the kiddie table from Grandma... it's a hit!

Monday, January 21, 2008

Big Girl Bed

Reese skipped her 2nd nap today which caused her to fall asleep on the couch at 6:45!
During the move, we decided to put the twin bed in Reese's room before we moved the crib over from my mom's. We knew it was early to try the "big girl bed," but we thought we would go for it. Well, it was a success! She cries herself to sleep like she did in her crib, but there was only one time when she actually climbed out. She stays in there and has been sleeping longer than she did in the crib. Go Reese! In other news, she has two new molars and continues to eat like a champ.

Sunday, January 20, 2008

Game Time!

I am all geared up for the game. I had a bath, some breakfast, and am now mentally preparing for the big game! Go Packers!!
Ok, crazy hair is "in" with the the Packers, so I am getting mine ready!
Make sure you get your fruit, carbs and milk so you have all the energy you need.
"Listen up guys, we need to play some tough defense today."
Just staying warm until it's time to brave the cold and pull off another win!

Monday, January 14, 2008

Painting Day

Noah doing some painting.
Sabrina and Eileen emptying some of the POD. They were so excited to get it open. They said, "It's just like Christmas morning!"
Jonathan and Ryan working on the den.
The only picture I have from moving day. Sabrina, Kristine and the kids just enjoying the relaxing time.
Aunt Donna entertaining Reese and Noah.
Mom and Mark painting our room.
Ron painting Eileen's room.
Carissa and Dave painting Reese's room.
Avery napping in the computer corner.

Friday, January 11, 2008


So, I don't have any pictures for any of you just yet, but we officially closed on our house and got the keys on Wednesday! The place looks great and is still very empty, but with the help of our wonderful family and friends, there will be some painted walls and a full house. The painting will happen tonight and the moving tomorrow. We are really excited about our new place. Reese (along with Noah) have had the opportunity to run through all the emptiness and even sneak into some empty cabinets (Reese in the kitchen and Noah in the bathroom). It seems like there is too much space but I am sure once our stuff is all in place it will feel more like home. It won't be the same not seeing Mom and Carissa every day, but I am sure it will also be nice to have their space back. We are so lucky that my mom was so kind and generous to let us stay with her for the past six months. She is one fabulous mom! :)

Ok, more to come.....

Sunday, January 06, 2008

...and my favorite pics of Reese.

Disney Trip

We had a good time, but an exhausting time. We made it to all 4 parks, got on most rides, and ate WAY too much food. We minature golfed, went to Downtown Disney for some shopping, and visited some of the hotels. We had some days of great weather and days of COLD weather. Some people got sick and some of us managed to escape the illness, though Reese got it the last day and Ryan seems to be getting a little icky today. Overall Mom's 50th Birthday trip to Disney was a success! Here are a ton of pictures for your enjoyment.

Too cute!
Mark and Avery at Animal Kingdom
Jen and Jonathan
Dave on the Backlot Tour Stage at MGM
Carissa and Eileen
Reese at the airport
Jonathan and Reese at dinner in the Grand Floridian
Dave, Carissa and Uncle Jimmy
Noah getting ready to bus it to the Magic Kingdom
Grandma and Mom on the Elephants
Reese, Ryan, Jenny, and Mickey at breakfast at the Animal Kingdom. Reese loved the characters here, it was so much fun.

A Quick Recap of Christmas

Christmas #1: Reese opening her cool Leap Frog pad from Grandpops. Christmas #2 : Reese organizing all the presents at Grandma Jill's and Grandpa John's.
Great Grandma Eileen and Reese.
Christmas #3 : Auntie Carissa helping Reese open her cool magnadoodle from Grandma on Christmas morning.
Christmas #4 : Sabrina, Avery and the Puccini's (where's Nathan?:) at
Grandpa John and Grandma Janet's.