Monday, May 26, 2008

Ready... Set... Go!

30 Weeks!! Can you believe it? I can't. Really. It's going so fast, yet so slow at the same time. Only 10 weeks to go! So, I told myself that at 30 weeks I could start my baby pool, so you can can get to it by clicking on the link to your left. Vote away. Let's see who is the best guesser!

As the weather gets nicer, and I get bigger, going outside to play is more fun for the kids and a little less fun for me.... but, being the nice Mommy and Auntie that I am, I try and venture out whenever possible. Here we are outside playing. The only way I could keep them close was by letting them push Avery... hey, it worked! We also spend a ton of time playing "kitchen." Noah and Reese love to "taste" everything!

During our long weekend, we took a trip to the Rainforest Cafe at the mall. Grandma Kathy, Dave, and Carissa joined us. The atmosphere was great, the food was great, and the server was not... but we still enjoyed ourselves. (I would recommend this place for a special outing, though the prices are a bit high in my opinion.) Another adventure of the weekend was my Great Uncle's 80th Birthday party. It was even equipped with a big jumping thing. The kids LOVED it. Reese couldn't get enough. (... and No, the 80 year old uncle did not try it out... but Ryan and Carissa did!)Today we went to the mall and I finally got my new purse (I wanted one for my anniversary gift). It's really "fun" and I love it?? Then we went to the Connelly's and the kids played in the sprinkler. They had a BLAST! How crazy that it's 80 today and will only be 56 tomorrow? That is just wrong!

... and of course, after all the running through the dirt, a bath was very necessary.Happy Memorial Day weekend!

Reese's new thing is "Ready, set GO!"

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

3 Year Anniversary

Can you believe it's been 3 years? (And an AMAZING 3 years) I feel so lucky to be able to share my life with someone that amazes me every day in so many different ways. I feel that we have accomplished so much already in our 3 years! Each year keeps getting better, and I know we will continue to grow together and enjoy every moment. Really! I love being married. Ok, I can continue here and get way mushy, but I won't.

I think back to our wedding day and the things that stick out in my mind...
1) Ryan picking our wedding song, "Making Memories of Us." I remember listening to it on the ipod he left for me, and it was just perfect. He could have picked any song... but these lyrics were great, and the fact that HE picked it for US made it just so perfect.
2) Waiting to walk down the aisle was the only time I felt so nervous during the day. I wasn't for a second scared or afraid, I was just so anxious to get down to the end and make it official!
3) Oh, and I loved dancing the night away with our closest friends and family. "Save a Horse, Ride a Cowboy" will always be a song to remind me of the great group that just busted a move all night and lived it up!

Ok. I will stop there... I don't want to get carried away... (did I already?) I think tonight we will lay low, but we will make a date night soon. Reese and Ryan and both suffering from a cold, so we will just relax for the evening.

In other news... Went to the doctor yesterday for my 29 week appointment. Everything looks great. I heard a nice strong heartbeat. I have only gained 1 more pound at this point than I had when I had Reese, so that is good. I go back every two weeks now. It's so amazing. My belly is measuring 30 weeks, but that really doesn't mean too much (though I think I should be due a week before, so that works out). I am still doing my best at exercising and I feel pretty great (besides getting comfortable at night).

Sunday, May 18, 2008

Mini Vaca

We hadn't seen our friends, the Berggren's for a while, so we decided to switch it up and meet in Racine for a short weekend getaway. We found a nice hotel on the lake, and luckily, had some good weather, and of course, great times. We visited Apple Holler, where the kids got to see some goats, bunnies, llamas, horses, chicken, and a strange donkey horse mule thing. We hung out at the Friki Tiki outside for most of the day. The mommy's were so kind to take the girlies in the pool for a nice cold swim. We ended the trip with an adventure to the outlet mall, where of course, Reese and Madisyn really made out.
The boys had plenty of laughs!
Madisyn showing off her super cute suit!
Reese in her new suit. (sorry, it's blurry)
Here we are with the goats... Reese kept her distance for a while, and then she was feeding the goats! (gross)
Two cute sheep.
Madisyn partying it up at the Friki Tiki.
The Mommies
Reese running all over the place took a quick second for a picture.

Bergs- It was great seeing you! See you in June!

Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Reese's Skills at 18 months

I thought that I would try and give a little Reese update... more for us, so we remember where she was at at this point. Maybe you will also find it interesting too. It's hard to know what kids are supposed to be doing at each stage, so we will just give some of her current progress.

"No" is Reese's favorite word. She uses it way to frequently and as much as it's "cute," it's not :).

"Reese, let's change your diaper" "NO!" "Reese, come here please" "NO" It goes on and on. Let's hope this phase ends soon. Early terrible two's?

"NOW!" - Yes, she got this from her parents, and she uses it when she knows she is in trouble.

"This Say?" = "What does this say" - She wants to know what everything is and this is her way of saying "What is this?" She asks this 100 times a day.

"Where Daddy Go Go?" - Yes, two Go's. I am not sure where this came from, but she keeps saying Go twice... and she asks this every time someone moves out of her view.

She is really close to counting on her own. If we promt her, she can do it,

She's got about all her animals and sounds down including Rooster "Cockadoo"

When we are leaving she give kisses and then continues to make kissing sounds so she gets more kisses.

She knows all her body parts including her elbow, knee, cheek, neck and chin.

Other words on this list:



Thank You

Wuv You Mommy and Daddy

Sorry Mommy

Ready... Set... Go!

All Aboard!

Mommy Help

Potty (wouldn't it be great to potty train this summer? - not likely)


nake = naked

op = open






belly button






strawberr = strawberry






there are a bunch more, but these are the more challenging ones.

we need to work on colors. she gets them confused often.

she also sings "happy birthday" = "Happy Happy Noah"


patty cake..."Roll it" "Pack it" mark it with a "B" put it in the oven for "baby" and me!

Monday, May 12, 2008

This and That

We celebrated Mother's Day in Milwaukee yesterday. We had a great time. Here is some proof...

Great Grandma Eileen, Reese, and Grandma Jill
Reese and Mommy
Here is the most beautiful little lady in our life. Daddy gave her a bath and she loved to be all wrapped up in the towels.
12 weeks to go... and if you can imagine it, this prego took her first Zumba class today. It is a latin dance style class. I did alright... kept up with the moves, but to watch this belly try to do some sexy hip swirling shoulder rolling was really quite amusing. I think I will do my best to keep it up for a while, but I may have to save my real moves until I work to get back in shape after the baby is born! ZUMBA everyone!!

Saturday, May 10, 2008

Happy Mother's Day!

Happy Mother's Day!!! There are so many mom's out there that deserve recognition for being such special people... so, I just thought I would say Happy Mother's Day to my friends that are new mom's, to all the Moms, Grandmas, and Great Grandmas in our life. You all mean the world to us and each of you teach me something special about being a Mom... which is truly the most amazing job I have ever had. Also, Happy Mother's Day to my friends who will become Mother's this year!
Here are some pictures from our Mother's Day celebration with my Mom last weekend. We celebrated and Jonathan and Jen's and the day couldn't be any better... great food, and great company!
Grandma and My Mom.
(A little note to my Mom: Thanks for all you do... for teaching me how to be the greatest Mom and showing me how to love unconditionally.)
Here's Reese having fun with Coda. She loves Doggies!
Noah and Reese couldn't get enough of the back yard. They spent hours just picking up sticks!

*Stay tuned for Mother's Day pictures for our Milwaukee celebration tomorrow with MomJill!

Wednesday, May 07, 2008

You asked...

27 week belly with Reese! (I had a much better tan then! :)

Week 27... 13 to go!

Reese got some new shoes from my friend Jodi. You can kind of see them here. She loves them and bring them to me to put them on her. Just this past week, Reese has really started putting words together, "Mommy's waffle" "Daddy's keys" "Doggie go?" "Play outside" It's so fun to watch her learn new words and new skills.
Update on Baby #2: By this first week of the third trimester, your baby looks similar to what he or she will look like at birth, except thinner and smaller. The lungs, liver, and immune system still need to fully mature, but if born now, your baby would have a very good chance of surviving.
As hearing continues to develop, your baby may start to recognize your voice as well as your partner's. Sounds may be muffled, though, because the ears are still covered with vernix, the thick waxy coating that protects the skin from becoming chapped by the amniotic fluid.
(I am letting you all have a belly shot without the out of control belly button. Maybe next time I will bring it back out for you!) Mainly, I have been feeling good. I am a little more tired, ready for a 2:00 nap every day, but surviving. The belly is starting to get in the way of bending over, but I am staying positive... there are still 13 weeks, and it's only getting bigger.

Sunday, May 04, 2008

Cinco de Mark-O!

I am a few hours early, but Happy Birthday MARK! Mark turns the BIG 3-0 tomorrow, so we celebrated with a party in his honor. It was filled with some family, some friends, and a lot of fun. Mark did his first keg stand and he showed off some mad skills the first time he shot gunned a beer! (Did he turn 21 or 30?!- ha) We had tasty nachos, delicious cake, and even a slideshow that captured Mark's first 30 years. So, Mark, I hope you have a Happy Birthday!!!

Bryan, Kay, and John Dave, John, Eileen, and Jonathan showing off their mad bags skills.
Katie, Sabrina, and Jon

Here's Mark... getting ready for the big "shot gun a beer" moment.
Go Mark!
Get it down!
"Happy Happy Marky" Love, Reesey
Jen, Jonathan, Eileen, Dave and Carissa