Sunday, June 29, 2008

The Golden One

Yesterday I celebrated my Golden birthday! (28 on the 28th!) Sabrina and I are officially "twins" for 3 weeks now. Anyway, it was an amazing birthday! I woke up to great presents from Ryan and Reese, had breakfast with the Connelly's and my mom, followed by a trip to the Cosley Zoo. We had some relaxing time and topped off the evening with some family time and a great meal. It was just a great day! Being just about 9 months pregnant and trying to "celebrate" can be a bit tricky, but the day was great. Congrats to Dave for being the Nertz champ of the night! The Dads did a great job showing Noah and Reese the animals.

No Avery in this picture, but I thought it was pretty cute!
Reese was in bed at cake time, so baby #2 got to be in the picture... Carissa so kindly pushed in my nasty belly button....
Oh, but then the joking continued, with a nice big piece of cookie dough added to my belly to show just how big and gross it really is! Ick!

Summer Fun

I got to "babysit" Ava and my friend Kristine this week. We had such a great time hanging out! Reese and Ava really enjoy playing together, and Kristine should have been more work than she was. (Kristine is due 3 weeks after me but is on complete bedrest so she doesn't go into labor yet -she had Ava at 27 weeks, but now, she has already made it to 31 weeks- go Kristine). Also, Happy Birthday to Kristine. She is one day older than me! Look at Noah go! He is a champ with the one of the best summer foods... corn on the cob! Reese gave it a try, but as you can see, she stuck with the mac and cheese. It was much easier!
Avery liked the noodles too... no corn for the ladies!

Monday, June 23, 2008

Weekend Recap

The posts have been slow because we have been in Green Bay since Wednesday. We got home yesterday afternoon, and I was lucky enough to have today off to catch up on laundry, rest, cleaning, and grocery shopping. Reese and I even took a walk to the library to return some books and play with the puzzles. (By the way, why do old ladies that work at the library have to be so crabby!)

So anyway, here is the weekend recap... in no particular order.

We saw our friends Jordan and her husband Lee! They live in Florida, but are travelling North for the summer since they are both teachers and have the time off. We met in Milwaukee for some breakfast. It was so nice to see them! It's been two years, but doesn't seem half that long. Oh, and Reese just loved them. We also had lunch in Milwaukee for my Birthday with Uncle Jason and Grandpops. I got an amazing gift...a new camera from them and MomJill and John too. It's so cool... I can't wait to use it and post fun pics from it!

What else... we went to our friend Kerry's wedding. She married Todd Berry (yes, she is now Kerry Berry)! She looked amazing and the day was great! We were lucky enough to have our friends Bree and Shaun watch Reese during the wedding and we got to spend some time with them on our trip. Their company was great as usual.
Reese and I finally got to meet Baby Ellison Matta. (Elle to Reese- it's just easier) Reese just LOVED her. It was so cute. She wanted to play with her and swing her and hold her... I think she will be a great big sister (not that I ever doubted that)! It was so great seeing Erin too... she looks fabulous!

Between Ryan working and Reese and I visiting our friends, we took a trip to the mall in the hopes to tire out Reese. She drove this little ice cream truck and loved it. (By the way, it was 75 cents to ride for like 45 seconds... is this ridiculous or what? It's not like it takes gas!)
A trip to Green Bay wouldn't have been complete without a visit with the Berggren's. It's so fun to see Madisyn and Reese play now. They are about the same size now and both walking. They love to watch each other and give hugs. Amie and Brian were around too... of course I keep missing the pictures of the adults these days.
Last bit... I am 34 weeks now. A friend of ours, due the same day, had her baby today!!! Jenna Lynn, 5lbs4ozs. How exciting. Just means it's getting closer...

Two Toots!

Grandma, Sabrina, Avery, Noah, Reese and I went to Two Toots last week... the food came out on a train. The kiddies loved it! Avery and Reese also enjoyed the horse, but Noah wasn't too into it! Fun times!

Monday, June 16, 2008

Father's Day Weekend

Happy Father's Day to Ryan... a Great and Wonderful Daddy!! Happy Father's Day to our Dad's and the Grandpa's in our life. We are so lucky to have such great family.

Father's Day weekend was a ton of fun... we went to a Schaumburg Flyers game and enjoyed some fireworks. As you can tell from Reese's face below, she was a little startled by the loud "booms." We went to Jonathan and Jen's housewarming, which had amazing weather and great food! :) We finished off the weekend hanging out at Dad and Janet's for Father's Day. It was a busy weekend, but a blast.
Riding in style during all our trips in the car.
Grandpa set up a really cool tent for Reese to play with! She thought it was so cool!
Reese taught Noah and Avery some tricks in the bath... Uncle Mark won't be so excited if they bring the wildness to their bath at home!

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Fun in the Sun!

There are 8 weeks until Baby #2 will arrive, and now that it's summer break for Sabrina, we are taking advantage of the nice weather and the days that we both are "off." Sometimes I am feeling just too pooped to do anything, but today I felt great! We headed over to the Carol Stream pool and really enjoyed the time at the pool. Reese couldn't have had more fun! She was all over the place and non stop. She is also one of those kids that wants to play with EVERY kid. She is a little social butterfly!

Monday, June 09, 2008

Brookfield Zoo

Here are some pictures from our short trip to Brookfield Zoo on Sunday... too bad for the rain! Reese loved seeing all the animals.

Wednesday, June 04, 2008

31 Weeks

OK, so photo #1 is this time, photo #2 is when Reese was in there. Same? Different? Bigger? Smaller? Rounder? You decide!:)
Went to the doctor yesterday... it was quick, but Ryan and Reese got to join me this time. Reese heard the heartbeat with us. I am not sure if she really understands, but if you ask her if she heard the baby, she will very confidently say "Yeaaahh." That little girl cracks me up! Back in 2 weeks for the next check up!

Sunday, June 01, 2008


We had a fun and busy weekend. These first pictures are from our trip to the Morton Arboretum with the Connelly's on Sunday. It was a really cool place for the kids to run around and play. Reese was acting funny (very crabby- which isn't like her), so I am hoping next time we go, she will be better and we can stay longer!

Saturday was also very eventful. We went to Alicia's 2nd Birthday Party (Reese's friend). It was at the Dupage Children's Museum and was great for the kids! Reese had a great time discovering and showing her daddy all the cool things!
We also went to Ron's Birthday party after. We had a great time hanging out in Aunt Donna's yard and just relaxing (sorry, I didn't take any pictures)!

SINGLE DIGITS: Only 9 weeks to go! (Belly pics to come :) - hey, people ask for them!