Thursday, July 31, 2008

Getting out of the house

We took a trip to the mall yesterday for some dinner at the Rainforest Cafe. The Holtz's even met us and the kids really enjoyed the experience. It was fun for the parents too! After, Ryan talked invites with Carissa and Dave... how exciting. The wedding is just over 4 months away. Woo hoo!
Kristine is STILL pregnant. She thought she would never make it this far, but I told her the entire time, that this pregnancy would be different for her. I am not usually right about things, but this time I was right (and good thing I was)! She is 36 weeks now and in a few days she will be considered full term. What a great feeling for them. I am so happy for her!
Could this picture BE any cuter?
Reese is practicing hard at getting ready to be a big sister. Grandma K got her a Boo doll today (from Monsters, Inc.) and she loves to give it cuddles and take care of it. She is going to be great with a new baby around.
I am officially done with work... trying to get any last minute things done before we meet the baby... 4 days (or less!)

Tuesday, July 29, 2008

6 days!

So, this should be it for belly shots! We went to the doctor today and things are looking good. I am now 2.5 cms dilated. It's not huge progress, but it is something. The doctor did an ultrasound and the fluid level and placenta look pretty good. He doesn't want me going much past my due date. I will go in to the doctor on Friday for a non stress test, and if everything looks ok, I will pick a day early next week to be induced. Hopefully I will go into labor naturally, but if not, we know we will meet the little stinker next week! The doctor is guessing the baby will be around 8.5 pounds, but wouldn't be surprised if the baby was a bit over 9 pounds (fun!). As I sit here typing, I have had some contractions... nothing painful, but I think it's my body getting ready... maybe tonight? :) (Yes, my belly button still looks ridiculous. Let's all hope it goes back in when we are done!)
We made a stop at a water park yesterday. Noah, Avery, and Reese couldn't get enough. I look forward to feeling myself again and running around with them in the water in the hot sun!

Monday, July 28, 2008

Bring on the Flood!

Let's start with talking about me. 7 Days to go (week 39 belly picture to come). I am now ready. For a while I was feeling like I wasn't, but I have become super uncomfortable, and can't really sleep at night. I feel like a whale! I am sore and exhausted. Last night I started having contractions... maybe about 15 total, but there was no patter at all, and I think there was only one that was painful. Today I haven't had many at all... maybe a couple, so we continue to wait. I go to the doctor tomorrow at 4, so maybe they will be able to get something going. I really hope my water breaks and it happens naturally this time, but if I have to be induced, I can handle it!!! (We want to meet this baby!!)

Here is the little princess. She is such a character, and has the greatest personality. I know she is going to be so good with the baby. She told me the last two days that she has to go poopies on the potty and she did it! It's great. Today we were at the park when she told me... we couldn't get home in time. I felt bad for her, but she is trying. She is a smart girl! The Bucholzs and the Connelly's came over yesterday for a little lunch playdate. The kids had so much fun together, but of course made me exhausted just watching them.
Reese and I went for a walk this morning (maybe it would help get things moving - I think not!). We went to the park, and Reese couldn't get enough. She loves to run around.

Saturday, July 26, 2008

Single Digits and the Puccini's

That's right people... we are 9 days from Baby #2's due date, not that it guarantees that the baby will be here by then. I am thinking the baby may want to chill in my nice womb longer than that. I have been feeling ok. I feel like I weigh one million pounds and have had plenty of uncomfortableness, but I know it could be worse, so I just keep on keeping on. The nights are the worst. I sleep ok, besides getting up 3 times to go to the bathroom and struggling to pull this big old body out of out bed. The anticipation is building as we get closer and all the babies we know due around the same time are being born. We just can't wait to meet the little booger!

Thursday night we had the Puccini's and my family over for a visit before they head back to Colorado. It was so nice to see them, as always. Reese, Noah, and Avery loved their cousins. We also celebrated Josh's birthday. He is 17 already... I can't even believe it. Thanks for the visit... we will miss you guys until December!

Noah, Reese, Nathan, Josh, and Sammy working on a pretty castle.
Sammy and Alex
Aunt Judi, Alex, Nathan, Carissa, Mark, and Avery. (This couch can sure hold a lot of people)

Avery and Josh (oh, and my belly).

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

38 Weeks and Counting...

Yesterday I went to the doc for my 38 week appointment. Still holding strong at 1cm dilated, -2 station, but progressed to 75% effaced. There isn't too much happening yet and the doctor seems to think I have some time left. I guess I am ok with it... I am anxious, but not miserable. Don't get me wrong, I am not super comfortable and do experience my share of aches and pains, but I am surviving. The frequent trips to the bathroom at night and the tossing and turning is annoying, and I can't say that I want to do much more than sit around at home at this point, BUT overall I feel ok. The baby is still moving around a ton and seems to be fairly comfortable in there.

I think I am convinced that the baby will not come by my due date and I will have to be induced again. I didn't mind being induced last time, and I could hold out for a while past my due date, but I do fear having a huge baby that can't quite make it out the natural way. Who knows... maybe it will happen. Maybe it will happen tonight? I guess we won't know until the time comes! Meanwhile, we are getting the hospital bag packed, the carseat ready, and the plans all lined up. It's so exciting. I can't wait to find out if it's a girl or a boy... and to see what this baby looks like... and see how Reese is with this little one. What an exciting time!

OH, and if you haven't entered the baby pool, you still have a chance. Click on the expectnet link on the right!

Sunday, July 20, 2008

Life Can Be 2008 - 50s Style

First off, here is the newest member of the Foley family... Bella. Jonathan and Jen got her last weekend. She is so soft and precious. Bella, you will have a new little friend in about 15 days! (One with only 2 legs)
Carissa and Chris took 1st and 2nd place in the costume contest. They looked great!
Reese wanted in on the hoola hoop contest. I couldn't tear them away from her.
Reese was so happy to see her friend Madisyn!
Here we are, showing off our 50s look. Not bad. Ha.
Something was obviously funny here.
Ron, Eileen, Carissa, and Dave.
Aunt Judi and Reese.
Kristine is still hanging in there. She is finally off of bedrest and was able to join us at the party with Ava and Drew. It was so fun to hang out.
Beth, Abigail, and Rob... our neighbor FRIENDS! :) They came out to the party and it was so great to have them! They are so much fun.
Amie, Brian and Madisyn made the trip from Green Bay, and it was so nice to see them! They looked so cute too.
Happy Birthday to Sabrina! Look at Avery's smile... she loves her Mommy!
Here is a random pic of the host and hostest with the mostest! They really threw a great party... from decorations to food... the Life Can Be Party 2008 was another success. Thanks So Much!

Happy Birthday, Auntie Brina.

Auntie Brina,
I hope you had a wonderful Birthday! You are such an amazing Auntie and I am so glad to have you as my second Mommy. Thanks for taking good care of me.

Thursday, July 17, 2008

37 Weeks and the ABCs

Ok... so here it is. Yes, I know some of you don't want to see it, so just cover it up.. it may take two hands, but just do it. It's huge! Reese wants to push that nasty belly button back in. Can you see that look on her face? "Mommy, WHAT is wrong with your belly!" - I know that is what she is thinking.
Anyway, I went to the Dr. on Monday. Still 1 cm dilated, 50% effaced, and -2 station... so I guess the baby has moved down 1cm, but really, no real progress. I am feeling pretty good, except that I am exhausted. A few minor pains, but really, nothing too interesting to report. The craziest thing is that this baby can come any day now.
Reese LOVES music. Her favorites are kid songs... the ABCS being one that she is constantly asking for. She is working hard on learning them. Here is a video of her saying her best part H-Z. She runs away from the camera, so you just have to listen. If you can't make out the alphabet, you can be entertained with her in my 50s glasses for the party this weekend. She looks too cute.

Sunday, July 13, 2008

Outdoor Fun

We went to my cousin Melissa's graduation/birthday party today. We had a great time outside at the park and even made a short trip to the pool. Here are a few pics for your viewing pleasure.
(Oh, and Reese pooped on the potty again today... she gets really into it after watching Noah try. I don't think she is there just yet, but I am guessing that by October she will have it!)

Little Friends

Reese and I got to spend some time with Kristine and Ava again. Kristine is 33 weeks along and as of next week she will be off bedrest, so she is really excited about that (though here you can see that she wasn't really stuck in bed!, but we did try our hardest for her to take it easy) We decided the kids may want some outdoor time, so we moved the "bed" to the backyard and the kids got to play in the pool!

Reese wanted to sit on Avery's lap... I am trying to get her to understand that the little one has to go in front! We put Avery in front of her and immediately she said "picture," so here it is.
Noah, Avery, and Reese think that the treadmill is a gym for them. They are nuts!
Reese caught eating breakfast this morning. What a happy camper. If only she is always this happy and not going through a whiney phase. Oh, and if you were wondering, she is doing better with her sleep at night. She is no longer having major freak out sessions, so that is a relief.

Monday, July 07, 2008


Happy Birthday Avery!! I can't believe you are already 1! Reese says "Happy Day Avery." Avery is so sweet and loves to hang out with her Auntie Jenny! (I wish I had a picture of her cuddling with me at her party... my belly was the perfect little pillow for her, though I really think she was trying to bond with her cousin.

36 weeks- 4 to go!
Went to the doctor today. I am 1cm, 50% effaced and at -3. Really, this means nothing. I was the same at the same point with Reese and well, she didn't ever want to come out without help. It is progress though, so I have to say it's a little exciting. We are getting closer!

Friday, July 04, 2008

Our Little Firecracker!

Happy 4th of July! This is how our day started out... with our little ball of sunshine as happy as can be. Last night she was a mess... fever, clinggy, and just plain miserable. This morning she was getting back to herself, though she isn't eating as well as usual, but as the day went on, she got really tired and was again not herself. She had another fever and was just so miserable. We had to call it a night early and miss the fireworks so that Reese could have some medicine and get some rest. Poor Reesey! I am thinking it could be her teeth?? Let's just hope she feels better soon.

5 weeks to go!!

Ok, this picture is a bit frightening... the belly is just getting bigger and bigger (which is good, I know, but still, it's huge!).
Went to the Dr. on Monday, and had my first internal exam - so much fun. There is nothing yet to report, but this week I measured 34cms at 35 weeks. (I think it is just the way the baby is laying because my belly is almost as big around as it was when I had Reese!) At this point they think there will not be another ultrasound, but they will keep watching me since Reese was not a small baby! Back to the Dr. on Monday!