Thursday, August 28, 2008

3 Week Comparison

Reese at 3 weeks... Chase at 3 weeks...

Monday, August 25, 2008

So Much to Report

Ok, I know I need to pick up my pace here, but we have been busy!!

Our little champ is 3 weeks already! We went to the doctor today and Chase weighed in at 11 lbs and is 22.5 inches. He is doing great, though he cried way too much at the doctors office. (I will be posting a growth chart soon)

Chase had his first bottle on Wednesday and he did great! Daddy was so kind to give it to him and it was a success! Now, I just have to get to pumping, and well, that is just so not fun!

On Sunday, we went to the Foley's "Lakehouse" for some fun family time and also to celebrate Janet's Birthday! It was a great time.

Noah, Avery, and Reese had a blast with all the toys. (I didn't catch a good picture of Avery!)
Last week we also took a very quick trip to Green Bay and got the chance to see Bree, Amie, Brian, Madisyn, Erin, and Elle (All in less than 48 hours!) It was a great time, but we were so exhausted. On our way home we got to stop in Milwaukee and see Ryan's Mom and Dad and Jason. We had a nice meal together and then headed home.

Here's Ellison and Chase... They were so cute together.
Reese had to join the fun!
Madisyn and Reese didn't plan it, but their outfits matched! They were so funny together... one would scream and the other had to join in!
Today I watched the 4 kiddies for a couple hours. I start on Wednesday watching the four of them 3 days a week. My hands will be full, but they seem to behave pretty well for the most part. I tried to get everyone in this photo, but they don't seem to all want to look at the same time.

Here's another picture from my dad's house.
Chase, Uncle Jonathan, and Auntie Jen.

Alright, so I will be better.... I promise. (I have received threats that possibly a sports bra wearing friend of this group will be taking over my blog)

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Passing the time

Here are some pictures for your enjoyment...
This little booger has a serious grunt going on these days! He really liked to turn it on last night after his feedings... when we wanted to be sleeping! :)
She likes to protect her little brother. She will pull a sneak attack on you if you go near him. Oh, and she is wearing her Soccer shirt from Jordan. She loves it! If it's clean in the closet, she asks to wear it. (Picking out her clothes is her new thing!)
I am working on catching some cute pictures of Reese actually looking at the camera! We are still working on the potty training. She didn't wet her diaper last night and just went in the potty this morning... that's a great sign. She also decided to get up at 5:45am this morning. Rude! ha.

Saturday, August 16, 2008

Not A Tear

We took Reese in to the doctor yesterday and after seeing her limp and feeling that she is in pain, we were sent down for blood tests and an x-ray. The doctor said it was probably viral, but they have to check to make sure it's nothing else. So, down went went for the labs. I was a bit nervous for Reese... I mean, what 21 month old wants a needle in their arm.

Well, blood tests were first. Reese laid on a stretcher and Ryan laid over her giving her a hug. I sat and watched and could have easily lost it right there, but our little champ didn't even flinch! I mean, I hate giving blood. I hate needles, and this little trooper acted like it was nothing. She got a sucker which she just loved and moved on to x-ray. No problems there either. Who is this girl? What a trooper.

We did get a call back from the doctor later telling us everything looked fine. There is some minor inflammation in her hip, but that is what they thought it was. It should run it's course and she will be fine. If we are still see a limp on Tuesday we should call the doctor.

She is still limping some but it seems to be better. I have to try and get the limping on video. She sticks her butt out and waddles... it's quite the site!

Oh yes, and Reese went down for her nap without a tear yesterday and slept through the night... let's hope that continues. Chase did a bit more crying the last two days, but I think it's just a phase! :)

Friday, August 15, 2008

Poor Little Princess

The story these days is about our little princess. As we have shared, she has been struggling with sleeping. Yesterday's nap was a bit of a struggle. I put her in her bed and she cried and whined on and off for an entire hour and a half. She would stand at her door and hold the knob. I would go and reassure her that things were ok. I sat on the other side of the door and eventually she laid on the floor inside her door and slept right there! She seems to be showing a little improvement at night. If she wakes up, Ryan has been sitting with her until she falls back to sleep and then he can leave the room. So, maybe after a few more days (or dare I say, weeks) she will be back to normal.

And the drama continues... She woke up yesterday and was limping around. She told me her knee hurt her. I called the doctor and they said to just watch it for the day. After her nap, we went to Grandma K's and she was limping all over the place. This time with her butt sticking out and definitely favoring one leg. She doesn't seem to be in horrible pain, but you can tell there is obviously something wrong. Physical Therapist Carissa checked her out and discovered that it's her right hip. We thought we would see how she is this morning, and well, she is still limping, so we are off to the doctor this afternoon. Let's just hope it's nothing.

On a positive note, she wore undies yesterday and didn't have one accident (though she peed in her pull up at night). We are trying again today... maybe during all this she will potty train herself!

Reese loves to hold Chase (sorry for the blurry pic) but it's so cute... she always wants to hold him and then kiss him. He isn't so tolerant of it now... maybe in the future???
This little dude is doing great. His biggest issue is gas... sounds like many people I know! He's getting up every three hours at night, which isn't too bad... I shouldn't complain, but sometimes it's so hard to keep my eyes open! He has his "witching hour" in the evening when he does a bit of crying, but really, his cry isn't that bad.

Oh yes, and it's Jenny again... I know, not the entertainment that Ryan shared with all of you, but hey, we can't all be good at everything. Maybe he will make an appearance again soon for your reading enjoyment.

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Mystery Solved.

I'm sure you are all waiting in dire anticipation...but I can assure you all the build up is not really that spectacular.


Alright, we are at the restaurant...the lady has gone back to get the treats and the smell of Tuesday's "All You Can Eat Lasagna" is in the air. Here she comes with treats in hand, lucky Reese just received....

1. A quarter (more on that in a second) and...

Wait for it.....

2. A freaking two foot Pixy Stix! Dude Lady, seriously?! You knew she was under two and you brought back kiddie cocaine? Sure it's the thought that counts, but really, a pound of grape sugar...really? It's funny because Mark, Sabrina, Jenny and I used to play a game called "What's the dumbest thing I could do right now". This lady wins. hands down. I'm trying to think of something else that could trump the stix... maybe a pack of Marlboros or a garbage bag for her to play with? Who knows. Just thought it was kind of funny. Especially seeing as she was in tune to kids allergies.

Oh and the quarter...not bad I was thinking, it was like a 25 cent coupon I guess. (Apparently the fact that Kids eat free on Tuesdays wasn't enough for me). However, she told Reese it was for a super ball in the machine out front. Remember those superballs you'd bounce once and it was gone. They're the size of a big M&M and with colors that scream "eat me." Or. she said. Reese could spend it on some "G-U-M". Yep, she spelled it. Not sure Gum has the same effect the word "Chewies" does on Reese just yet. The gum also only came in one size: Chokable ball.

Like I said it was all super nice, and we were very grateful. It was just super funny to us, like a Seinfeld episode or something.

Here's a few pics.

Have a good night guys.

(That's as much as she tasted the Pixy Stix.)

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Mystery Blog!

It's a mystery post you all.

A few pictures before we get to the mystery though. Things here have been good. Chase is a champ at night still just getting up twice at Jenny's prompting. He's a good little man so far. His sweet little sister however has recently discovered that the best playtime is between 1 and 4 am. We're pretty sure she's just not having the daddy, mommy and brother in their own room thing. It's only been a few days, but it appears she going to be a persistent little bugger. Going back to bed is not an option. She prefers to chill at 1:00 in the morning and say "read Pink-licious", her new favorite book. She cries wolf with having to go "potty" or whines "go downstairs." We'll see how things go. It'll pass. If not there's always Benadryl. Just kidding all you moms that just gasped. (Meanwhile the guys are like...that works?)

We're convinced Reese has the Will Ferrell "Elf" syndrome... it's like she's a little girl stuck in a ginormous body. She sits in Chase's bouncy chair bending it to its limits. We figure one of these days we'll find her stuck to the ceiling after being catapulted from it. And she's made it very clear to us that bumbo chairs and baby swings, astonishingly, have neither age or weight limits.

A good crack up. Generally followed with a spastic flail of the arms and a double punch, then a "NO REESE!"

Reese is on the left, Chase on the right, and Reese thinks she's the size of the one on the right.

Some may see Jenny's friend Bree here. All I see is SHAMEFUL product placement. Nonetheless, Bree has visited us for the last few days and she's been very helpful with the kiddies. What a great friend! She's so nice. We're so lucky. (Does that sound Jenny enough?)

Chase dog.

This is a Raccoon. Your guess guys is as good as mine.

Avery boo. She really deserves a special mention. She's been such a sweetheart (can I say that?) and she's getting so big! She comes by me, sits on my lap and even has been whispering "your my favorite uncle" in my ear. I know Paul, isn't that weird? Good stuff.

Modeling portfolio Version 1.0: Outdoor scene, soft light, gazing away, wood chips.
Those eyes are half closed for a reason! Think Pinkalicious.


Alright......HERE'S THE MYSTERY! (Mouskatool)
We ventured out for dinner tonight to a real tasty local place. As we were nearing the end of dinner, the hostess (possible owner) came by and told Reese she was cute (blah, blah, blah) and asked us if she could bring her back a little treat. She also asked how old she was to make sure she didn't bring back any treat that may pose allergen issues. So minutes pass and her she comes with two treats in hand.

What were they?

Cmon guessers.

Answer and picture to follow tomorrow.

Sunday, August 10, 2008

The Latest

I know I have been a bit slow with making updates, but I will be better. I know you are all just dying to know what we have been up to! Today we ventured out to the mall. Reese got to play with Noah and Avery in the kid's play area before the mall opened. We also got to use the double stroller. Reese and Chase fit in there perfectly.
In other news, Chase is sleeping great at night. I get up twice to feed him, but I think it's more a relief for me than him being super hungry. Reese on the other hand has been waking up in a very upset state. She is hysterical and I am not sure if it's because she knows we are all in the other room or if she is scared, or what? Hopefully the last two nights were it and tonight she sleeps like a champ. We tried really hard to tire her out today. This evening we played outside with the neighbors who were nice enough to feed us dinner too! Keep your fingers crossed that Reese sleeps better... she needs it and so do we!
Ryan goes back to work tomorrow... I am sad. I wish he could stay home with us, but I know.. duty calls. He has been amazingly helpful and wonderful all week. We are so lucky!

Thursday, August 07, 2008

Big Boy!

Chase had his first trip to the doctor yesterday. At just 4 days old, Chase is now 9 lbs 14ozs (yes, he gained 12 ozs in 4 days!!!). He is now 22 inches long. As you could probably guess, he is an eating champ and Mommy is producing some fatty milk for this little squirt! Other than that, the doctor's visit was short and sweet... just went over the basics.

So far, things have been great. Chase is a pretty happy baby and Reese loves him (though, we have to keep a close eye on her), she will lay on top of him just wanting to be as close to him as she can. She just loves to keep us on our toes. The best is her excitement when she sees him in the morning... "Baby Chase, Baby Chase!" It's adorable.

Here are some new pictures for your enjoyment.

Chase had his first little sponge bath. He didn't mind too much!
Reese loves her brother (and her Boo doll).
Abigail came over to play last night. Reese loves to play with Abigail!
Here's the main man!
Working on Tummy Time!

Other EXCITING NEWS!! - Kristine and Drew welcomed Lilah Olive yesterday! She is healthy and doing great! She was born at 37 weeks (She made it 10 weeks longer than Ava did!) We can't wait to meet the little squirt! Congrats!!!!

Wednesday, August 06, 2008

Size One

After 4 days of life, and after three leaky pee diapers and a messy leaky #2 diaper, we are officially in size 1 diapers. My friend Erin had given me a big bag of newborn diapers, and we couldn't even make a dent in them! Guess that is what happens when you have a 9 pounder!
Reese LOVES Chase. She wants to hold him and always asks for a picture when she does. Noah got to meet Chase a couple days ago and he is SO EXCITED! He tells Chase they are going to play cars and trains together. He couldn't be any cuter with his little boy cousin. He is so happy to finally have a boy in his group now.
Wide awake!

The last couple nights have been ok. We are still trying to adjust, but for the most part he gives us one or two 3-4 hour sleeping times throughout the night. He has been really good so far. He doesn't cry too much. We head to the doctor today, so we will see how much weight he has gained and all that. My milk has come in (and boy is that fun)... so he is getting plenty of milk now and wetting and pooping up a storm.
(Brian- We did experience our first pee during diaper change. It really did go shooting everywhere. This boy thing is a little adjustment! :)