Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Go Uncle Mark!

On Sunday, we headed out to Uncle Mark's baseball game to watch him pitch and to have a picnic! It was a great time. It was a great fall day and we all had a nice time cheering him on... especially Reese. Go Uncle Mark!

Sunday, September 28, 2008

Sonny Acres

We took a trip to Sony Acres this weekend and it was a perfect day. The weather was nice and the kids had a blast. We talked with Reese for a couple days about riding the Pony and she was all excited... until we go there. She was even afraid of the choo choo train. I mean, really, what's her story! :) She will get more brave eventually.

I should see if I can find the picture like this from last year!
Chase is 1 pumpkin tall! :)
Reese wanted to pick up every pumpkin. I think this one weighed as much as her!
"Hello Frankenstein."
Here's Reese terrified of the pony. Yes, I tried really hard to get her on there, but we got our three tickets ($3) back since she wasn't having it! She did though, continue to tell me over and over that she rode the pony.
Ryan took Noah and Reese in this spinning bear. They are all more brave than me. I think I would have barfed! Reese did cry at first, but she had no tears when she came off.
Ryan feeding the animals... that's right, Reese wouldn't go near them. I didn't want to either. (Abigail, I think that Ryan may give you some competition with being the animal whisperer- though he cheated with having food in his hand!)
How cute are they?

The day wouldn't be complete without an ice cream cone.

Thursday, September 25, 2008

Just Pictures

Ok, so look at these two photos. Both have artwork done by Noah and Reese. The top picture has Wednesday's art and the 2nd picture has Thursday's art. It's funny to see that they each have their own style. Any idea who did the top drawing and who did the bottom drawing in each of these pictures?

Reese loves to play with Chase. It's always "Chase Awake" (in the cutest tone). When Chase cries I would tell Reese to sing to him... so now, when he cries, Reese runs over and says, "Don't cry Chase. Twinkle Twinkle Little Star, how I wonder... A, B, C, D..." It's just the sweetest thing.
I tried to catch a pic of them playing this morning, but sure enough, it took two pictures to get them both to smile, and not in the same pic!

He's so cute!

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

A Visit with Friends

Brian, Amie, and Madisyn came to visit this past weekend and we had a blast. As the girls get bigger it's more and more exciting for them to play together. Reese was so excited to wear Madisyn's Dora pj shirt and Madisyn loved to carry around Reese's purse (they are sharing their stuff already)! They even enjoyed chasing each other in circles around the house. The adults had a great time hanging out together. It's just easy. Happy Birthday goes out to Brian too, who shared his special day with us!

Thanks for visiting! We miss you already!

Monday, September 22, 2008

God Bless Chase!

Chase was baptized yesterday and did GREAT! We had our family join us for his very special day.
As godmother and godfather, Sabrina and Jonathan got Chase bathed and dressed for his special event.
Looking good and ready.
I hope they listened in church... they have an important role to play in Chase's life. I know they will be great role models.
So fresh and so clean clean!
Grandma Jill gave Chase his special hankerchief hat. When Chase gets married, he will give this to his wife for their wedding day to use as her hankerchief and her something old. I got Ryan's when we got married.
Here he is... what a stud. He even has his hands in prayer position (thanks for Auntie Jen). :)

What an outfit!
Chase being blessed by Uncle Jonathan.
His moment to shine! He didn't cry or anything. I think he slept for just about the entire thing. (He did let out a few a grunts!)
What a cute family. (Hopefully Brian got some better shots!)
Thank you to all for sharing in this special day with us. We hope you enjoyed the party and the food.

Thursday, September 18, 2008

Sleep- Woo hoo!

Ok. Not to make anyone feel bad, but our little champ ate at 9pm last night, was asleep shortly after and didn't get up until 5:30am!!! It was amazing. I couldn't even believe it. I wonder if this will continue.... if not, I am more than happy for one night of extended sleep! Now, we just have to work on him crying less!

Wednesday, September 17, 2008


Yes, he is getting big! (Actually, I don't think he was ever small!) Chase is still a bit of a cry baby, but he is getting better. He slept until 4am again. Maybe he will be sleeping until 5 by the time I go back to work in 2.5 weeks. That would be fabulous!

We took a trip to "Pump it Up" in Schaumburg yesterday. We met Noah, Avery, and Grace there for a perfect opportunity to get out some energy. The kids had a blast. Reese was great until the end when she was in a big jumping thing and decided to run up to a little blonde girl, sit in front of her, and pull her hair-with both hands- one clump on each side of her face (if you can picture it). Of course the girl started crying and I wasn't close enough to Reese to really get at her. I know it was just excitement from Reese, but still, it was naughty. Anyway, I looked at the girl's mom and apologized, and she just gave me a dirty look. That made me mad. Her daughter was probably 4 or 5 while Reese isn't even 2 yet. Sabrina made a good point too... the girl's hair was down. Put your daughter's long nappy hair in a pony tail when you are running around a gym, please! And did the mom really have to give me a dirty look? They are kids! I should have pulled her hair. :)
I think that Grace and Reese talked before we left and planned their outfits.
Chase just chilled.
Noah actually stopped and looked at me for a quick picture.
Avery loved the slide. She is a little dare devil.

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Getting Closer

Are the broken nights of sleep almost over for us? Is there an end in sight? Last night Chase ate at 9:30pm and then 4am! We are getting close to being done with the night time feedings. I think if he can go to 5:00 that we are set and I will officially say he is sleeping through the night... and the transition to his bedroom will be made. I will be sad to have him farther than an arm's reach away, but it may be a bit easier to sleep without all the grunting! This big girl is getting closer to being potty trained! She is beginning to always tell us when she has to go and seems to really be able to control it. She didn't have any pooping accidents this weekend, which is great, so we will see how this week goes. She is getting a little too smart though. She knows that if she asks to go to the bathroom, we have to take her, so she will ask for a way to get out of bed, the highchair, a cart, or her stroller. We also picked up some tinker bell undies and more princess undies yesterday. She gets very excited about them and even let out a very loud and high pitch scream when Noah tried to take them from her at the mall. (It was a bit obnoxious of her, but at least she is excited) So, here goes week #2!

Thursday, September 11, 2008

Keeping Busy

We had a visit on Tuesday from Kristine, Ava, and Lila. Lila is just 4 days younger than Chase. It made it quiet obvious that Chase really is a big boy! Lila was so adorable and it was so fun to see Kristine and Ava. Sabrina, Noah, and Avery played with us too... we had 6 kids running around (well, they all weren't running). It was a full house but so nice to hang out. I am in full swing with watching the four kids. I am getting better and better as it goes. I even got a little work out in one day this week when they were all sleeping at the same time (who ever thought that would happen). The mornings are the craziest, but once lunch rolls around, the rest of the day isn't so bad. Anyway, I try and do something fun with Noah and Reese while Avery and Chase are asleep in the morning. We try to color on most days, and Play Doh is becoming part of our routine. We also tried out some paint things this week... it made quite the mess. I think this may be a once a week thing... if that. They loved it though.

Here's the growing boy.
Potty Training Status.
We are just about done with day 4. At this point we haven't had any peeing accidents in the undies, but we have had some pooping in the undies the last two days (ICK). We are 2 : 2. (2 perfect days, 2 days with poop in the undies). We have 10 more days in undies before we know if it's really time. I am going for it! I ask her every 15 minutes if she has to go on the potty. She is quick to tell me know, but actually told me twice today that she has to go, and then she went. So, I think she may be getting it.