Friday, October 31, 2008

Happy Halloween

Enjoy the pics.
Chase as Pluto
Reese and Minnie
Noah as Sulley
Avery as Boo
Reese did a great job trick-or-treating and she had fun carving the pumpkins the night before. She wasn't even afraid of touching all the mush.

Happy Halloween Everyone!

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Daddy Day Care

Ryan took on the 4 kiddies on Monday, and had a fun and exhausting day. The highlight of the day was the homemade play doh that he made. The kids had a great time with it.
Noah loved to make snakes... or worms!
Reese was thrilled to have daddy home and to play with the play doh. She can't get enough of the stuff.

Working hard.. Notice Chase in this picture with a big smile on his face.
The 50s glasses from this years Life Can Be party are getting a little more action from Reese.

This past Sunday we met up with Kristine, Drew, Ava, and Baby Lila at Deer Park mall. We had lunch at Max & Ermas and did a little shopping. They are such great friends!

Reese and Ava posed for a photo before we sat down to eat!

Sunday, October 26, 2008

Bridal Shower

Yesterday was Carissa and Dave's wedding shower. It was a great event with delicious food, great company, and a TON of presents. I think they will offically be ready to go once they tie the knot- they have more kitchen stuff than anyone would ever dream of. After we finally got home from helping unpack, I got to thinking... this is the final wedding of us kids.... and my little baby sister is getting married!!! I am so happy for her and so happy that she has a great guy to spend the rest of her life with.
Reese and Mommy
All the sisters! (and the little flowergirls too)
Dave gets to join these three guys... what a lucky duck!
(Sab and Avery making an apperance too)
The bride and groom to be!
I can't wait for the big day!!! I already have my dancing shoes ready!!!

Thursday, October 23, 2008

Weekend Events

Last weekend that is...

We had a busy one... put together Carissa and Dave's invites... had breakfast with Eileen and Ron... went to a party at our neighbors for a party... and then travelled to Milwaukee for Jason's birthday. All events were great, but by the end, we were exhausted.

Here is Reese and Uncle Jason celebrating his 31st. (Go Bears!)

What a cutie. Chase got this adorable Packers hat from him Grandma Jill and Grandpa John.
Reese and Chase got many Halloween gifts while we were in Milwaukee (I didn't know people got gifts for Halloween - lucky kids) Anyway, Reese got her very first Barbie from Grandma Jill - and she was SO excited!

Cute Again...

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Chuck EEEE Cheese

I am a bit behind on my posting, so I hope to play catch up and give you a few things this week.
Last Monday I was off, so Ryan took off and we went to the place Ryan has been dying to take Reese for months! That's right... Chuck E Cheese :) Sabrina, Noah, and Avery joined us at 9am at the place where a kid can be a kid! I don't remember it being so small and not having that much stuff, but it was still a great fun trip for the kids (and us big kids too). The kiddies even got to all come home with some cool prizes we wont with the tickets... combs, a troll doll on a pen, a lizard... who knew the prizes are all still the same as when we were kids.
Chase slept through it all... I am sure he will be enjoying it with his daddy one day!
Check out Reese's face... I guess she is even scared of mechanical ponies. She is becoming more of a sissy when she use to be so tough!
This horse was huge and Noah rode it like a champ!
Avery isn't scared of anything! (except some strangers :)
This is going to be Reese and Avery sophomore year of high school since Reese will be the oldest of her class and Avery will be the youngest. Reese is going to cart her around everywhere. (Yes, Reese was afraid to get in this truck at first too)
Still looking freaked out, but I can tell you... at the end of the trip, she rode this thing 5 times in a row with a smile on her face!

Saturday, October 18, 2008

Our Babies

Just to pass the time until I upload new pics! Here are our two babies... when they were just a day old!


Sunday, October 12, 2008

A Long Time in the Making

Our friends Katie and Jon finally tied the knot this weekend. They have been engaged for years and finally made it official. Katie looked beautiful and Jon looked great. The reception was at Entourage. It was fancy and the food was delicious. We couldn't be any happier for them. Jonathan and Jen were so kind to take on the 4 kiddies while we went to the wedding, so I took advantage and lived it up!

Big Smiles- The groom and Sabrina.

Ryan and I.

Katie and Jon

Me, Katie, and Sabrina.
Yum Yum Yum! This is the coolest drink I have ever had.

He can't really sit up by himself totally, but he may get there before we know it!

Saturday, October 11, 2008

The Latest

I am officially back at work. It wasn't quite as bad of a transition as I thought it might be. It was easy, but I do miss Reese and Chase when I am at work. If I wasn't part time, I don't think I could handle it! Anyway...

All things Chase...
Chase has moved to his crib. No more camping out in our room. He has been doing great. If I feed him at 10pm, he won't need to eat until around 6am. (Sorry Erin- Elle, Chase will tell you his tricks when you see him next) He is cooing and chatting with us and is full of smiles. I need to figure out what his next trick will be....laughing? rolling over?

All things Reese...
Reese has been wearing undies around the clock. She hasn't had an accident during her nap or at bedtime. She does wear a pull-up for naps at Sabrina's house... I don't want to take the chance of her wetting the bed there! We will have a few accidents during the day here and there (maybe 3 a week). She is really doing great with it. She is doing better at sleeping until after 6am now. She still is in love with Disney movies, reading books, and loves music! She loves the Wicked soundtrack and surprised me last night by knowing some of the words to the song Popular!

Tuesday, October 07, 2008

Carissa's Lake Geneva Pre-Wedding Escape

With just over two months to go before the big Thommes/Foley wedding, the girls took a little getaway and had an amazing time. Mom, Sabrina, Carissa, Jen, Jessica and I all stayed at The Abbey. Mrs. Thommes and Dave's sister Christine joined us at the spa and for lunch.

We had facials, massages, pedicures, wraps (one each)... followed by lunch, a little workout, a walk around Lake Geneva, dinner, drinks, a campfire, s'mores, AND a good night sleep! The trip was so relaxing and a great time!

We heard there was a Foley's, so we had to take a picture by the sign.
Ryan watched Reese and Chase while I got away. He was his thoughtful and wonderful self, sending my some wine and chocolate covered strawberries. (Yes, I shared)
Mama's having fun.
Lunch fun at the Waterfront.
Looking good!
"I heart Christmas!"
???- Great purse, Jen!
Jen taught us that every day you see a cow... Now you have seen a cow today!
Christine & Jen

Mom & Sabrina
Carissa, Jenny & Jessica
Me & Mrs.Thommes
Sabrina & Jessica

Little Reese
Big Chase
Chase again...
and again....
and one last time.