Monday, December 29, 2008

LONG Christmas Recap

Ok... this is backwards, and there are a ton of pictures (and so many more I didn't post). Enjoy.
The kids were SO spoiled (Ryan and I were too)! We are so lucky to have such a great family to share the holidays with.
Christmas in Milwaukee was a blast. It would have been even nicer if the car started Saturday morning and we didn't have to get a new starter, but things happen... and we made it home.
Our attempt to capture a picture with Grandma at the end of the night...
Reese got this pony but was a little scared to try it out, so Chase went for it!

Reese loves her little chair.

Some time at Grandpop's house.
Reese getting help with her Mickey Mouse Clubhouse.

Christmas at Dad's,
Reese opening up her princess pj's. She just loved them. She had to put them on for bedtime.
Christmas with my Mom and siblings.
Chase wanted in on the action too.

The kids just loved it!
We all wore green and didn't even plan it!

Another shot of Jonathan and Jen and the kids. You can see a few different versions if you blog hop!
Reese and Carissa. What a great shot!

The Puccini's and my dad and some of my siblings came over last week. We had chili and decorated cookies. It was nice seeing them since we don't get the chance all the time.
Josh, Nathan, Jessica, Dad, Sammy, and Alex.
Christmas Eve at Sabrina's.
Our attempt at a family photo.

The Staniak's and the Connelly's.

Grandma hoping for a good picture with the kids.

Seriously... look at all those presents!
Santa came to out house! Reese was so excited that Santa bit her cookies. It was adorable. She did eat what was left though. I guess Santa doesn't have "coodies".
Chase and Reese opening up some books.
Reese loved going through her stocking. I think that was her favorite part!
When the Puccini's came over, Eileen and I had just finished making one million cookies. They were so nice to all help decorate. Jessica did a great job with these twins!
Look at all of them. And there were so many more!
Let's get creative!
Poor Eileen thought she was coming over to make a dozen cookies. Little did she know, we made like 30 dozen!
Ryan and I had the week off last week. We went to Pump it Up! with the Connelly's. The kids had a blast.

Ryan was in on the action. He was pushing his way through some tight spaces.

Reese went non-stop. She has so much energy!

Reese and Ryan.
We also took Reese and Chase to the pool. Reese was in heaven. Ryan and I both played in the water. It was quite the adventure.

Me and Chase.
Reese and Daddy.

Avery going down the slide.

Noah on the move!

Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Merry Christmas!

Hope you have a wonderful holiday!

Monday, December 22, 2008


Reese says "bideo" when trying to say video.. it's cute. Anyway, here are a couple for the day...

Chase rolling over. He isn't super happy here but he did roll over.


Reese singing to cheer up Chase.


Sunday, December 21, 2008

Green Beans

Reese loves her baby brother and loves that he is working on sitting up and playing with toys.
Carissa got Reese a Mrs. Potato head for her birthday. It's a him!
Noah can't wait until Chase can play cars with him.
"Seriously? Between all my mom's kisses and now Reese's... YUCK!"


Chase is moving onto some foods. He enjoys his cereal, so we thought we would let him have some veggies. He didn't do so great with the Green Beans, but did enjoy the squash. The food has made for some MAJOR blow outs in the diaper, but they have happened at home, so we have survived so far.

Next video will have to be of Chase rolling he goes from his back to his belly quite frequently, but I haven't caught it on video yet. He can't get from his belly back to his back yet, and doesn't love that, but he will get there!

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Stupid Snow

Last night was my night to see my favorite singer. I was lucky enough to see her in Vegas and was so pumped to go see her again here in Chicago. We were supposed to go in November, but she had to reschedule because she was sick. Well, the snow came down too hard here yesterday. It took my 2 hours to get home and we knew there was no way we would make it. I am so sad. She really is pretty amazing! So, maybe next time. (On a good note, we did get our money back, but still!) Tear.

Sunday, December 14, 2008

More wedding pics

What a great weekend. Here are more pics. Congrats again to Carissa and Dave. So glad to have Dave in the family.

Dave, Jonathan, Mark, and Ryan at the rehearsal.Chase kept the ladies company at the hair salon.
Sabrina, Carissa, Jen, Chase and myself looking hot in some rollers.
The beautiful bride with the Puccini girls.
Look at that beauty!
Reese got her hair done. She told everyone in the salon. She wore her mini tiara from Auntie Carissa. So cute.
We didn't know what would happen with Reese and Noah getting down the aisle. Luckily they went for it! It was so adorable. Avery slept through it all!
The mom's with the girls.
Carissa and Dave.
Reese and Noah and their dance moves.
The limo! Super fun.
Mom and Aunt Donna. So cute!
The pregos.
Carissa, Sabrina and myself.
Mark, Eileen and Josh. What a silly photo.
Josh, Mark, Ron, Megan, and Eileen.
Ryan and Sabrina. That crazy Ryan.
Me and Ryan.
Me and tired Reesey! She really did a great job. She fell asleep in Jessie's arms before the night was over, but she was pretty great. I even had her in undies all day and with all the craziness going on, she still had no accidents. I am such a proud mommy.
Sabrina and Mark.