Thursday, February 26, 2009

Visit Daddy at Work Day

** So everyone knows, Ryan just moved from his cube to this office. He hasn't had enough time to decorate or make it a big mess. Soon, people... soon!
Reese, Chase, and I went to visit Daddy at work today. We brought a bag lunch and camped out in his office for a little bit. We took a tour of the place and visited all the nice people that work there. Reese got a blue sucker from a nice lady (that, of course, was the highlight of her trip). The highlight of my trip was this cute picture! :) I missed my exit on the way home, so it took a little longer than planned, but it was a fun adventure. Daddy was very excited to see us!

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

A few updates…

Reese has been waking up at night and coming to our room. We (mainly Ryan, I am on Chase duty) walk her back to her room and tuck her in. This has been going on for a while and gets to be quite exhausting. So, we bought her a cheap gate, colored on it and put stickers on it and told her it’s really “cool” and that it’s her princess gate. She has done better the last two nights…maybe she just realizes there is no point to get up. Hopefully this continues to work.

I went into Chase’s room on Saturday after his nap and found him sitting up. So, now he is crawling and getting himself back to sitting from laying down. He is starting to try to pull himself up to standing too. I really don’t remember Reese being on such a mission to do these things. I think Chase just wants to be one of the big kids.

I am working on weaning myself from the breast milk. It’s been no fun so far. I was down to 3 feedings per day as of Saturday and am trying to get rid of the middle of the day pumping. By 4:00pm I am ready to explode. I could give Pamela Anderson a run for her money. I purchased cabbage leaves and am trying to push through. It’s so very annoying. Maybe in a week I will be able to have this one gone and can work on cutting the night feeding… then on to the morning. I think it actually may take me FOREVER to dry out! Ugh. (If anyone has tips, feel free to share!)

Sunday, February 22, 2009

Nate is here!

Our newest nephew is here!!
(Everyone thought he was going to be a girl)
Welcome to the world, Nate (Nathan) Thomas Connelly.
2/22/09 - 8 pounds 3 ozs - 22 inches (I think)
Sabrina and Nate are doing great. She went in around 3am and Nate was born at 11:01am.
Check the Connelly's blog for more pictures soon.

Thursday, February 19, 2009

Chase in ACTION!


Oh yes, and tooth #4 (top right) is finally in.

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

First Haircut

Ok, so these pictures are way out of order, but just go with it. I uploaded them at home and didn't have time to make sure it was as neat as usual.

We went for Reese's FIRST haircut yesterday at Cookie Cutters in Naperville. She just got an inch off, and luckily her curls didn't come off with the trim. She did a great job. She was most excited about the "Baboon" they gave her when she was done. That is all she could talk about on our way there.

Avery and Noah got their haircut too. Reese and Avery both picked the pink car to get their hair cut in and Noah went with Clifford, the big red dog. We then ate some yummy Noodles, visited the Naperville library, and then packed up all 4 kids in Berty for the ride how. (See, minivan=practical) Sabrina had to work in Naperville, so my mom and I took the four kids home.

It was a fun day off!

Oh yes, and Chase has started crawling... it's not your typical crawl, but it works. I will try and post a video tonight.

Sunday, February 15, 2009

Valentine's Day.

Weekend of fun.
Chase the tank. If you look closely you can see Saturday's lunch and Friday's breakfast crusted on his face. Two of his four teeth are also showing here. He's got his Twilight fangs on the top. Let's hope those are the cause of his irritability lately.

Reese and her XXS Valentine's day shirt. This is the same one she wore last year. Hoping to keep it for her when she's three too. Crop tops are in, yes?

With a heart in her this foreshadowing to her gig as the leading Cardiothoracic Surgeon in IL in a few years.

This one cracks me up. If St. Patrick and Valentine had a baby this is what it would be. She looks like a creme filled leprechaun ready to pounce. Where are her feet? What's with the camera action?

A couple things of note:
1. It does seem like a really fun idea when they are younger.
2. It's not.
3. When she sees the whip cream and immediately says "Whip cream in my mouth daddy"-- you just pray that only happens in your house, and she doens't repeat that at someone else's house.
4. That's not daddy's hand.
5. Though it appears so in this picture, the weird nozzle thing isn't actually down her throat. It's safe to use our whip cream...seriously.

Happy Valentine's Day!

Friday, February 13, 2009

Picture Day!

We went this past weekend to take Chase's 6 month pictures. We made sure that Reese was dressed nice, just in case she was in the mood for a group shot. She was totally into it! This is not one of the keepers, but just a hilarious shot of the two of them.

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

"I want to push it down too, Mommy."

If you read the Connelly's blog, you may know that Noah is doing great with the potty these days.
So today, Noah has to go to the bathroom...
Jenny- "Noah, push it down." (So, Noah pushes it down so it goes in the potty and not all over the place)
Ok, Noah is done and it's Reese's turn to go.
Reese - "Mommy, I want to push it down too."
Jenny - "No Reese."
Reese - "I want to push it down too."
Jenny - "Reese, you have different girl parts, you don't have to push it down."
Reese - "You don't push it down, Mommy?"
Ahh... it was pretty darn funny.
Later when Ryan took her to the bathroom she told him that "boy's push it down, Daddy."
Happy Birthday to my Daddy-O and Madisyn. We hope your birthdays are just as wonderful as you are!

Sunday, February 08, 2009


"Yes, I am up to no good, but I look cute doing it"
"What, you want to know why I am screaming or fussy? I just want to move around!"

Roberta is the newest member of our family. Berta for short. Berty for fun. (I let Ryan pick her name.)
In the words of Reese, "we got a fancy car."
Fancy? Maybe. Nerdy? A little. Practical? You betcha.

We got a Chrysler Town and Country minivan yesterday. Black. It drives great, has a ton of nice features, and lots of space. Ryan won't be driving it around much with out the family in tow, but that's ok. I have no problem driving it!

It's pretty cool.

Of course we went looking not thinking we would purchase that day, but we did. It took way too long, but we worked a good deal.

This is close to what she looks like...

Six Month Stats

Chase and I took a trip to the doctor on Wednesday. We were in and out. Chase got two shots and was a champ. He weighed in at 19 pounds 2 ozs (I could have sworn he was over 20 pounds like Reese was at 6 months). He is 27.75 inches tall and his head circumference is 18 inches. He is taller than he is heavy which is great. He started eating puffs (though he can't do it himself yet). He has also eaten all stage 1 and 2 foods. He can eat 1-2 foods at each meal!

Sunday, February 01, 2009

Happy Half Birthday to Chase!

Here is Reese last November, 2007. Yes, she is holding a dirty and POSITIVE pregnancy test. Ryan was working in Green Bay and I sent him this picture, letting him know that baby #2 was on the way… our little Chase.
August 2, 2008- Our little Chase was born. (I guess little isn't a good word to describe him) How about precious!Here is Chase at 3 months. I think he looks the same now.
Here is our big and happy 6 month old, holding his bottle like a champ! This is one of his skills, along with sitting up, rolling over and over and over, wanting to crawl SO BADLY, playing with toys, laughing, eating 3-5 stage 2 baby foods a day, drinking four 6-7 ozs bottles per day, sleeping most nights from 7pm-6am (and going down at night like a champ), taking three 1-2 hours naps per day (naps are harder to get him to fall asleep at, but he loves holding his little blankie)... and he's still working on that fourth tooth!
More smiles. He is such a joy! Happy Half Birthday!

And a Happy 2nd Birthday to Ava B!

Super Sunday and the past few days...

Had a couple people over for the Superbowl today. Thought it was a good reason to eat and hang out. We had a nice time. (Everyone just made it until half time- why can't they start these games earlier?) Here are a few pictures...

Little Lila... she is just a few days younger than Chase.
Here is Chase. If you look around you can see SIX kids. And they just keep on multiplying!
Noah, Avery, and Chase cuddling up on the chair. Best buds!
Chase and Auntie Carissa. (Chase is sticking his tongue out at you!)
Girls just want to have fun! Ava, Reese, and Avery.
A few pics from the last few days...
Chase sporting his cute and stylish sweater from Auntie Judi.
Reese getting ready to head out to the mall for a quick trip. She's doing so much better at going to the store and not running away. She stays close, and will hold our hand.
Whew. Makes life a bit easier.
Thursday when I had the kids, I took Abigail for a short time so that my friend and neighbor Beth could run to the doctor. She did great and had fun playing with the kids. Just a little taste of what 5 kids under 3 will be like.
Yes, her eyes are closed again (Uncle Dave, why did you have to teach this photo move to Reese?) She has a thing with not wearing socks. It's so annoying. Anyway, she is showing off her pink toe nails. I painted them and she thinks it is so great!