Monday, April 27, 2009

The Fabulous Five!

Sabrina is back to work, and last week started our first week back with the five wonderful children! ;) We had some crazy moments, but nothing we couldn't handle. Baby Nate are bonding and I think he really likes me. Chase was under the weather which made the first week a little nutty, but it's only going to get better. Here they are...

NATE - 2 months

CHASE - 8.5 months

NOAH - 3 years

REESE - 2.5 years

AVERY - 22 months

Thursday, April 23, 2009

Park Time!

We took a trip to the park this weekend to embrace the wonderful weather. We went in the wagon, which made it even more fun. Reese and Chase both loved it. I look forward to many family walks and trips to the parks! Reese is most excited about wearing shorts. She asks me every morning if it's summer and if she can wear shorts! Tomorrow is supposed to be close to 80. Can't wait!

Monday, April 20, 2009

Time to Catch Up!

I feel like whenever I get behind on posting, I have one million pictures that I want to share. I will start with this group and get some more up this week.

Eileen and Ron watched the kids on Friday, and after Chase made a big mess with his lunch, he got a few moments clothes free, and loved it. The kids had a blast on Friday. They went to the Cosley Zoo and really loved the company!
On another note, poor little Chase has been miserable for the last few days. He had a fever the last two days ranging from 100-103.4, which just started to get scary. So, after a trip to the doctor today, we found out he has an ear infection in one ear, and the other is on it's way to becoming an ear infection. He's on medicine now and should be better in no time. It's really no fun when your kid is sad and not feeling well.

Yesterday we celebrated Baby Nate's baptism. He was a super champ and barely let out a peep. He is such a cutie and we are so happy for him that he is now baptized.

Last Thursday Sabrina and I took the kids to the Brookfield Zoo. It was amazing outside and the kids loved it! We had four stroller seats and five kids. It worked out great since Reese just loves to walk, but after two hours of walking she sat down in the seat and said, "I need a break!" It was cute. As you can see below, we got creative with trying to give them all a ride. We took turns carrying a kid too and Reese took a ride on my shoulders. I can't wait to take more trips to the zoo. It's the perfect outing.

Saturday, April 18, 2009

Think Spring

We spent some time outside before it started to get a little warmer (the reason for the hat). We didn't last long with the wind, but we had a chance to get a couple pics!

"I want to drive!"
(Don't mind me in the background, I think I look creepy!)
"Mommy, it's cold!"

Jen's Baby Shower #1

Jen and Jonathan are less than 2 months away to becomming paretns. They had their first shower and got many nice gifts. Lucky for Jen, Reese and Avery were there to help her with all the hard work of opening the gifts.
This picture cracks me up. They never say "cheese" but here they were, posing for picture after picture. They all turned out pretty silly. This one is too funny.
"Next one? Speed it up, Auntie Jen!"

Thursday, April 16, 2009


Really? 5:00am? Reese has been better going to bed at night (nap time is another story), so her gate isn't always put up. This morning she decided to make an appearance in my room at 5:00. Since Ryan is traveling, I thought I would let her cuddle up with me and go back to sleep. Didn't happen. Of course Chase woke up at 5:30am and Reese was there greeting him before I had the chance to try and get him to go back to sleep. So, we are up and ready for the day (or at least they are!). Heading to the zoo in a few hours to enjoy the nice weather we should have today.

Good Morning. Have a great day!

Monday, April 13, 2009

Easter x 5

We started off in Milwaukee last weekend for Easter #1 and #2. We had a great time. We played games, hung out, ate too much, and just relaxed. It was a great time, and the kids were spoiled. Reese passed out during dinner! She had a few bites and then laid on the couch and was asleep in minutes!
Next, we headed to my Dad and Janet's for Easter #2. More spoiling, an egg hunt, lots of food and great company.
Next came our own Easter. Reese started the morning in Chase's crib, getting overly excited to see what the Easter Bunny left downstairs. We went down to find baskets and eggs. Reese gathered them up very quickly and Chase just watched his big sister at work.

Easter #5- Easter with my mom. More spoiling, more eggs, and way too much food!

Chase was forced into this 'Baby's First Easter' outfit. Do you think he likes it?

Hope everyone had a happy Easter!
NEWS ALERT! Chase got his 7th tooth yesterday! Bottom left.

Wednesday, April 08, 2009

Little Miss Trouble

Oh, Reese... our sweet, lovable, silly, smart, sneaky little... crazy girl!

Reese is been a tough (or should I say, challenging) little girl these days. She is having a hard time listening... she has been caught saying "Be patient, Mommy." Seriously? Who does she thinks she is? She will tell us "No" as if she really is the boss. She seems to have stopped biting, but will hit someone while looking at you just to see what your reaction is. (Time out has been busy lately-sorry to those kiddies out there that may have been on the other end of Reese's hand- she didn't mean it! ;) (you know who you are)

Really though, Reese is a great kid. She is just growing up and is thinking so much more. She wants to walk when we go to the store, or sit in the back of the cart. She has to get herself into her carseat, and needs to pull a chair into the kitchen every time we are in there to "help." She is working on using a big girl cup, and is slowly getting better at not getting food all over herself every time she eats. She sings so many songs, in fact, I think she can almost sing the entire song from Little Mermaid, "Part of Your World," plus she can sing a ton of High School Musical, and other disney and children's songs. She can recognize just about every letter, so I think it's about time to look at numbers.

Reese is a handful, but still a sweet, friendly, and lovable girl. She wants to be friends with any little girl between 4 and 12- she will talk to them and hope they will play with her. She gives tons of kisses and hugs. She is a sweetheart, and our little pain in the tush! :)

Oh, and I almost forgot. Reese is STILL obsessed with changing her clothes. She will put on 4 different pants/shorts/skirts in a day. She can get t-shirts off, so we are in trouble when she starts changing them too.

Reese, watch out, Chase may be smaller than you now, but he is learning to get you back!

Tuesday, April 07, 2009

Happy Birthday to Noah

The day after we got back from Colorado, we celebrated Noah's birthday at his kiddie pool party. Reese was so very excited to see her cousins. She missed them a lot. Noah was so pumped for his gifts and his birthday. It was too cute. Here are a few pics from the day.
Reese and Avery playing with the balloons. Balloons are always a crowd favorite.

"Cannon Ball"
Avery loved the pool. I think she would have stayed all day if she could.
Abigail wasn't afraid at all either. She would fall in and come up with a smile on her face. Too cute. (Love the suit!)
Chase was sleeping, but I had to get him up to get in the pool. He loves the water.
Little Nate. He was enjoying the party too! ;)
Here's the cake crafted by Ryan and myself.
(Ryan did most of the work, but I tried to help a little too!)