Thursday, July 30, 2009

Beyonce in the House!

Ryan got some cute costumes from a friend at work. Reese has way too much fun dancing in them.
(And, if you haven't experienced Chase's screams we so often speak of... listen up!)

Monday, July 27, 2009

Milwaukee Time!

We headed to Milwaukee on Saturday for Grandma Jill and Grandpa John's Christmas in July party. The yard was filled with a ton of friends, family, and delicious food. We all had a blast.

Reese and Grandma Jill
(Gma Jill, is this a framer or what?)
Chase... looking a bit nervous.

Reese hanging out with Uncle Jason.
Ryan has been wanting to take us to the Organ Piper for years now. I think him and I even drove past there for a trip a handful of times since we started dating. If you aren't familiar with it, it's a pizza place with an organ player and some arcade games. Grandma Jill, Grandpa John, and Uncle Jason joined us. The spoiled Reese, letting her play all the silly games so she could win jewelry, candy, and other little toys. Thank you all for the fun time!
Grandma took Chase around and around. It made me dizzy just watching!
Then she decided that there were 3 horses and she needed join the fun!
We also had a great time with Grandpops, but I didn't get any pictures.. Darn!

Sunday we headed over to Grandma Jill's and Grandpa John's to hang out. It was nice to just sit and spend time together.
"Look at me... I am smiling! See, I do more than just scream!"
"Grandpa John, you missed your calling!"
It wasn't so hot when we first came over, but the sun came out and it was toasty. I knew some water fun would do the trick, so a bucket, some cups, boats, and the sprinkler came out for some fun! Uncle Jason join in the water time.

"Mom... enough pictures already. Here is a smile. Take it or leave it."
Monday morning we headed to the Milwaukee Zoo to meet some college friends. My friend Laura and her son Alex, along with a Kari (KP) and her daughter Elliot, met us at the Zoo. It was the first time I saw both babies, and the first time I saw KP in probably 7 years! I can tell they are both still great people, great friends, and great moms. It's so nice to be around people that don't mind all the kid talk and can just chat about the good old days.
Thanks friends for meeting us! And Reese says, "Thank you for letting me hold your hands, and push your stroller, and kiss your babies!"
Reese and Chase... trying to hang out with the camels.
Reese, Kari, and Elliott
Reese and the camels. So exciting!
Laura and Alex. What a handsome boy, and happy Mommy!
"People, look at all the animals. There are so many. They are so cool!"
We had an amazing weekend. We were surrounded by great family and great friends. The drive home had a lot of traffic and the kids slept the entire way. It was a long day, but it was so great to be home! The kids were so happy to run around the house and hang out. It was nice to just sit back and watch them behave! :) Now we just need Daddy to come home soon and we are set.

Thursday, July 23, 2009


I got to see my friend Heather...aka Tex, last week! She was in town, so we met up at Erin's house and just got to spend some time hanging out and enjoying the sun. Heather always keeps things funny and interesting. It was great seeing her!

Heather, Reese, Me, Chase, Erin, and Ellison.
Reese got to hang out in Ellison's cool Hippo pool.
Erin and Ellison on the swing.
Reese was so pumped to be hanging out and enjoying the nice weather. She learned that Heather says... "Hi, Ya'll!"
Erin and Heather cooking up some breakfast, I mean lunch!
(Right, Heather?- Hey, food is food, I will take it whenever I can get it!)

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Another Fun Monday

We headed to this super cute kid's place in Arlington Heights on Monday - The Little Village Play Place. It was great! It was the Staniak's, Connelly's, and Holtz's... 7 kids! Whew. The kids would have stayed there all day long. It was small enough to keep out eyes on all the kids, yet had enough going on that the kids were very entertained. I think we will for sure have to make a trip back sometime.

Chase just loved the slide. There was about 8 steps up.
I think he loved the stairs more than the slide!
Reese ran around most of the time in this sparkle dress.., with THREE purses. What a girlie girl. Avery, Chase, and Reese and the slide.
Reese with the dress up clothes. Is this what I have to look forward to with her closet?
I tried to find an outfit for Avery and there was just a huge mess of clothes. This is what we put together. How adorable is this picture?!
Nate... as happy as always!
Reese and a chef. Bring it, Uncle Dave!
Come on in! Chase, Avery, and Noah.
Hahaha. This picture is hilarious.
Lovely Little Lila with Kristin's adorable bow!
Supermarket! Ava, Avery, and Reese shopping away.
Chase driving the bus.

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

My Big Sis is 30!!!

Sabrina turned 30 on Sunday, and we celebrated with a Surprise outing on Saturday night. She had dinner with Mark at a restaurant at Indian Lakes, and we camped out downstairs at the bar waiting for her to come down. I think she was on to us, but either way, we had a blast hanging out and celebrating. Happy Birthday, Sabrina. I hope your 30s are as great as you! ;)

Jen and her date, Jonathan...
Sabrina and I. Our last day being 29 together!
Ryan, Mark, and Dave.
Sabrina, Mark, and her yummy chocolate Birthday cake.
The sisters- Carissa, me, Sabrina, and Jen.
Sabrina got to come down with all of us holding up her face. It was pretty funny.
Sarbina, Sabrina, Sabrina, Sabrina, and Sabrina.
Me and my Ryan. (and Dave's nose)

Ryan and Jen.
Katie and Sabrina.

Carissa, Baby Nate, and Jen
The Birthday Girl!
Ron, Mark, and Eileen.

Monday, July 20, 2009

High School Musical 2

For Father's Day, Reese got Daddy some tickets for the three of us to go see the High School Musical 2 play at Pheasant Run. Though the show wasn't what we would call... amazing, it was a fun trip for the three of us. Reese sat still pretty good, only asking to go to the bathroom like 5 times. Maybe this little girl will get a great singing voice... she told me she wanted to go on stage with the kids... maybe she will be a little actress. She certainly has spunk.

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Random Mix

Here are some random photos from the last week or so. Just thought I would throw them up here for some entertainment.

Who said the bounce house can't be put inside? We set it up in Sabrina's living room and it was just as fun as when it is outside. It was a little noisy with all the excitement, but that is always how it seems to go. The kids can't get enough of it. What a great purchase!
Avery was so happy to be in there. It seems like they are mostly all smiles in there- until they jump on each other. The slide on the way out seems to be their favorite spot.
Last week's fun Monday was at the water park with the Foley's, Holtz's, Connelly's and Staniak's. The kids had a blast. Can you see my two lovelies running around? They love the water!
They knew they had to hold hands to walk in the street to the car. What a nice little friendship chain.
Chase seems to be getting happier with each new day. He is understanding more and since his balance is better he loves to just keep on going all the time. He still screams, but he is saying "this", "dada", "mama" (not as often as dada) "ma" (which may mean more?). We are constantly trying to get him to learn some words to help move away from the screaming. I think he may have also really figured out how to go backwards down the stairs now... that would make things a little easier too.