Monday, August 31, 2009

Retirement and Birthday Wishes

We spent the weekend in Milwaukee celebrating! Ryan's dad retired this year, so we thought we should party it up. I can't imagine being done with work. I mean, with all that free time... just imagine all the things you could do. Happy Retirement, Pops!

Chase was in a good mood. He loves being outside.
Here he is as happy as can be with the man of honor!
"I love the fresh air."
This is what happens when little Reese stays up late and has no nap. She sneaks in the kitchen and sticks her finger in the cake. She actually asked me at the end of the night, "Mommy, will you put me to bed!"
Chase's favorite word and animal, "Dag."
The weather wasn't like the summer day it should have been, but we still managed to have a bags tournament. Ryan and Brian were the champs! (Brian, we have your prize... guess you have to come here to get it! :)
Sunday we celebrated Ryan's mom's Birthday! We had brunch and it was delicious. Some how we lucked out and got this little private room. It actually made for a special treat since we had no one bothering us and Chase and Reese has a little more freedom.
Reese, Grandma Jill, Chase, and Grandpa John
Grandma Jill and Reese
Grandma Jill and her favorite two grandkids!
We hope your BirthDAY is a fantastic one!

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Baseball and Lovers

We headed to Uncle Mark's baseball game this weekend. My car did get a dent from getting hit with a ball (yes, my NEW car) and we did have to keep a close eye on the kiddies so that they didn't get it by one of Mark's foul balls, but we had a nice time. The weather was good and Mark played great.

I got Chase to say "go" which was a new word. He also says "vroom vroom" for a car, mama, dada, up, down, ma (milk), night night, "mmmmm" to brush his teeth. We are trying to remember to always keep working on his words. The more words, the less screaming!

Reese is a crack up as always. She keeps telling me at bedtime that she wants a sister. I ask her if a brother would be ok, and she says "boys are gross!" I tell her that she can't pick and then she says, "then I'll have one and two". Whatever that means... it sounds like she is ordering take out. She also asked me tonight if there was a baby in my belly, and I said "No." She then told me I had a squishy belly. Thanks a lot kid! I don't know where you learned the word squishy, but squishy and belly should never be said in the same sentence. Ha- kids say the darnedest things.
Reese is obsessed with paper, notebooks, and post-its. They are literally ALL over my house. She found some little sticky tabs in the desk and those were making their way around. I took those back rather quickly.

Here is Reese and Avery at the game. I mean, look at the love! And look at how tall Reese is! Peek-a-boo.

"Go Uncle Mark!"

Big boy Noah! Can't wait to hear about his first day of Preschool on Friday!

Reese and Chase and their curls.

And the Lovers...

Reese and Lila. Only 4 days apart... just 1 year old, and they are smitten. Chase is going for Lila's hand. He's making his move!

"Hi Chase! Come give me a hug! I love you!"
"Little Lila... I love you back."

Sunday, August 23, 2009

South Haven: TAKE THREE

A few last photos to share. I have so many that I really like, but I have to draw the line somewhere. Looking back at the pictures really reminds me of the great time we did have. It's hard going on vacation with two little kids. They have so much energy but again they still have a hard time being out of their element. So, enjoy the last few... I'll get to a "normal" update soon.
Reese and Daddy at a restaurant in Saugatuck. We heard it would be good, and then it was filled with old people and the sign said "Running or screaming children will be asked to leave." It didn't make for a calm eating experience.

Uncle Mark is getting the grill ready for s'mores while Noah, Avery, and Reese wait to get cookin'.
The Connelly's attempt at a family picture. Not bad!
Me, Mom, and Sabrina.
Our attempt at a family photo. Chase and Reese.

Reese in the fudge and treat shop!

Thursday, August 20, 2009

South Haven: TAKE TWO

Chase hanging out on the back deck. He had a runny nose and was a little under the weather... and out of his element. His blankie was with him most of the trip.
The 4 "big" kids on the beach. Next trip, there will be 6 little ones running around!
Carissa and David
Jen, Jonathan, and Sabrina enjoying some "adult" time in the evening when all the kiddies were asleep.
Rockstar Avery.

South Haven: Take ONE

We took a little vacation to South Haven, Michigan. We left last Saturday and came back yesterday. It wasn't too long, wasn't too short.... it was just right. We were in the company of my siblings and my mom and stayed in a house that we rented near the beach. We spent most of the time at the beach and walking around the little downtowns (in South Haven, Douglas, and Saugatuk). We painted pottery and enjoyed delicious meals prepared by the group. So, of course I took many pictures, so I will share them all this week.
Ryan and I at the beach
(a little blurry)
This place is awesome.
Avery and Me.
Nate and Carissa
Best Buds for Life! Avery and Reese.
Lots more to come...

Monday, August 17, 2009

Hello from the Beach!

Enjoying our time at the beach in South Haven!

Friday, August 14, 2009

Contest and Pics

First off... my friend, Kristine is having a CONTEST to win FREE stuff on her new site, Ninnie and Yaya She is working on getting her little boutique going. Check it out and enter!

We hit up Jump N' Jiggles on Monday Funday this week with the Connelly's and the Holtz's. Since it was a nice and sunny day, there wasn't as many people inside, so it left a lot of space for the kids to run around. This picture is from out ride on the Merry-go-round. That thing made me want to barf. Ha. It moved so fast!
Whhheeee. This thing is fun!
Here's Chase's third bang up job from last week. Poor guy! He sure looks tough... OR just clumsy.
Kristine, Sabrina and I had some yummy mint Baily's last weekend. That stuff is good!
Here's the movie star! She's so silly.

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

One Year Stats

Chase went in for his one year doctor's appointment on Monday. He is right on track with everything developmentally. He got his finger pricked to check his iron since he is now on whole milk and he got a handful of shots that he didn't enjoy (but in his defense, the nurse who gave them was all but quick and gentle!)

Chase seems to be average with his measurements. He is 30 1/4 inches tall, 22 pounds and 13 ozs, and his head measure in at 18.5 inches.

I was trying to look back and find Reese's stats at 1 year, but I couldn't find them, so here they are.... At one year, Reese was 32 1/4 inches tall and 24 pounds 2 ozs. (Crazy that she was that much bigger that Chase is at a year!)

Thursday, August 06, 2009

This Week's Happenings

This week is backwards, but here goes...

Wednesday I got to watch some of my lovelies. We had a dress up dance party. Chase didn't get in costume, and my dress up clothes are all for girls at this point, so I improvised. Noah was a dinosaur with all the princesses.
See, he has a spike and a long tail (as requested).
Notice Reese's dance moves in the back.
Monday Funday was a trip to the Brookfield Zoo with Papa and Grandma Janet. We got there and the rain was coming down hard. Luckily we had enough rain gear. An hour later, it was sunny and close to 90 and not a cloud in the sky. It was a great time. The kids had a blast and loved the plastic wax animals that the grandparents got them!

Noah and Chase in a bird's nest.
Reese carrying around the bird's eggs.
Mold-A-Rama in action.
Avery and Chase.
Chase and Reese in the wagon. Reese tried to keep it over Chase's head, but he kept pushing it out of the way so he could enjoy the rain!
On Sunday, the bounce house came over and we had some fun with that and the water table.

I LOVE the summer!