Monday, September 28, 2009


I was picking up Reese today and she wanted something, and I told her No, and so she turned and walked away saying "You've got to be kidding me..." Sabrina was lucky enough to witness this moment of my 2 year old acting like she is 15!

Chase's quote of the day... "ahhhh" and lots of whining. We were getting past this, but the last week has been a bit more loud than it's been in a while. We keep on working on his words, but it's a work in progress.

Friday, September 25, 2009

Supernanny aint got nothing on Daddy-O!

I'm lucky enough to get daddy day care on a quarterly basis. They've been great today, but something pretty awesome happened. Chase took his first poo on the toilet! Sure, you're wondering between the last post and today if Jenny and I can talk any more about our kids dookie-- but really this is pretty cool.

I heard him grunt, so I told him "Get to the potty... and he went running all bow-legged over to the bathroom." We sat on the regular toilet for about 20 seconds (almost lost him in there a few times) told him to push...he pushed, laughed and then the sweet sound of crackle plop plop came.

We cheered, I gave him some M&Ms and I was just glad to not to have to wrap another stinky load.

I know he won't be trained until he's probably 4, but I'm glad he did it anyway-- baby steps. Plus he knows what a potty is too, so that's a good thing. AND, he did it on my watch.

How could you not document this?

Thursday, September 24, 2009

Sicky Poo Poo

I got an unwanted wake up call at 3:00am by Reese last night. She told me she had to use the bathroom, so I took her and next thing I know she didn't just have to pee. Poor thing. Between 3am and 4am we took about 10 trips to the bathroom. She wasn't complaining, she just would roll over (yes, she was in my bed at this point) and tell me she had to go. Poor poor girl. I am guessing she ate something bad because no one else is sick and she didn't have a fever. Anyway these bathroom trips ended by 11 this morning, so I am thinking and hoping we are now in the clear. Oh, and I am guessing (hoping) she will take an amazing nap to make up for the lost sleep.

Does this look like the face of a sick kid?
We may have a potential Cinderella for Halloween. This girl just loves to dress up!
Chase just loves to find hats these days and put them on. He's modelling the safari hat here.
Chase's new trick... climbing... on EVERYTHING. Turned my head for 20 seconds today and turned back to find him STANDING on the kitchen table. Yikes!
"Zrmmm Zrmmm." Chase loves cars (or buses)!

Saturday, September 19, 2009

How we are doing these days...

Chase and Reese have been playing together a lot more these days. It's actually quite cute. They are becoming little friends. Chase loves to have Reese around and Reese loves to play with her little Chase Buddy. When Reese went off to Preschool this morning, Chase was quite sad. I got him up from his nap to come with me to pick her up and said we are going to get Reese, and he got so excited, saying "Eese!" Precious.
Little Reese is getting so old. I swear she is 4, not 2. She is just a little firecracker. She loves to play dress up, help me with my make-up in the morning, wear dresses, dance, play outside, go to school, and loves babies. She loves to color and do projects. She is back to needing the gate at her doorway for naps and bedtime. It's not that she gets out of bed all the time, but it seems like if she wakes up or stirs, it reminds her to go back to sleep and not get out of bed and join us in our room in the middle of the night. We put a little princess doll or stuffed animal next to the gate and they magically take it down before she has to wake up. Seems to do the trick. She is drinking most of the time with a big girl cup, doesn't love her cooked veggies as much anymore, but will eat some raw veggies, and loves cheese.

Chase is growing up so fast. Ryan came home from Green Bay this week and thought he looked bigger. His personality continues to grow and (knock on wood) the screaming isn't as bad. He is trying to learn words, but it's a slow process. He tries his best at Reese, Nate, Jack, Please, Yum, Mmmm (Mo) for cow, Vrrrmm (for car)... Nothing is consistent yet, but he's getting there and it makes him a little less crabby. He is always on the move and is very difficult to take out to eat or shopping. It's better at this point to just eat at home or some place quick. He wants to roam. He is friendly with everyone, if you give him a couple minutes. He loves to give hugs and cuddles. Watch out if there is a baby around, he will eat them up. The more hugs the better. He still uses his pacifier at night and his little blankie. He loves to look at the big picture book and calls everything "Doah" (which usually is for Dog or Ball). He can almost say fish too. He tries to run, which is too funny. What a fun kid.

Thursday, September 17, 2009

A Surprise for Two.

We travelled North this past weekend to celebrate with a Surprise Party for our great friends Brian and Amie. They both turn 30 this month! The company, food, and weather was perfect! Amie's parents hosted this great party and have a great yard for entertaining.

Happy Birthday to two wonderful people.

Madisyn, Reese, and Parker.
(Aidan and Brody Wilson were also there.)
Singing to the Birthday kids.
The Birthday boy and girl.
The bounce house and proven to be a great investment. The kids loved it.

Monday, September 14, 2009

Chase's First Haircut

Chase has cute hair (I am his Mom, I have to think that). It's just got a little curl to it which makes it easier to just let grow. Well, it was getting a bit out of hand, so it was time. I hear a little noise in the bathroom and found Chase getting his hair cut! I almost missed it. I sprinted downstairs to get the camera and a baggie for some hair. (I figured I should just put some in his baby book. I think it's weird, but I did it with Reese, so I guess I have to keep Chase's too). Anyway, Ryan just trimmed some off the top and around the ears and he looks as good as new.

Before After
(You can barely tell, but the front is shorter and there isn't as much craziness by his ears!)

Sunday, September 13, 2009

Pathway to Preschool

Reese had her first day of Preschool this Saturday! She can't technically be in a regular Preschool yet since she isn't old enough, so she is in a Pathway to preschool program for 2.5 year olds, like herself that are potty trained and ready to go. We have been talking about preschool for quite a while now and with Noah going to his preschool, she has been pretty excited. She got up a couple of times during the night on Friday and Ryan and I wonder if it was from all of the excitement. I told her over and over that she was going by herself. She isn't a shy kid, but getting dropped off in a completely new place without a familiar face is really a new experience for Reese (and for me)! Anyway, Ryan, Chase and I all took Reese to class. We got to go in, see the room, meet the teachers and say "Bye." Reese waved and that was that. We picked her up and hour and a half later. She was excited to see us, told us a few things (see video) and then was super tired from not sleeping great the night before. It was only a few minutes and she was asleep! As for me, I didn't cry or anything, but I was proud and happy for our little girl who went off like a champ. (I probably could have gotten weepy if Ryan wasn't with me :) - just part of being a Mom!)

Reese and her new princess backpack.
Reese excited to get ready for school.
Reese in her little classroom. There are only 5 kids at this point, but they said more kids will join as others her age are potty trained. She has two teachers too.

This video cracks me up. She starts out really excited...

Wednesday, September 09, 2009

Labor Day Weekend

I am almost thinking that is was impossible for everyone to not have a great weekend. The weather was the best of the summer! We had dinner at the park, went to the Brookfield Zoo, had family over which included nertz and a trip to the local bar, hit up the super crowded Aurora outlet mall, took a nap, visited with the Holtz's, visited Septemberfest and saw some of the parade, and got some things done around the house. The weekend was an extreme success. Here is the proof.
Reese and Daddy on the Merry Go Round at the Brookfield Zoo. Daddy and Reese picking out the best animal to ride.
Grandma and Chase on the Merry Go Round.
Avery, Noah, and Reese near the Lions. Noah got everyone together for this picture.
Playing on the park. If only we really could cage them in sometimes. :)
Chase and Nate- taking things in from the stroller.
Chase and Avery and the wagon.
Noah and his favorite, the dinosaurs.
Here's a bonus photo from today. Princess Reese, Princess Abigail, and Princess Avery.
Daddy and Reese watching the firetrucks at the parade.
Chase at the parade.
Mommy and Reese.
Daddy and Reese.

Saturday, September 05, 2009

Camp Jenny

We are two weeks in and having a fun time. I have decided that people can't say that I work part time. The days I am not at my "paid" job, I am at home with 5 or 6 kids... thinking of anything and everything to keep them happy. Games, Snacks, Coloring, Finger Painting, Singing, Dance Parties, Play Doh, Ginger Bread Grilled Cheese, Food Coloring Grilled Cheese Sandwiches... we have even made a treat for my work one day. I try to keep us going so there are less fights and good long naps. Anyway, here are a few pictures of our time so far.

Baby Nate
Reese and Avery doing "make-up."

Lunch time!

There are the six.
Nate, Abigail, Reese, Noah, Chase and Avery!