Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Pumpkin Patch 2009

It seems that everyone has Pumpkin Patch Pics. I think it's just one of those things that everyone just has to do... AND it's fun! We almost didn't make it this year, but we beat the crowds on Sunday morning and checked out the pumpkins and got the pictures that I wanted. Here goes...

We are so in trouble with this kid! He has more energy these days and is into EVERYTHING he shouldn't be into... like the exit.
"What? I just want to play!"
Reese being silly.

Here is Chase sitting still for just a minute... or second.
Reese and Chase cruising away together.
(Yes, we paid $6.00 for the two of them to sit in this car for 3 minutes.)
Fun times!
Reese is a growing machine!
Last year, Chase was in his carseat for this photo!
Chase rode on Pumpkin, the pony. Reese still had no desire to get on the pony.
"I love being outside!"
Just a few more days until Halloween!

Sunday, October 25, 2009

Staniak Fun

The Staniak's(Hirsch's) came into town this weekend so we could celebrate Jason's birthday. It was a lot of fun. Carissa watched the kids for us so we could head to Dave and Busters with just the grown-ups. I haven't been there in a long time, and it was a blast! Then we had some food, played Partini, and even dressed the kids up in their Halloween costumes so that everyone could see them. We had our first sleepover in Illinois with Pops, Jason, and Freedom. Reese and Chase had so much fun being spoiled! Thanks for coming. Happy Birthday, Uncle Jason!

Friday, October 23, 2009

Making Progress

Ok, he still screams when he really wants something, but Chase is learning more every day. He is trying more new words all the time. Here are some that he is getting better at. (Don't mind his lovely kiss at the end.)


Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Chase rhymes with grace for a reason

Maybe it's Ryan's love for America's Funniest Home Videos that makes this so funny to him...

Fall #1 wasn't on purpose. Fall #2, he did like 100 times on purpose. What a goof.


Monday, October 19, 2009

Foley Weekend at the Abbey

We headed to Lake Geneva this past weekend with my Dad, Janet, and the rest of the family. (Sadly, Mark, Noah, and Nate had to stay home to take care of Noah's rash.) Anyway, we had a great time. We played outside, had a yummy lunch, played in a Baggo tournament (which Carissa and Dave won), visited downtown Lake Geneva, ate at Popeyes, braved the cold at the bonfire, swam in the pool (at least the kiddies did), had breakfast, and went to a petting zoo. It was a fun packed two days and a great mini vacation!

Here are some (or a lot) to recap our fun.

The bird show at the petting zoo.
Jackson and Jen
Grandma Janet, Chase, Papa, and Reese
Jen, Jonathan, and Jackson.
Chase, Jenny, Reese, and Ryan.
Chase and Mommy.
Chase and Daddy.
Chase LOVED the animals. He would put his hands all over their faces.
Reese didn't want to touch the animals at all!
The Foley's.
Popeyes - Kid half
Popeyes- Grown up half.
Me and Jackson.
Avery and Reese and cheetos faces!
Dad and Janet.
Ryan and Sabby.
Jackson and Papa.
Sabrina and Carissa.
1st place - Carissa/Dave
2nd place - Jonathan/Jen
3rd place - Sabrina/Jenny (we should have won! :)
Jackson and his Mommy-O.
More bags.
Jackson braving the cold in my hat or Reese's hat...
Chase and Papa.

Friday, October 16, 2009

"If you obey all the rules, you miss all the fun!"

It's been a quiet week. Well, as quiet as it can be around here. No one left town, and we got to bed early. Had some time to relax-- which was needed. We did have a random trip to the doctor for a little rash that Chase had in his diaper region. It was just below his belly button and then it started to spread onto his belly and his legs, so we saw the doc. She said it was probably just a little reaction to something in one of his diapers. She told us to switch up the diapers and use some lotion. He should be good soon. I have switching between a few brands, so finding which diaper it is may be interesting, but he'll be fine. The kid's also got their flu shots. The both cried a bit, but overall, they were troopers. Now, bringing them to the doctor in a month for their well check-up may be interesting. Reese is smart... will she put up a fight?

Here are a few pictures from the week.

Erin and Ellison came over to play. It was fun as always!
When these two are quiet, we know they are into something. I guessed it before going in there. My purse! It's ALWAYS my purse.
Mmmm... chocolate cool whip! (Makes for a great moustache)
Finger painting gone wrong.
Chase so happy to be wearing Ellison's shoes!

Sunday, October 11, 2009

This and That

I feel like the blog world has been slow lately. Maybe it's the cloudy days bringing everyone down, or the fact that it's getting dark so early, or maybe because it's so darn cold. Boo. I enjoy the smell that fall brings, and the changing colors, but fall just isn't as exciting as spring is to me, when everything is blooming...

I have been answering the "what is your favorite color?" question (asked 25 times a day by Reese) with the color Yellow. It has always been pink, but I switched to yellow, because yellow is like sunshine and sunshine makes me happy. Reese says that pink is her happy color. Ahhh... yellow and pink... our wedding colors. How nice is that.

So, hopefully there are some fun pictures here to brighten everyone up-- if you are having the fall blues like me!

Chase has been such a good boy lately. The screaming has gone down, he is smiling more, and is overall just more happy. He loves to play with Reese, loves to throw his stinky diapers down the stairs, and has learned some new words (flower, witch, socks, nose...). He take a few minutes to warm up to people, but then he will go by anyone and give you a snuggle or a High 5! Here he is experiencing his first taste of ranch dressing. He climbed up on the kitchen chair (which he loves to do), and started eating Reese's veggies, dipping them in the ranch. I think they got dipped and licked 3 times before he took a bite, but he loved it. Here he is standing on a chair, dipping a fry in ranch and making a mess on his face. Hey, he was happy.
Chase had a fun time riding in the car. Look at that smile.
Friday we had the first official Ninnie and Yaya Party. There we so many adorable bows, hats, headbands and more. It turned out to be a success. Thanks to everyone for coming!

Here's CarolAnn modeling one of the hats. What a cutie pie! I can't believe it was 9 months before I met her.
Here is Reese's model face. Ha. Pucker up for the camera? Really? She's modeling a hat and some leg warmers!
(Don't mind the mess. There were only 10 kids 3 and under running around the house)
Stripes and flowers are in this season, didn't you know? This is what Reese picks when she gets her own jammies.
Jackson didn't seem to mind being a model too. Too bad boys don't wear tutus.
He made it look cute.
Jackson and CarolAnn bonding.
A beret and tutu on Reese. Of course the girlie girl LOVED all the items.
Last week was a fun one at the Staniak house. Avery and Reese decided to use the butterfly catching nets from Elefun for hats. They thought they were hilarious!
Chase standing on the chair... again!
Reese getting ready for bed in her nightgown and flip flops. She is such a fashionista. :)
Reese and Ryan went to see Toy Story 3D yesterday. I guess she did a good job. She didn't leave the glasses on the entire movie, but she did sit mostly still! How cute- a Daddy, Daughter date!
Have a good week!