Monday, November 30, 2009

Deck the Halls

Ryan and I only worked on Monday last week. We were quite busy with many celebrations, but we managed to get the tree up! The kids had a fun time helping (especially Reese). All of the non-fragile ornaments are on the bottom and Reese has already decided that hiding them inside the tree is fun. We are trying to tell them to look and not touch, but it's so exciting for them to see it up. We aren't totally done decorating but we have a great start!

Sunday, November 29, 2009

Many More Thanks.

We celebrated Thanksgiving on Friday at my Dad and Janet's. We had delicious food and the fun never stopped. We played Nertz, the kids really did it up with Karaoke... Reese and Avery especially loved it. The were so many fun toys to play with and tents. So much fun.

Thursday we spent Thanksgiving with Ryan's Mom and John. We had so much food and it was super yummy. We got to cheer on the Packers and the kids loved the special kid's chairs. It's always nice spending time in Milwaukee since we are not there often enough.
Wednesday we celebrated Thanksgiving with Ryan's Dad. We ate Buffalo Wild Wings which I never get to have but LOVE! It was super hot and a great meal. We did a lot of playing and hanging out. The kids didn't sleep as great as anyone would have hoped, but they survived.
Happy Thanksgiving to all of our family. Life wouldn't be so great without you guys!

Friday, November 27, 2009

Just the Girls.

Reese and I went to a bridal shower and thought we should take a couple pictures before we took off. We got all dressed up and Reese was so pumped. She's my little sidekick. She loves to hang out with Daddy, but loves to help me with anything and everything. She's so sweet. Let's hope she loves me like this forever! ;)

She kept giving me the longest kisses. She thought it was so special.

Thursday, November 26, 2009

Happy Thanksgiving!

With some much to be thankful for and with a large family that means the world to us, we will start with a some pictures of Thanksgiving #1. We had a delicious meal last Saturday with my mom's family. It was a great time.
Here is the hostest with the mostest!
Eric, Noah, Reese, and Zack.
Grandma, Aunt Nancy, and Mom.
Carissa and Happy Nate.
Mark, Sabrina, and Happy Avery!
Jackson enjoying his first Thanksgiving meal!
(Well, kind of!) The guys prepping the turkey.
Jen made these cute seat markers.
Yum! Happy Thanksgiving!

Thursday, November 19, 2009

Doctor updates at 15 months and 3 years.

Let's start off with Reese. She no longer gets a chart because she is 3 and the site I use doesn't go past two, so here are her stats.
  • Height 39.5 Inches - 90th percentile
  • Weight 36 lbs 14 ozs - 90th percentile

The doctor said she is doing great. She is hitting all the milestones he asked about... sleeping through the night (I can't imagine if she wasn't!), using the potty, speaking in 3-4 word sentences... Her check-up was quick. She got one shot and doesn't have to go back for a year.

Reese and Chase checking out some ducks. As Chase gets older, they play more and more together. Sometimes she get so involved in entertaining each other, that they are cracking up like crazy. It's pretty funny, but gets loud!

Chase did a good job at the doctor too. He got one shot and only cried for a second. He is also hitting his milestones. The doctor told us that he can switch to 2% milk, which is great because we don't have to buy 2 kinds anymore (and he wasn't a huge can of whole milk anyway!). He said he should be drinking 24 ozs a day. I don't think he comes close, but milk and cheese and yogurt count, so he should be ok with his vitamin intake.

Chase's stats:

  • Height 32 inches - 75th percentile
  • Weight 25lbs 8 ozs - 60th percentile

(At this age, Reese was 34.75 inches and 25lbs 4 ozs. She is going to be a tall one!)


Sunday, November 15, 2009

Reese's Royal Princess/Prince Party

Yesterday was Reese's 3rd Birthday Party, and I think it was a hit! We had Prince and Princess makeovers with make-up, stickers, tattoos, hairspray, crowns, tiaras, wands... the works! Sabrina, Jen, Carissa, and Eileen were our designers, and I did a little work too. Reese was so lucky to have her family and friends around to celebrate. She was so thrilled by all of her gifts. THANK YOU to everyone for all your help, gifts, and love. You helped make Reese feel so special!

Auntie Jen created this "Royal Court" sign.

Princess Reese
Princess Lila
Princess Madisyn
Princess Abigail
Prince Noah
Princess Avery
Princess Aubry
Princess Ava
Prince James
Prince Chase
Prince Jackson
Prince Nate
Reese getting help from Madisyn, Ava, and Avery while opening her gifts.
I think it is too hard to tell her favorite gifts just yet! They are all getting a ton of action.
The cake! Created and designed by Ryan and Brian. (And baked by Auntie Jen)
Blow! Her wish, "I want to go to Disney World." (I may have prompted that!)
The Royal Court.
" My big sister is getting cool stuff. I can't wait to play with it!"
Madisyn and Reese just chillin' on her Birthday's Eve.
Ace of cakes. Auntie Leeney fixing up Reese.

Saturday, November 14, 2009


Our little girl isn't going to be so little for long. She is THREE! I can hardly believe it. What a special girl and a special day. Happy Birthday, Reese.
Stay tuned for all her Birthday fun!

Thursday, November 12, 2009

9 Years Ago...

That's right people, nine years ago, Ryan and I first became a couple. Our friendship started a year before that, so we have now known each other for a third of our lives! I could go on and on about all the wonderful things that we have accomplished, all the fun we have had, all the experiences we have been through, all the times he has made me laugh, and how happy I am having him as my husband, but I won't bore you! :)
So, Happy 9 year "dating" anniversary to us!

Friday, November 06, 2009

Almost 3 & 15 Months

A little update from the Staniak house.

Reese is a week and a day away from being 3, but I swear she is much older. She is too smart for her own good. She asks questions non-stop, loves to color, play dress up, pick out her clothes, change her clothes, help Mommy with her make-up... She is a bundle of love. She also has the crazies. She repeats everything we say and in the same tone, so we have to constantly watch how we respond to her because she will not hesitate to tell you, "I don't like your attitude" or "No, no, no!" She thinks she knows it all when she is in a sassy mood. I think the three's are going to be very interesting.
These moments are challenging, but all that is made up for with her kind and loving spirit. She can make anyone smile.

Mr. Chase Buddy is 15 months old now. He is still a super sleeper. He takes two 1.5 hour naps a day or one 3 hour nap. He sleeps from 7:15pm until almost 7am. He eats like a champ. Like his sister, he loves to give hugs and kisses and sit with people. He has now mastered the word "please," so if you have food in your hand, he will beg like a puppy and say "peeassee" about 100 times. The screams still come out when he doesn't get what he wants and will cover his ears. He also will throw himself on the ground in full our temper tantrum position whenever he doesn't get what he wants. Time out is starting up. He knows what it is too.. you tell him to go, and he marches right over and gives a pathetic fake cry. He loves to dance and run.
Chase is so full of energy and loves to be with his family. He loves to play with his sister and cousins.

Chase keeps making this ridiculous face. He kind of lets out this snorty kind of laugh with it. Ryan and I both thought it reminded us of a picture of Reese, though I think she was about 9 months when she liked to make this lovely face.
Reese at 9 months. She didn't have enough teeth to make it exactly the same, but it's the same scrunched up nose.

I just went over to the Connelly blog and was looking up Noah at 15 months, and check out this picture I found! Ha. Must be the age!