Thursday, February 25, 2010

Monster Cookies

So my friend Heather started a new blog Yummy in my Tummy. She made some Monster Cookies and brought some to work. They were tasty, so I thought I would give it a shot for something to do with the kids. They got a kick out of the fact they had "Monster" in the name, so we went for it. I was short an egg, so used a container applesauce, a little short on vanilla and brown sugar, but we pulled it off. They are quite tasty and the kids had fun stirring and watching them cook.

Not so bad, right?
Nate was here too, but he just watched from a distance! :)

Sunday, February 21, 2010

Birthdays, Bored, and Ballerinas

HAPPY 60th BIRTHDAY POPS! Ryan's Dad celebrates a big Birthday today. We drove up to Milwaukee yesterday to meet him for dinner with Jason. We even got to see Ryan's mom and John. It was a short trip but great! Hope you had a great Birthday, Grandpops! Can't wait to celebrate with you in a couple weeks.

The next Happy Birthday goes to my college roommate, and great friend, Bree! She turned 30 today. Sadly, we didn't make her big surprise party this weekend, but we hope to see her soon to celebrate, and finally meet her cute daughter!
The last Happy Birthday goes out to Nate. He turns the BIG ONE tomorrow. Nate is such a wonderful nephew and a joy to be around. We love him to pieces.

The kids seem to be very excited to be home, and a bit bored at times (Disney kept them busy the entire time they were awake). They love the IPODs, and Chase loves keys.

Reese had her first ballet class on Thursday. She just LOVED it. I sat in the hallway with a bunch of mom's. We all peeked into the room and just laughed. While a lot of girls were just running in circles around the room, Reese was really trying out the moves. It was beyond precious. I think this is going to be her thing for a while! (Next we will have to try our a soccer class!:)
I took this picture with my phone while she was getting started. She was so happy.
Here she is before we left. She was showing off her moves.
She wanted me to take a picture of the back of her leotard because it has a little bow on top.

Disney - Part D

Friday we planned on heading to Epcot, which we did, but with the 50 degree weather and the non-stop rain, we stayed for maybe an hour and then took off. It was nice to get back, take a good nap, and then head out for dinner at Downtown Disney at the new T-Rex Cafe. It was a great atmosphere and made even more special because we celebrated Noah's birthday. There couldn't be a more special place for that! Noah really loves dinosaurs.

Birthday ice cream for Noah. Silly Chase and Daddy.
Avery, Sabrina, and Noah.
I took like 8 pictures, but Avery just didn't want to keep her eyes open in any!
Me and Reese.
Noah and his yummy dinosaur chicken nuggets.
Reese and Chase really wanted to snuggle in the bed together, but Chase slept in a pack and play. I think he would have fallen out of the bed. We have to make that change at home first. There was a Disney channel that played old Mickey cartoons. One night, Chase was laying in the bed just cracking up at the tv. It was just too cute and funny. I wish I had it on video!
On Friday evening, my mom and Grandma joined us in Florida. On Saturday morning we headed to Hollywood Studios. They have a new Toy Story ride that was a hit and we saw a cute show that has all the Disney morning cartoons featured. It was quite cute. We had a nice dinner at Mama Melrose's Italian restaurant. The food was good, but our service was quite poor. I don't think we will be going back there.

Chase and I going to see Muppets 3-D.
Daddy and Reese modeling their shades.
We spent a little time in the "Honey I Shrunk the Kids" play area. It was so crowded though, so we didn't make it too long.
Sunday, we got a special treat. My good friend Jordan lives in West Palm Beach, Florida, and we were lucky enough to spend some of the day with her, Lee (her husband), and Braxton (her 9 month old son). It was so great getting to spend time with them. We went on a cruise with them a few years ago, and had so much fun. Anytime we are together, it is just a blast.
In the morning we hung out in the arcade at the hotel. Chase loved sitting on and of the car rides.

We headed to Downtown Disney where we met our friends and then headed to the Boardwalk. We had lunch at ESPN Zone and enjoyed the 60 degree weather outside.
Jordan, Braxton, and me.
Braxton, Jordan, and Reese.
Reese LOVED playing with Jordan and Lee!
We then headed to Epcot for our dinner at the Coral Reef. It was fun to watch the fish while we ate. Reese slept through this entire meal. She was tired!

Grandma, my Mom, and Reese on the Nemo ride.
Grandma, Mom, Avery, and Sabrina at the Coral Reef.
Monday we spent our last full day at the Magic Kingdom. Both kids took quite a nap at the park, and Ryan and I walked them around for a while. We had dinner at the Crystal Palace, which always seems to be a hit.

Reese, Daddy, Tigger, Chase, and Mommy.
Grandma, Reese, Mommy, Pooh, Daddy, and Chase.
Reese, Daddy, and Piglet
Mommy and Reese on the People Mover.
Grandma and Great Grandma with the Grandkids.
Chase getting ready to head back.
We ended the night with a Mickey Ice Cream Bar. I told Ryan that they trip wasn't complete without it, so we got one at our hotel before bed! :) We all shared ONE. It was yummy and the kids enjoyed it, as I knew they would.

We got up at 4:45am to go home on Tuesday. We were supposed to get on out 8:15 flight, but the airlines really messed us up and by the time they figured out the issue, we missed our flight. We were less than thrilled. We could have headed out of the airport (my dad and Janet would have picked us up), but we thought we would try to get on the 1:00 or 3:00 flight. We had no luck and was on the 4:54pm flight home. It was a super long day at the airport, but we finally made it home. Chase and I had a window seat by two strangers. He was less than thrilled on the plane and put up quite a fight. Luckily, Auntie Sabrina took him after a while and the change of scenery seemed to help. Then, Ryan took him and after his shoes were off, he finally fell asleep. Overall, it was a great trip. The hardest part for me was Chase on the plane. I don't think I will be ready to fly with them again until the baby in my belly is 3!
Spending some time at the airport!

4:45 am bus to the airport.

Thursday, February 18, 2010

Disney- Part C

Man, I have a lot of pictures. February 11th is my dad's birthday, so we started the day off with breakfast at Chef Mickey's! The kids got out their autograph books and were very excited to see the characters they are so familiar with- Mickey, Minnie, Pluto, Goofy, and Donald.

Chase was scared of most characters, but not Minnie! He even gave her a hug.
Avery liked the characters the most from a distance, but she did approach them with her book so it could be signed.
The kiddies getting ready for breakfast.
Noah and his buddy, Pluto!
Wave your napkins and celebrate!
We then headed next door to the Magic Kingdom! This has to be the best park for the kids at this age. There are so many short and cute rides for them. We first headed to Fantasy Land, which is the best. We got through the rides pretty quick.
Here is Chase on "It's a Small World." He just laid down and enjoyed himself with Papa's Ipod. That Ipod saved us from quite a few screaming moments!
Noah and Reese on Small World.
Reese and Daddy on Pooh! Look how excited Reese is.
Chase hanging out waiting for some people to come off a ride.
Reese went on a kiddie roller coaster with Ryan, Mark and Noah. She is in the second row with Ryan, but you can't see her. She came off and loved it!
We then took Reese for her special treat of turning into a princess at Bibbidi Bobbidi Boutique. They have three levels of packages- hair, hair and make-up and nails, or hair and make-up and nails and the full outfit (approx $250). We went with the hair, nails, and make-up package. They gave you three styles to chose from- princess with a super tight bun, fairytale princess (what we picked) and pop star princess (colorful and spiky). You wouldn't believe all the people in there dropping money like crazy! :) Anyway, Reese was very quiet as she sat there, but was very excited afterwards. She looked like a little princess and way older than she is.

The castle.
Raise the roof! Reese watching the parade.
Avery and Sabrina enjoying the parade.
We headed for dinner at Cinderella's Castle. I don't remember ever eating there, but since it was a special day, we decided to try it out. It was a great experience. You got a picture with Cinderella included with your meal, the room was small and not overcrowded, the food was good, and all the princesses came out and came to each table. Overall, it was great!

The birthday boy with Reese and Snow White.
Reese, Daddy, and Sleeping Beauty. (Reese wanted a picture with all the princesses, but someone had to be in the picture with her!)
The ride home- Mark, Avery and Reese.