Sunday, March 28, 2010

30th Celebration

This weekend was one of the most fun times that I can remember having in a long time. It's not that every weekend isn't fun, but it was filled with family, friends, and great memories. There were surprises, laughs, dancing, eating, drinking... the list goes on and on. Here is a bit of why it was so fantastic.

On Ryan and Noah's actual birthday, we decided we should do something, so we went bowling! We played one game and that was more than enough, but it was enough entertainment and fun for the kids to make it a good outing.

Reese going to give her Daddy a high five! "Daddy, you got a Turkey!" Chase wasn't much of a bowler, but he enjoyed some water and crackers and running around the bowling alley.
The big event of the weekend was the party for Ryan. I wasn't sure how the night was going to turn out. Ryan knew that we were having a Birthday celebration, but didn't know the details. He called me out on many things over the past week, so I knew I would be lucky if I could surprise him with the party bus limo we got. Well, we did it! He was surprised. He had an idea, but we threw him off and I think we was genuinely surprised and thrilled with the very cool bus. The company was great, the food was tasty, the drinks were flowing... it was great. (I loved how nervous Dave was with me when we saw the bus outside and were trying to get Ryan out there without spoiling it!)

We had to have a little Bar Dice for Ryan's party. Uh Oh... Marky Mark got stuck with a shot.
Ryan was lucky enough to get his very own Snuggie from Jodi and Tony!
SURPRISE! We just got on the bus! Look at that excitement!
Kristine and Beth enjoying the ride.
Amie and Eileen.

The "Foley" girls.Ryan showing off his moves.
Ron, Beth, and Rob.
Ryan, Sabrina, and Drew.
I made a cd of songs that I knew Ryan liked for the bus! As you can see, he wasn't the only one enjoying the tunes. (To order your official Ryan Birthday CD, comment on this post! :)

A more tame shot of the girls.
Me and the Birthday Boy! Thanks to Jodi for bringing the Jell-O shots. They were a hit!
Jen likes them!
Brian, Rob, Drew, and Jonathan.
Here is our celebrity bus! This thing was awesome! We made a quick stop in Naperville and St. Charles. We were trying to get the most out of the bus since we thought it was so cool. At our stop in St. Charles, my friend Jodi got pushed down by a GUY! It was crazy! He got got kicked out and it didn't turn into a big deal, but it was nuts! (Sure kept the night entertaining!)

The clan! I can honestly say that this group was SO MUCH FUN!
The night ended with some oreo ball eating. Carissa, Jonathan, Jen, and Eileen all tried to put 5 oreo balls in their mouths and eat them for $20. Let me just say that not one of them did it. There was a lot of oreo balls spit out! (They were trying to compete with Ryan eating 4 of them for $20 a year ago). It was pretty gross but lots of entertainment for the rest of us.
Being the sober one was interesting, but I had fun! I got to watch everyone act silly and just sit back and take it in. I am not going to say I wouldn't have enjoyed a drink or two, but I can wait... just 17 weeks until this little one is due! Anyway, thank you so much to my siblings and friends that helped me out with this party. It turned out to be greater than I thought and I could tell Ryan really enjoyed it! Thank you!

Friday, March 26, 2010

Thirty Years Old!

Can you believe this Cutie Patootie is 30 years old today?? Look at those locks! What a little stud.... and we wonder where Reese gets her style and Chase got his smile? Look at this guy!

All kidding aside, HAPPY BIRTHDAY to RYAN!!
If you know Ryan, you are one lucky person.
He can make you laugh, smile, cheer you up,
help you out, give great advice, give great hugs,
... the list goes on and on.
Ryan makes our life so special by being a fantastic Dad
and the most amazing Husband I could ever ask for.

Happy 30th!!

We love you to pieces!
Jenny, Reese, Chase, and Babe.

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Their Little Loves (at the moment)

Chase has been ALL about the potty lately. Seriously, all he wants to do is sit on it. He can get pee out and is so thrilled. I know that he is probably too young to potty train, but I feel like I can't slow down when he is all interested in it. So, if I can, I let him sit on the potty for as long as he likes. He gets down and wants to get right back up. Here is a video of Reese reading him her favorite potty book from when she was potty training.


Reese had her last ballet class of session 1 (she starts up again in a couple weeks). We got to sit in and watch the kids show off their moves. This video makes me laugh... they stopped dancing and the teacher asked what a move was called. Reese shouted it out and was so surprised at herself.


Reese has galloping down. Here she is showing off her moves. She next has to figure out skipping... :)

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Happy St. Patrick's Day

Happy St. Patrick's Day from our little Chase Patrick and Reese. They are maybe 13% Irish, so they can celebrate with the best of them! We are hoping to do some green projects today and make some green cookies. No nasty corn beef here! :)

Reese is still loving the ballet class. Tomorrow is the last one of the session so we signed up for another 5 weeks.
Chase loves to find Daddy's hair stuff. He put some in on his own, so we gave him the messy look. He thought he was cool.
The kids can't wait for the warm weather. We have gotten some, but the ground has to dry up in order to take 5 little ones outside... or we would really have a major disaster. I don't have the motivation for that!
So Chase has a bit of terrible diaper rash and isn't too happy about it. All he wants to do is be naked and sit on the toilet (for hours!). He loves it. It's kind of hilarious. Reese will sit there and read him the Potty book that we read her one million times when she was potty training. He has actually gotten some pee and poop out a few times. Here he is sitting on the "Belle seat" as he calls it (since it's princess). He doesn't want to get down but was so thrilled he earned an M&M.
Little Miss Reese. All smiles.

Sunday, March 07, 2010

30/60 Birthday Bash.

We headed up to Milwaukee this weekend to celebrate Pop's 60th Birthday and Ryan's 30th. They both have "big" birthday's this year about a month apart, so we gathered the family and some friends and had a nice party. There was some Wii dancing and other games, lots of food and drinks and great company!

The Birthday Boys
Grandma Jill and Reese showing off their moves.
(Chase wondering where they learned such awesome moves.)
Reese and her second cousin, Brandon.
Ryan and his fun Birthday gear from his mom.
Reese loving the candles.
Happy Birthday
Showing off some Staniak Dance moves.

Friday, March 05, 2010

Chase at 18 (or 19) Months & Silly Stories

Yes, this picture is silly, but is sums up Chase these days. He is a ball of non-stop energy. He is very silly and VERY stubborn.
-Ryan made the move and took away Chase's pacifier on Thursday, February 25th (About 19 months old). He sometimes cries a little bit before going to sleep, but mainly that transition went pretty smoothly.
-I was watching the five kids the other day and Chase work up after just a short nap. I let him cry for a while, hoping he would go back to sleep. Sometimes he poops when he wakes up so I thought that is what I would walk into. No poop, but I did walk in to Chase's room to find his pants and diaper on the floor and his booty hanging out! It hasn't happened since, but I know now to proceed with caution. If there had been poop in that diaper, I think I would have been pretty grossed out!
-Chase went for his 18 month appointment (a little late, he is now 19 months). Anyway, he is 28 pounds (75%ile) and 33 3/4 inches tall (80%ile). It looks like he is going to also be tall like his sister and his parents. He got two shots and barely cried at all. I asked the doctor about the fact that he is always hungry. He said, "he just did 75 squats while in this office, just imagine how many calories he is burning!" It's totally true, that kid NEVER stops going. No wonder he eats and sleeps so well. Other than that, the appointment went well.
-The doctor did ask about his word count, and when we started thinking about it, we were impressed with how many words he finally has. (It really seems like it took forever for him to start talking, but now he never stops!) He is starting to put two or three words together, "Chase jump", "Nate poopies", "Reese ouchie." Sometimes he will start talking about of gibberish and go on for five minutes straight. Between Chase talking and Reese talking, there is never a quiet moment.
-Chase is getting better at singing the A,B,Cs. I think he will have them down in no time!

Chase's Height.

Chase's Weight

Little Miss Thing

There is always something to share about Reese!
-So, Reese is enjoying dance class still, which is good. She had her third class this past Thursday and for the first time I didn't sit and wait the 40 minutes. I ran to the Jewel (to take advantage of some great deals)! Anyway, that is not the point of my story. I got back with 5 minutes left, peeked in at Reese and talked to some of the other mom's. The class ended and the teacher called all the parents in. Since this never happens, I was kind of concerned for a moment. She told us how this is her worst class, that kids don't listen, that kids are running around, learning nothing and pushing other kids. There was a mom that spoke up and said that they are just 3, but even so, if my kid was acting so rude to this teacher, Reese was going to get it! I waited until a few people cleared out and asked her quickly if Reese was being bad. She said that she was actually one of the three girls that actually try to learn and behave. Thank goodness! I was so proud, relieved, and happy that Reese was being a good little girl. I know she can get a little silly and naughty sometimes, but to know that she was good for the teacher... such a good feeling.

-One more Reese story to share.... Reese and I were looking through Ryan's baby book and I came across a picture of Ryan's Grandma and baby Ryan. I told Reese it was her Great Grandma Eileen and Daddy. She looked at me funny and said that it wasn't her Great Grandma. I had to explain that it wasn't the Great Grandma she knows now (my Grandma), but this is the Grandma where she got her middle name, Eileen. I told her that she had died and was in heaven. She thought for awhile and then said, "Like the lady in the box? Like the lady in the box that we said the Our Father to?" We had gone to a wake a few months ago for my Great Aunt and she had asked at the time about why the lady was in the box... Anyway, it was quite crazy that she related going to heaven and death with the box. She asked me if Great Grandma Eileen was also in a box. I explained the best and simplest way that I could. (One of the first of a million challenging questions we will answer in our journey as parents.)

I wanted to throw in a couple of pictures from Nate's first birthday party. Sabrina and Mark threw a family party for Nate. He had a fun time, as did all the kids (grown-ups too).

Here's Nate and his smash cake. It took him a little to get into it, but he seemed to really enjoy the frosting. I have to include an up close shot of the smash cake made by Ryan. He's got some skills.
(FYI- I am sure he is going to be rolling his eyes while reading this!)

One more thing... I am 20 weeks today... half way to meeting this baby! Woo hoo!

Wednesday, March 03, 2010

It's about time...

It's about time this baby growing in my belly starts to get some attention. Ryan and I both agreed this week that we don't give this baby enough thought. Life if busy, Reese and Chase are really busy and it just doesn't always give us enough time to focus on the one that we can't really "see" yet. My belly is starting to grow and show that there is someone in there, so that helps, but once the baby is born, we know that it will be loved like it's siblings.

Yesterday was a pregnancy milestone. We went in for the "big" ultrasound. The one where you can find out what you are having. This was Ryan's first time with me this go around, and we decided we would take Reese to this appointment too. She has see our other ultrasound pictures and I tried to explain that we would see these odd black and white pictures, but it would be the new baby. She was excited to come along.

We went into the appointment thinking that we were 18 weeks and 1 day pregnant (with a due date of August 2nd). This date was decided at the first ultrasound. Based on the date of my last period, I would be due July 25th, but my cycles were irregular, so they decided to go off the ultrasound. A second ultrasound confirmed the August 2nd date, so we were just going with it.

Well, we went in and saw Dr.Binnett (the doctor that delivered Chase). He was nice as usual. He started the ultrasound and said that everything was looking great. I told him I was 18 weeks and 1 day along and he started doing some measurements. He measured the femur which put the baby at 19 weeks 4 days. He double checked and got 19 weeks 5 days. Then he measured the head, which he stated "does not seem like the head of an 18 week old." It measured 19 weeks 6 days. The July 25th due date put me at 19 weeks 2 days, so he said to stick with that date. No surprise, the Staniak's are growing another "healthy" sized baby! The baby was moving around a bit and the conclusion was that everything looked good. We are now due July 25th!

Reese was cute. She wasn't that into it, but she was concerned with the wand that the doctor was moving around on my belly. She asked if she could touch my belly and sat with her hand on my side the entire time. I think she was protecting me.

The doctor did say he knew what we were having. We said we didn't want to know. I was tempted, but once I was in the room, I knew that I wanted to wait until delivery day to find out! I don't think Ryan was even tempted. (That of he saw something!)

Other than that, I have gained 14 pounds (ugh- but on track to stay in the recommended 25-35 pound range- I gained almost 40 with the other two). My blood tests all came back normal, so that was a relief. The doctor didn't have much else to say other than to come back in four week for a brief heartbeat check.

Here is our little babe. The head is on the right and you can see the body and spine on the left.Here is and alien head shot (the baby wasn't giving us a nice profile picture).
The circle is the skull, and the two black spots looking up to the left are the eyes. Other pregnancy highlights:

  • I still get up once at night to go to the bathroom. Other than that, I sleep great.
  • I can eat anything and haven't had any cravings. I gave up ice cream for lent, so that's good... otherwise I may be eating it every day.
  • I have had a couple of dreams that the baby was a girl, but I think it's a boy.
  • I have been exercising every day still. (I made it a goal to get in 30 minutes of something every day- It makes me feel better). I usually do light weights 3 days a week and do some sort of cardio 4 days. I do a lot of walking at an incline and can still throw some slow jogging in there.
  • I am kind of pumped that I gained 8 days. I love the pregnancy experience, there is nothing in the world like it, but I am a little closer to meeting this baby. I can't even believe that with my new due date of July 25th, I will be HALF WAY on Sunday!
  • It's kind of sad that this will be the last time, so I am going to try and enjoy it more!
  • About 2 weeks ago (around 16/17 weeks, I started feeling flutters, which is SO exciting). I don't feel the baby all the time yet, but are looking forward to it so Ryan can feel the baby too and then even Reese and Chase. It just makes things more real.
  • I started wearing mostly maternity clothes this week. I really don't like maternity clothes (and trust me, we have a lot, this being the 7th pregnancy using them), but i think I have to make the switch for good. I only have 2 pairs of regular pants I can still get in and it's just starting to look foolish.
  • I am almost looking pregnant and not just fat.

That's about it for now.

19 WEEK belly picture. (I didn't want to scare you throughout this pregnancy with my nasty belly button!)