Friday, April 30, 2010

27 Weeks

I went to the doctor on Monday and the appointment went well. The baby was moving when Dr. Szwedo listened to the heart beat. She said the heart rate was around 160 bpm, but I am pretty sure she just guessed. She measured my belly and I was measuring 27cms and 27 weeks... right on track. My blood pressure was good and I gained 3 pounds in the last 4 weeks, up a total of 23 pounds. (Awesome). I also had to do the gestational diabetes test. I had to drink the nasty orange drink. I swear it was twice the size from my last two pregnancies and it was way more disgusting and hard to get down. It kind of tasted like an orange pucker... thick and just super full of sugar. I did get it down, and got my blood taken an hour later. (I still have a nasty bruise to prove it.) Well, I haven't heard back from the doctor so no news is good news. I go back in three weeks and then every two weeks after that until I get closer and go every week! Less than three months to go!

I am feeling pretty good. My belly button hurts sometimes (you know, the ugly herniated belly button that I have). My back has been feeling better since the extreme soreness I had last week. I am feeling very big already and yet I know it's got a long way to go. I still get in my 6 days of exercise but I have cut out all jogging. It started to give me some pains in my belly so I said that it was time to call it quits. Weights, the bike, walking, and the elliptical work for now.

This baby is very quiet during the day, unlike the other two were, but at night this baby goes to town. I think it can't keep up with my busy days, so when I finally lay down for the evening it does lots of karate chops. I will wake up at night and the baby will just be doing a crazy jig.

Now, we just have to pick some names!

This is what the baby and my belly are looking like these days...
though my belly and baby may be a bit bigger!
Funny... I asked Ryan to take my belly picture today and Chase ran over to my spot and asked for his picture to be taken! They are just too much!

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Getting Out & Daisy

I really love the spring time. I love going outside, I love enjoying the nice weather and getting out for walks. Yesterday was not the warmest of days, but it was ok. So, we headed to the park and enjoyed some fresh air. (Hey, it helps them sleep good too!)

You can't see the this ladder thing that Reese climbed over and over.
It makes me so nervous, but she does it like a pro!
Chase just went up and down the stairs and held on to his cracker container.
He wasn't eating them, but just liked to carry it along.
Chase kept "driving."
Reese wanted to go SO high on the swings like the other girls at the park. She did the big girl swing and then joined Chase on the baby swings.

Here's Grandma Kathy's new puppy! She is so cute. Reese loved playing tug with her. Her name was a challenge to pick out, but I think it's finally decided - Daisy. I like it... because Daisies make me happy! :)
Chase liked the puppy, but really liked the cage. He so badly just wanted Daisy to go in there. I think he opened and closed the cage 100 times.

Saturday, April 24, 2010

Take Five.

Reese got to go to gymnastics class during the day on Thursday. I traded Reese for Caitlin so that my friend and neighbor Beth could bring Reese with Abilgail to open gymnastics. She just loves it... says she would pick it over ballet. Anyway, Caitlin was over and she was as happy as can be (and her mom says she is fussy! :). Chase just LOVED her. He may have kissed her 100 times and wanted to hold her hand, give her books, toys... just be right by her. He is going to be a great big brother in just three months!
I got brave on Wednesday and brought out the kiddies and the bounce house. They love playing in there. Chase is usually the biggest fan of the bounce house, but he wanted Abigail to come out and play. She wasn't home, but he stood at their door the entire time and watched the dog inside and kept calling for Abigail. It was cute.
These three "big kids" will be in preschool in the fall... four days a week! We got the acceptance letter this week and they are definitely excited. They are going to rule the school and since Noah is going to be finishing up his first year pretty soon, he is going to lead the way.
The love to play and love to bother each other. They will be great friends forever.
I tried to catch a good picture of the kids before heading out. After our fifth or so take, I just accepted that there wasn't going to be a super great picture, but these three are funny enough!
Love Chase's eyes. Ha.
Love the Noah and Avery trying to help Nate look at the camera
(or are they trying to pull his head off?).
The big four are all looking, but poor Nate was checking out his feet. (which is the reason they were holding his head up in the previous picture.)
Have a good weekend!
In other news, Chase is staying in his bed ALL the time. We put him in and he really thinks he can't get out. Even when he wakes up, he just calls for us to get him. It's been very successful at this point. I know at some point he will get out again, but for now it's really working. Chase also still likes to talk about the potty. I put him on a couple times a day and he still gets pee out, but the poop has been in his diaper. I dread starting the potty training in the summer, but at the same time I am quite excited. I feel like it will be a rough few days but he loves to be a "big boy" so I almost think there is a chance of a good solid week of training being very successful.
Reese has been a good girl. She has been helpful and a better listener. She is still taking dance and enjoys it, but loves the action of gymnastics. She can write her name which is good and is learning new letters all the time. She does have a tendency to write some letters backwards, but she is just learning, so she will get better. She loves to sing and dance and has a major obsession with dresses and skirts.
As of today, I have three months to go. I am starting my 7th month. I have 13 weeks to go. It seems so close and yet so far away! I am feeling good, big, and anxious. The baby is moving more all the time, which is my favorite part of pregnancy. I have been having some pain in my lower back, not sure if I did something or it's just a symptom or both. Anyway, things are looking good, and we are getting closer to meeting the newest member of our family.

Tuesday, April 20, 2010


Last week Sabrina came to pick up the kids, packed them up, and then... got no where. Her car died in the driveway and it was blocking my car. There was no option except to wait for the tow truck. We hung out as we waited for Mark to come help push the car out of the driveway, and then wait for the tow truck. You would have thought it was Christmas morning. These kids were beyond excited to see the tow truck and watch it take the truck away. It was so hilarious. They were jumping and screaming and just so pumped.

While we waited, we decide to order some Chinese food. It seemed to take forever, but it finally arrived and the man said they threw in this bonus egg roll. Here Mark is attempting to take a bite. Look at that thing. It's ginormous.
Sabrina tried to give you a little comparison with her hand...
...and here it is next to a normal egg roll!
Needless to say, no one ate thing. It was more just hilarious to see.

Oh, yes, and Sabrina's car is back in action!

Friday, April 16, 2010

100 Days!

That's right people... only 100 more days to go! It seems like SO many, but yet, It's just a little over 3 months. Here I am, 25 weeks and doing great. I feel pretty darn good (most of the time) and am feeling the baby more and more every day. Reese currently says she wants it to be a boy and that we should name him Baby Tarzan, which would be very interesting (it's really sticking with her). Ha. My friend Erin let me borrow her doppler, so we have been enjoying listening to the baby's heartbeat. Reese loves to listen to it. I have been keeping up with my exercise and trying to drink more water. I have been waking up in the middle of the night, wide awake. I feel like it's too early for my body to be getting ready for the night time feedings, but what do I know. I just go to the bathroom and eventually fall back to sleep. I have been feeling very full after meals which has been no fun, so I am trying to fix that. (Maybe stop eating so much?) Overall this pregnancy is going good. I shouldn't complain.

So, 100 days. Anyone want to take a 100 day challenge? Anything you want to do, accomplish, give up for 100 days!? I will be getting bigger and bigger in the next 100 days and will try to be as healthy as I can be. What can you do for 100 days? :)

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Spring Time and Easter.

I love the Cosley Zoo. It's small, free, and just a good and quick outing for the kids. So, this weekend we headed to take a quick trip. The kids had fun and we got to get out of the house.

Reese enjoying the fresh air.
Checking out some birds.
Reese taking off her coat to run around.
Chase wanted to get in there with the cows.
After naps, we headed to my Dad and Janet's to celebrate Easter. They had a fantastic egg hunt for the kids. The highlight was all the eggs filled with money and the piggy banks. The kids had so much fun putting money in the pig! Thanks for a great time.
Reese checking out all her eggs.
Some outdoor eggs and then indoor ones too.
Trying to get the 6 kids in a picture with the sun in their eyes. Not the best idea.
The big kids getting ready.

Thursday, April 08, 2010

Big Boy Bed

Reese has been sleeping in this lovely princess bed tent for months now. I kind of hate the thing (ha- getting my pregnant booty in there to put her to bed isn't always easy), but it's been good and she stays in there and sleeps like a champ. So, the plan to make the transition for Chase from crib to big boy bed had to include a bed tent... since that is what his big sister has.
The Easter bunny so kindly brought Chase a bed tent. We decided to put it into action right away and see if it could work some magic. Chase loves his crib, so we really weren't sure how this would go.
So far, this is how it went.
Day 1: (Sunday night) Ryan put Chase to bed and he went to bed! I went to check on him an hour later, accidentally woke him up (oops) and he kept trying to get out, standing and saying "crib." After 20 minutes of trying, I sent in the big guns (Ryan) and 5 minutes later he was quiet in his bed.
Day 2: Daddy put Chase to bed, and he stayed and went to sleep! (Go Daddy)
Day 3: Daddy put Chase to bed again, and again... Success!
Day 4: The previous three days Chase was not home for his nap, so this was the first day I had to try it out. Ugh. I was not looking forward to it. I got the 4 others in bed and got to work. After putting him back in bed about 30 times, him opening his closet and playing with toys, moving his stool and opening drawers, opening the door, knocking down the gate (all while he was laughing)... (this went on for 1 hour), I gave up and put him in his crib with nothing. He was NOT happy about this. After 10 minutes of screaming, he went to bed. BOO! Bed time in the evening with Daddy was still a success.
Day 5: (Today!) Nap time was coming, and you can bet, I was totally not looking forward to it! Ha. Well, I put him in his bed and he got out about 5 times. I told him if he got out again he was sleeping in the crib and he said "No... tent." Of course he got out of bed and he was put in the crib. He screamed about it for 5 minutes and I came back in and told him he could go back in his big boy bed if he didn't get out. Guess what, HE WENT TO BED! Yippee. Go Mommy. Then, this evening, Ryan wasn't home so I had to put him to bed. He got out maybe twice and went to bed!
I am sure we will have many trying nights and naps ahead of us, but it seems we are on the right track. Go... CHASE!
Had to throw this picture in there. Hilarious. Who does Reese think she is? And happy Chase.
Next mission... come summer, Potty training!

Easter Fun

We celebrated Easter in Milwaukee at Ryan's Mom's house on Easter. The kids had a blast and got into everything, or course... but, all in all they were great. They got to color eggs, have treats, and enjoy some time outside with Uncle Jason. We had a great time. Thanks for Mom Jill for hosting!

We celebrated Easter with my Mom and family on Good Friday. The kids all had a great time doing an Easter egg hunt in the backyard, eating some yummy pizza, and playing with the toys in the front yard.

We have one last Easter celebration with my Dad and Janet tomorrow. We are so lucky to have such great families to spend the holidays with!

Tuesday, April 06, 2010

Noah's Monkey Joe's 4th Birthday Party

"Whhheeeeeeee!!!" Look at Auntie Jen go! She really flew down that slide. She is so fast, she is a blur! Not only the kids had fun at Noah's 4th Birthday Party, but some of the adults got in on the action. I tried one slide since Reese wasn't me to join her, but one was enough for this baby and mom.
Jen climbed with Reese and you should have seen her jump around in there. We need to find a trampoline place next for the kids... and Jen.
Jackson and Monkey Joe. Reese didn't want to get close, and Chase, well he had to stay home with Daddy because of his HFM (see previous post).
Of course the sweaty Birthday boy wanted in on a picture with Monkey Joe! Noah was so excited and was so pumped for everyone to be there. He was all smiles and running around like crazy!
Noah had the cutest Monkey cupcakes, made special by Sabrina. Look at that wet hair! I love it!
I love this picture. Reese and Noah are cracking up!
I love chocolate!
Great party!

Monday, April 05, 2010

HFM and Spring Fun

Sabrina was on spring break last week, so we had a couple of days to enjoy the beautiful weather and get outside. Thursday started off with Chase and HFM (Hand Foot Mouth). Ick. It seemed as if all the kids had come down with a fever in the last week at some point (except for Reese) and they had some symptoms of HFM, but Chase seemed to have it the worst with blisters on his hands and feet. They were very tiny blisters, but he was walking on the outside of his feet, so I figured I should bring him in just to confirm. Sure enough, the poor kid got HFM. He's better now, but what a pain. (He even had to miss Noah's birthday party because of it! Poor guy. More info on Noah's party in the next post).

Anyway, we went over to Jen's house and enjoyed the amazing day. We played at the park, had some lunch, and hung out by the pool. Thanks to Jen and Jackson for having us. It was great.

This picture makes me laugh. Nate was not having the swing. Mean mommy.
Noah was totally embracing the camera. He said, "Hey, take a picture of me climbing!"
Look at Noah and Reese go! I remember the last two summers when I was afraid to be more than 2 steps from Reese, now she is a monkey all over the play ground.
Chase wanted in on the swings too.
Avery loved the slide.
Close tie between Jack and Nate. Avery was giving them a nice head start.
This is the pool! Reese wanted to get in there with the little one's and the dogs loved it too!