Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Carol Stream Carnival

This past weekend we hit up the local Carol Stream Fest with our friends and neighbors, the Wennerstroms. We were all rather disappointed with the lack of activities, but we paid $10 for 3 rides and walked over to the local hang out, Flip Flops and had a nice time. The weather has been great and the kids can't get enough of the fresh air.

Reese and Abigail taking Chase for a ride.
Chase doesn't mind taking the back seat. (For now)
Reese loves to hold Abigail's hand. They had fun hanging out.
Ryan and Reese on the Fun Slide.
Week 36 Update:
  • Went to the doctor on Tuesday and saw Dr. Binnett.
  • My belly is measuring 38+ weeks. (Which again confirms that this baby will not be small)
  • Tested negative for the GBS test.
  • No progress yet.
  • Gained nothing the last week, but this week I was up 3 pounds! Nice.

Monday, June 28, 2010

The Big 3-0: Eventful, Fun, and Low Key.

Let's start with the Eventful. So, I worked today and my mom was nice enough to watch my kids. The day started with Reese playing hide go seek, but my mom didn't know she was playing, so she got a little worried until Chase decided to give up Reese's secret so my mom knew where to find her. She was so silent. Who knew she could even be that quiet! They went out and ran some errands and were nice enough to meet me at Noodles for lunch. The main event came when Mr. Chase decided that he didn't want to take a nap. He was in the crib... and after fighting the nap for a while, started his "Grandma, Where are you?" Usually we try to leave him because if you don't, and peek in at him, he gets too excited and will never go to sleep. Well, my Mom decided to check on him, and what did she find? A nice little project Chase was working on for his Mom's Birthday. Let's call it Poop Art. He took off his pants and undies, pooped, and continued to spread it all over the wall. DISGUSTING. I felt so bad for my poor Mom. Now, to figure out what we can do to prevent this and to get the kid to just lay down for a nap.
Next comes... fun. Ryan planned a nice night out for me this past Saturday with great friends and family. We went to Pinstripes where we had a delicious dinner, played some bocci ball, and then sat outside by a fire pit and listened to some music. It wasn't a crazy night since I am now 36 weeks pregnant, but it was a nice evening and full of great company. Thanks to all who came and celebrated with me.

Bocci Ball Team 1: Ron and Eileen - Third Place

Team 2 : Jonathan, Ryan, and Mom - 1st PlaceTeam 3: Jodi, Tony, and Me - 2nd Place
Team 4: Jen, Mark, and Sabrina - 4th Place! (Correction made thanks to honest Jen)
Team 4 warming up. Sorry guys, the stretching didn't help get you very far!
What's a milestone birthday without a shot. (Even if mine was a little weaker than the rest!)
The gang.
My Mom and Me.
Ryan, My belly, Me, and the yummy cupcakes!
Ryan and Me. (Again)
Mark and Sabrina.
Jen and Jonathan.
Jen, Sabrina, Me, and Eileen.
Having a good laugh.
A little posing.
The Low Key. Today, my actual birthday was a nice and fairly quiet day. I went to work, but got to go to Portillo's with my family. It was so nice of everyone to come out to dinner with me on my special day (especially when many already celebrated with me on Saturday). Thank you for helping make my day special.

Turning 30 doesn't really bother me. I kind of find it humorous. I mean, I still feel like I did when I was 23, with just a lot more experience and responsibility. But, now that I am 30, I have a few things that I want to accomplish / work on in the next 10 years.

1. I want to run a half marathon at Disney. (Yes, just the Disney one. I think it would be awesome! - and a good excuse to go back and visit. Maybe 2014? I have a lot of saving up to do)
2. I want to take our family of 5 to an all-inclusive vacation.
3. I am going to floss every day (or as close to every day as I can get).
4. I am going to wash my face before bed. (I know, another thing I should already do, but I don't and am going to make sure I start!)
5. I am going to get my blogs printed for each year. At this point, I only have 2006 printed, and if I don't catch up, it's going to be too many years to print. I write these for my kids and to look back on our life, I should at least get them in books so I don't lose all my hard work!

Those are the things that come to mind now. If more come to me, I am going to update this list!

Saturday, June 26, 2010

Pirate's Cove

We headed to Pirate's Cove in Elk Grove to take the kids for an adventure. Kristine, Sabrina, my Mom, and I took our 7 kids and had a really nice time. This place is small but perfect for the kids. They can do everything a few times and they can all pretty much DO everything there, which isn't always the case. They went on two trains, the merry-go-round, boats, slide, park, bounce house... they loved it all. We packed a lunch, and lived it up for a few hours. It was mid-80s by the time we left and we were ready for some air!

Reese and Avery getting brave and doing some climbing.
It was going down that was a little more scary.
We found a little mist sprinkler. It was just what we all needed.
Ava, Chase, Lila, Noah, Reese, Avery.
(I pushed Nate in there after!)
They loved this little train. I think they went on like 5 times in a row.
The littlest ones (Nate, Lila, and Chase) loved that they could be buckled in and go around and around.
The merry-go-round.
Chase LOVED this merry-go-round. I totally thought he may fall off being on alone,
but he did great.
These boats were so much fun. We were scared to put Lila, Nate, and Chase in them... not knowing if they would try and stand up, but they all just sat nicely.
Chase, Ava, and Noah.
The train. Look at cool Avery! (with Ava and Reese)
Little love birds. They held hands... so cute. They are just 4 days apart!
Ava and Reese loved to hold hands too.
Chase at the park.

Friday, June 25, 2010

Bartlett Sprinkler Park

I LOVE these sprinkler parks. They are free, we can have a nice picnic, and the kids can't get enough of them. It's great. Sabrina and I took the kids to the Bartlett Sprinkler Park and they had a blast, while we got a little sun.

Thursday, June 24, 2010

Milwaukee Trip and 35 Weeks

Ryan's Aunt Joann invited us to her house for a nice family day. I didn't take as many pictures as I should have, but the day was great, the weather was great, and the company was fantastic. The kids got to play toys, slip and slide, color... what more could they ask for? We got to celebrate Father's Day and I got a special birthday cake and generous gifts. Thanks to everyone for a wonderful day.

Check out this cool bubble machine. Daddy made some HUGE bubbles. Chase on the slip and slide with a little help from Daddy.
Reese got a turn too. You should have seen Reese having a water fight with Uncle Jason! Good thing that he is a great sport.

Week 35 Update
Had my first internal. No real progress yet (which was expected). No pounds gained this week by me. Blood pressure looked good. Overall it was a quick and easy appointment. Back next Tuesday.
Potty Update
Chase is doing great. As long as we keep going every hour or two, we are staying accident free. We have had about little accident here and there, but mainly we are doing good.
Now, nap time... that's the issue. I can't get him to stay in bed or keep his clothes on. Awesome.

Sunday, June 20, 2010

Happy Father's Day and Potty Update

Happy Father's Day! I hope all the Daddy-O's out there had a great day. A special shout out to Papa, Grandpops, Grandpa John, godfather Uncle Jason, godfather Uncle Jonathan, and Uncle Mark. There are so many great dad's all around us. We are all so lucky.

Of course, we can't forget about the #1 Daddy-O in our lives. Happy Father's Day to Ryan. He is for sure a fantastic Dad and we are so very happy that we get to share every day with him. We had a great family day today! We love you!!

Here is Papa with his six grandchildren.
All looking at the camera!
Chase's Potty Update
Day 3: Friday - Dry all day except for waking up from his nap wet. We did go to the sprinkler park, so maybe he peed in the swim diaper, but there is no way of knowing. ;)
Day 4: Saturday- We headed to Milwaukee, so we put him in a pull-up for most of the day, but he stayed dry on the entire way there. We did have a little pee in the pull-up on the way home, but he mentioned having to poop on the way home. We told him to wait, and when we got home, he pooped on the potty.
Day 5: Sunday- Bravely, we ventured out in undies today- it is a little nerve wrecking! We were out in them for three hours in the morning and then another 4 hours in the afternoon. We took him to the bathroom every 45-90 mins, but NO ACCIDENTS. Told him to wait until we got home and to go to the bathroom, and he did. He also pooped in the potty.

I am just waiting for this to all fall apart, but he is doing great. He has even said that he had to go to the bathroom a few times. The next two days will be a test because he will be at Sabrina's tomorrow and my mom's on Tuesday, but I am hoping we continue to be successful! This has already been better than I thought possible.

Friday, June 18, 2010

Soccer Time!

As a soccer player in my past life, I can't lie, it was SO exciting to get Reese out for her first "soccer class." She was a little timid at first, but once she sat down with the kids, she was ready to go. I think she is going to be a natural! Actually, it doesn't matter, she had fun and got to run out a lot of her energy and had fun doing it so I am happy.

Ready to go!
Learning to kick the ball. We had to remind her a lot that we don't use our hands in soccer.
Getting ready to go with Coach Matt.
We are looking forward to our Wednesday Soccer Classes all summer!

Thursday, June 17, 2010

Potty Time & Week 34

We have started the awesome task of potty training. I know that Chase at 22 months is younger than most to master this specialty, but since there will be a be one in diapers soon, wouldn't it be so great to only have 1 in diapers? Also, Chase is showing signs... taking off his diaper when went, just taking off his diaper, pooping on the potty, wanting to wear undies... So, I took off this Friday to give me Wednesday-Sunday to see if he really has it in him at this point. If he doesn't, then we try again in a few months. After a few hours, I now remember that this task is more daunting on the person doing the training than on the kid.

  • We put a treasure box in the bathroom to get Chase to the bathroom. It's a little box and the box has 1-2 chewies, sour patch kids (his favorite), raisins, or something special. (Yes, I am bribing my kid with junk food, but I have to be able to distract him from playing to get him to the bathroom.)
  • We sing, dance, clap and cheer every time he goes. Reese helps me be an all-star cheerleader and make him feel so "cool" for making it to the potty.
  • We all run to the potty together to make it exciting.
  • We got a sticker board. It's nothing too crazy and I could have just made it myself, but we put a sticker on it when he goes.
Day 1: Wednesday - One set of wet undies and shorts. One wet pull-up while out at Reese's soccer (but I didn't take him to the potty since there wasn't one). Drove 20 minutes to Auntie Carissa's in undies with no accident and played there with no accident. Pooped a few times on the potty. Chase told me he had to go potty before bed, and he went. Then he used the excuse again 1 minute later to get out of his bed. He's a little bit too clever already.

Day 2: Thursday - Surprisingly, Chase woke up dry. We are only at 2:00 pm right now, but so far, no accidents. We even went to Auntie Jen's house and kept it dry AND dry through nap time. Still no poop yet today, so I wonder what will happen with that. Let's hope we make it in the potty!

I am just waiting for this all to fall apart, but we are going to keep trying for these five days and see what happens.
The trainee
The sticker board. Reese gets the pink one's when she is very helpful with Chase. It's keeping her excited about helping and Chase using the potty too!
Treat box and treasure of choice.
WEEK 34!
I went for my 34 week appointment on Monday. If you remember from a couple posts ago, I had the ultrasound last week that showed a big baby. Well, Dr. Rosenberg informed me that basically the ultrasound did indeed show another big baby, so they would think about inducing me at 39 weeks (July 19th at the earliest) if I was making progress (dilating some). We haven't set a date yet, but it could happen. I'd prefer to just go into labor, but I would also like to push this baby out without having any issues. We will see what happens in the next 5 weeks. I gained another 2 pounds and am up 29 pounds. (At the same weight at this point that I was with the last two) I expected the doctor to say that I would go back in two weeks for my first internal, but I am actually going next Tuesday for my first internal. Crazy! Everything has been going great. My back hurts a bit and I am VERY tired, but other than that, I am doing good.

It was requested that I do a comparison of the pregnancy photos. These aren't exact, the first two are week 35 and the last is week 34, but close enough. (Try not to look at the lovely belly button)
We are getting closer!

Monday, June 14, 2010

Happy First Birthday, Jackson!

This weekend we went to our nephew Jackson's First Birthday Party. And let me just say, it was the most impressive First Birthday that I have ever been to. Jen outdid herself, from photos everywhere, to a firehouse, to personalized hats, to fancy dalmatian goodies... the time and effort put in was crazy! If I ever become a party planner in my next life, Jen may just be my partner! :) Happy Birthday, Jackson.

Jackson and his Daddy

Chase loving the firehouse

Birthday Girl- Eileen, Ron, Dave, and Carissa.
Looked like a quality photo op.

The cousins helping open the gifts.

Happy Birthday to Eileen!

Jackson enjoying his smash cake.

That's one cool "Staniak" Smash cake... even all smashed up!

ALL the kids.

Baby Belly Bump. My friend Erin is due two weeks after me! So exciting!

Our awesome gift for Jackson.
(I take no credit. This was brilliantly wrapped by the Connelly's and Thommes')

Staniak designed smash cake.

Think it was a good party???