Friday, July 30, 2010

Keeping Busy

Life has been good since bringing home Blake 10 days ago. It's so different bringing home the first and then bringing home the next one's. The older one's just need some entertainment or they go stir crazy, so we have been trying to stay busy for all of our sanity.
This is what we have been up to...
-Ryan took Reese, Noah and Avery to see Toy Story 3 while Chase and I played Play Doh at home and hung out with Blake.
-Some pool time in the front yard with Daddy-O.
-A visit to Auntie Sabrina's house.
-A visit to Auntie Carissa's house and a trip to the Elk Grove Library.
-Auntie Jen came over and took Reese to her last soccer class (THANKS, Jen) while Blake and Jackson and I hung out. It was the last class so Jen had to play along with the kids. What a sport!
-Trip to the Cosley Zoo with the Connelly's and a picnic lunch.
-A family walk.
-DELICIOUS pasta dinner at Beth's house. (THANKS, Beth!)
-A visit from my friend and college roommate, Heather. It was so nice to see her.
So, we aren't doing crazy things, but we are getting out!
Reese is such a funny girl. She asked me to take this picture of her. She is working the camera these days. After our picnic lunch, she found two boys her age and a little girl and wanted to play with them. She chased the boys and they chased her for a long time before the boys had to go. She wants to be every one's friend. She is going to be "Miss Social Butterfly" in school.
Blake's first of many future trips to the Cosley Zoo.
The kids loved to look at the animals.
Thanks to Jen for capturing this picture on her phone. Reese was so proud of her medal.
Reese loves to play dress up. Chase thinks it's pretty fun too. He likes to use a belt as a tail like his cousin Noah.
Chase has helped me vacuum. If only they could do it all on their own.
Reese has been working on her computer skills.
Jackson and I had some bonding time while Jen took Reese and Chase to soccer.
Blake Ryan
-He is wearing size 1 diapers. We only bought size 1. We used the newborn diapers from the hospital but then made the switch. I think he could stay in newborns for a bit, but I think the size 1's are better.
-His belly button fell cord off yesterday. So nice when that is off. The doc put some stuff on it to dry it up which was nice.
-We had a little episode of lots of snots and major crying the other night. It went on for only 5-10 minutes but it was enough to scare me. We call the doctor and they said to just get the boogies out with the bulb, so we did that and he was better. The next morning he woke up with a crusty eye. I called again and they said to wait a couple days and if it didn't go away to bring him in. I brought him in last night and they said it was a clogged tear duct (as we expected) and it would go away in a few days, or if it is still bad at 9 months he would have to go to an eye doctor. We just need to massage it and wipe away the eye goobers. I did have them weigh him. He is up to 9 pounds, 5 ozs (with clothes on). He's gained like a pound in a week. I produce some awesome milk!
- He has been eating around 10pm, 2am, and 6am (sometime like that). Not so bad! (But we know that there is great potential for a lot of fun around the corner.)

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

One Week Old Today

Can't even believe it's been a week already since Blake has been here. It's only been a week, but he has been a great baby so far. He is a great sleeper, eater, and pooper... and that is about all he does. The last few days he is awake a little more. It's too early to tell what kind of kid he will be, but for sure he will be lovable.

Chase loves his little brother and loves to hold him.
Ahhh... what a cute little face. Chase has been the same as always. He is either the perfect angel or quite challenging. He is totally a mama's boy, and loves to make things difficult. He is smart and repeats everything we say, mostly when he is getting in trouble. He has so much energy and gets bored often. The potty is still going well. He gets it, but still needs to be pushed. We love the kid so much, he just loves to test us! Chase loves when people come over to play with him. He loves to play hide and seek, and be chased. He shows off his bedroom when someone comes over and loves to make new friends.

I can't believe how old Reese is getting. She is only three but she seems like she is ten sometimes. She loves to hold Blake and help me change diapers. She loves reading stories, and can make up some really good ones. She loves to play dress up and loves headbands. She has to be reminded to stop and think about what she is doing, but she knows what is right and wrong and is getting better at making the right move before she is told. She can now buckle her big girl car seat and is so proud of herself. Soccer class is over tomorrow and then she wants to do gymnastics. I think it will be a good activity for her. Her coloring has really improved and she loves to make pictures for anyone coming over.

Blake's first attempt at tummy time.

All cozied up.

Sleepy Head.
First Bath--(In the sink!)
He actually was happy in there for the first five minutes but started getting a little fussy at the end.
Happy to be all warmed up in Mommy's arms.

Monday, July 26, 2010

So Much Love to Share

COUSIN LOVE - All of the cousins were so excited to meet and hold baby Blake. They are going to be great helpers. It's so cute. Sometimes they want to hold him for hours, other times, 10 seconds is enough.

Noah, Avery, Blake, Reese
Avery and Blake
Nate loved to say "baby."
Reese, Noah and Blake.
Auntie Jen, Jackson, and Blake.
Jackson and Blake.
THE FOLEY'S - They were on vacation when Blake was born, so they came over the first chance they could get to see their newest nephew.
Kristen (Jen's sister) was in town and got to meet Blake.
Uncle Jonathan and Blake.
Auntie Jen and Blake. She brought over all the little boy clothes for him. Let me tell you... there is enough clothes that the kid never has to wear a duplicate outfit.
THE STANIAK'S (Hirsch) - Grandma Jill, Grandpops, Uncle Jason, and Freedom came over on Saturday to meet the newest member of the family. They came with loads of food and treats which was so nice... and lots of love to share.
Grandma Jill with her grandkids.
Blake and Grandma Jill.
Grandpops and Blake.
Uncle Jason and Blake.
Chase and Grandma Jill.
LEENIE and RON-- They came over on Friday to meet Blake. They brought over some yummy dinner and we got a chance to visit.
Eileen, Ron, and Blake.
Thanks to EVERYONE for the visits, food, gifts... we are a lucky family!

Friday, July 23, 2010

Home Sweet Home

It was so nice to get home and begin our new life... as a family of five. Reese and Chase were very thrilled to see their new brother again. Our first night home was a little rough. Blake was up a ton and did a good share of crying, but it was only his second night out of the womb, so what could we really expect. The next couple nights have been good so far. He eats a couple times at night and has given us some 4 and 5 hours stretches. Hopefully he will be a good sleeper (We know it is WAY too early to start making any assumptions on his sleeping!). Reese and Chase have still been sleeping good too and getting up around 6:30am, so it hasn't been too bad.

Big Sister Reese just loves to hold her brother. Sometimes it for 10 minutes, sometimes it's for 1 minute and then she has something else to do.
"What? You want me to not touch him and kiss him? I just want to play with him!"
"Grandma Kathy got me this shovel. I have been eyeing it up for some time now and I am so excited that it's now mine!"
Home and snuggling with Mommy.

Visitors and Heading Home

I think I have had a really easy recovery so far (as long as I don't push it too much- which isn't easy, but I have had some great help from Ryan and my Mom). Compared to the last two births, this one was easiest (not that it was all pleasant!) and I think I will be healed sooner this time. So, after 24 hours in the hospital, we were ready to head home. They would have had us stay one more day, but Thursday morning just seemed too far away. So, after approval from my doc, the nurse, and the pediatrician, we got the green light. It wasn't until about 4:30pm when we finally got out of there, but we did it!

We were told that we had to bring Blake to the doctor the next morning so that his weight and vitals could be checked. We tool him in and he weighed 8 pounds 2 ozs. They said this was normal. The funniest thing to us was that he didn't gain weight. Reese and Chase both left the hospital heavier, but losing weight is the norm.

Our white board. Snuggling up with my precious little baby.
Uncle Mark came to visit on Blake's birthday. All the Connelly's came along but the kids had to check out Blake in the nursery, but Blake was excited to see most of his cousins either way.
Sleepy Boy.
Thanks to Papa and Grandma Janet for entertaining Reese and Chase and bringing them to see their newest addition. Blake loves them already!
Getting ready to go home.

Time for some real clothes!
Buckle up!


Thursday, July 22, 2010

Meeting the Family

My neighbor, Beth was nice enough to start the morning off watching my kids on Birth Day, followed by my Dad and Janet who took them for the long haul! Thanks guys, we couldn't have done it without you! A couple hours after Blake was born, my Dad and Janet brought Reese and Chase to the hospital to meet Blake for the first time. They were quite excited to meet their new brother and Reese just wanted to hold him. It's going to take some time, but they are going to make a great team!
Tons of Kisses!
So very proud.
A weak attempt at a family photo, but the first one with the five of us.
Precious Blake Ryan right after birth.

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Blake Ryan Staniak

8lbs, 8oz - 22 in. Born at 3:15
. . . . . .

Some of you may think I've been like my father-in-law and loving my computer, but I'm just sitting here while Jenny feeds Blake. So I thought I'd throw up some pictures.

. . . . . .