Friday, September 24, 2010

Blake's Two Month Stats

Blake had his two month appointment yesterday. Here are the details.
  • Blake is 14 pounds 6 ozs. He seems so big, yet he is the smallest of the three at this point. He is in the 95%ile for his age.
  • He is 25 inches long. (97%ile)
  • For how tall he is, he is just in the 25%ile for weight.
  • His neck is not as tight and the doctor only sees it getting better as he gets stronger, looks around more, and learns to roll. She said his head shape is looking good and it's not until 6 or 9 months that they would even look for flat spots because it keeps changing as babies grow and favor laying different ways. She also said to continue to motivate him to look to his left (his less favored way).
  • He is on track with his milestones (not many at 2 months).
  • He is also to start a vitamin.

In other news, I think we are just about sleeping through the night! He wakes up, but I can get him back to sleep. I think feed him around 5am! Now, if he doesn't wake up in the middle of the night, he will get closer to sleeping in his own bed.

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Two Months

Attempt at a family photo... I love my crazy kids!
A little better.
Blake is 2 months old. We go on Thursday for his official stats, but I am guessing that he is going to be the biggest of our 3 at his 2 month appointment, even though he was the smallest at birth. It amazes me that eating breast milk only could really put on the pounds. I guess I just make good stuff. He is smiling more and more every day and sleeps a ton... except for today, he has been up ALL day. (Maybe this is the night that he sleeps through the night.) He needs more practice at tummy time, but can lift his head ok. I feel like with all his stretching with Mommy and Auntie Carissa, that his neck is getting better! He sleeps from 9pm-about 4:00am. (We are almost there) He eats about 5 times a day and I think he gets about 6 ozs a feeding. He doesn't really have a loud cry, but can get cranky in the evening. He's wonderful!

Thursday, September 16, 2010


Chase is getting the only picture in this post. For some reason, Blogger is acting dumb and not letting me update anymore, so for now, you can check out this cute little dude. I have been slow on blogging. We are in the swing of things, and I haven't been as on the ball with my posting, but I will get better again.

I officially start work on Monday. I am glad to go back, but will miss my kids. I have not been without Blake for full days, so I will new really miss my new little man. I am though, so very lucky to work at a place where they are flexible with me and let me have a part time schedule. I am lucky to have my kids watched by my family for the three days I am at work. The break out of the house will be nice.

Reesey has been loving school. She tells us the names of all the kids in her class, her teachers, the new letters she learned and the projects she has done. She also will tell us her new songs. I'd love to peek in the window and see how she acts in class. At home, she has been a bit of a stinker. She is mostly good, but sometimes "forgets" to listen. She continues to be a sponge. We smelled a skunk on the way home last night and she asked about a skunk... why he smells... why does he protect himself... why he smells... she just kept asking one million questions about the skunk. She then said, "What's a moron? Is it an animal?" Ryan and were laughing too hard to even explain. I told her it wasn't a nice word, and she still wanted to know if it is an animal.

Chase Buddy has been talking up a storm. He speaks in full sentences and constantly amazes us with the things he knows. He responds pretty well to "1...2...3..." and loves praise. He gets the biggest grin on his face when he knows we are so proud of him. He has been working on his colors. He can pick a color out of a group, but is still working on just recognizing them on their own. I think he knows them, but doesn't always take the time to think before he shouts out a color. He is still doing pretty amazing on the potty. He still has accidents here and there (only at home), and is waking up dry more often. Now, we are working on using his words (not screaming) when someone takes something from him or when he is upset. The screaming is just way too loud! He is very social just like his sister and would love to go to school with her.

Baby Blake... there isn't as much to say about him just yet. I stare at him and think about what he will be like. Will he be a social butterfly like his siblings or our shy child? What will be his "thing"- Reese was a biter, Chase was a screamer- what treat will he bring to the family? Will he cling to his Daddy, his Mommy? I really look forward to his first laugh and more constant smiles. He is still a pretty easy baby. He eats every 4 hours and still gets up once to eat between 3am and 5am. (Last night was 5am, and I think I may consider that "through the night" but don't expect it to happen constantly yet). I think he will be sleeping in our room for a while yet, until his big brother goes to bed more easily and when I think he won't bug Blake. He's such a big boy already. He goes for his two month appointment next week and I look forward to seeing his stats. Auntie Carissa has been working on stretching Blake's neck and I hope that the doctor thinks it's getting better. We love baby Blake so much and enjoy his smiles. He's such a joy and wonderful addition to our family.

Wednesday, September 08, 2010

The Berg's

Our friends, the Berggren's, made a last minute visit and it was so great to see them. We went to Downtown Wheaton, the park, Monkey Bizness, played in the pool, and spent time just hanging out. The kids got to play and we got to visit... what more could we ask for.

Best BudsWheeeeeee!
Bigger Best Buds
Pool time.

7 Weeks!Baby Bro Blake
A sad attempt at a family picture. Ha.

Monday, September 06, 2010

Future Performer?

She loves to dance... she loves to sing.. here she is, Miss Reese Staniak performing "You're Never Fully Dressed Without a Smile" from Annie.


Wednesday, September 01, 2010

Six Super Dupers

Sabrina is back to work, the kids are in school, and our routine is coming together. Watching 6 kids, working part time, getting 3 kids to and from preschool every day is not an easy task, but we are working it out. We are very lucky to have each other, to have family that are willing to help us (one being Jen who is willing to take on 7).

I can only laugh thinking about four years ago when Sabrina and I (and anyone else we talked to) thought taking on 2 kids under 1 was a big task... fast forward and we now are taking care of 6 kids four and under, not to mention a 1 month old.

Well, I can say that the six hasn't been any different than the five. Sure, there are moments or insanity, but overall, we have been having fun. I just get a little schedule for the day and we are set. Now that the big 3 are in school, we don't have as much time with the big group, but when we are all together, dress up is one of our favorite activities!
Reese wearing Chase's Halloween costume from last year (size 12-18 months).
Notice the short arms and legs.
Noah and Chase having been playing so well with the animals.
Noah was nicely telling Chase that he didn't belong in the animals cage!
Two girls. Two princesses.
Reese is tall, but those heels are really showing off her height!
Silly kids.
(Those glasses are a hit.)
Avery with some long hair. So silly.
Noah working the glasses.
The other kids could not stop laughing at Chase. He does look pretty good.

This is Reese's princess pose.
I swear she does this everytime she is in character.
(Reese was randomly calling him that this morning.)
He's a growing machine. He is just about out of 0-3 month clothes already!
Nate is missing from the pictures. He was napping, but he was there!