Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Birthday Celebration #1

Let's start with Blakey Doodle (That's Auntie Sabrina, Chase enjoys this nickname with Blaker). Here is an official 3 month picture. What a happy guy.
 We are starting to work hard on tummy time. I read that some babies start to roll over at this age and I started feeling guilty that he wasn't on his belly enough. I wouldn't put him down on the floor as much because someone would trip over him or lay on him or he would have just eaten and he would spit up. (Plus, he didn't really like it.) Well, now that he is getting stronger and getting a good work out in the exersaucer, he's not minding it so much. Now, I just have to remember to get him on his tummy more often!
 Chase surprised me today. He decided he wanted to put on his undies and pants after the potty and he did it. It took me really cheering him on, but he was SO proud. Go, Chase Buddy!!
 We decided this year that we are having a "kid's party" for Reese this year. We will be having it at a gymnastics place and I think it will be a great time for the kids. Anyway, it's just an hour and a half so instead of Ryan's family coming down to be bored, we decided we would have a celebration in Milwaukee for Reese and Uncle Jason's birthday. It was a great time. Reese got some great gifts... Pumas, Boots, clothes, paint, workbook, Tinkerbell snuggie, Tinkerbell desk, brownie kitchen set, my little pony with a car, books... she was just so excited to celebrate. Thanks to everyone. It was a great time.

Someone asked if she wanted to open presents right away or wait until after cake. You can guess what her answer was.
 Grandma Jill and Reese checking out a gift.
 Blake and Grandpops
 The birthday kids.
 Blow out those candles!
 We made birthday cupcakes. Ryan predicted which one Reese would take... he was right!

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

"Professional" Pictures - September 2010

You may have seen these pictures already... they are our official pictures for Reese (3.5 years), Chase (2 years), and Blake (2 months). No longer will we me making trips to JCPennys. Ryan, our oh so skilled camera man, will be capturing the shots that will hang on our walls and document our kids lives. I think he did a great job!
Blake is officially in his crib! He has slept there the last few nights and does great. I put him down after Chase is asleep and he doesn't make a peep until around 4am. I believe he will sleep until at least 6am once his cough is completely gone.
Chase is calming with his old age. :) He isn't perfect by any means, but he is playing so good by himself. He loves the movie Home Alone and Toy Story. He loves witches and is always asking to find one outside with all the Halloween decorations out there. We haven't found many. He thinks it's so funny when Daddy does a witch voice and asks him to do it daily. He has been much better still with going to bed and using the potty. Next up... teaching him to get his pants on by himself. Also, he has been busted saying "shut-up" a couple times. It's crazy... they say it in Toy Story and so many kids movies. You can try at home to avoid these things but they still sneak up on you!
We celebrated Reese's birthday and Jason's birthday this past weekend in Milwaukee with Ryan's family (More on that to come). Reese keeps asking if she is four yet and she is disappointed every time we tell her no. She can't wait. (Oh, the days when birthdays were the most amazing day of the year!) Reese has been a bit sassy lately. She has been making up little stories or will even lie sometimes. She is quickly learning that it isn't ok. It's just interesting to see how someone so little can play games already! Now we just have to teach her that it's not acceptable. She is such a happy girl and wants to be friends with everyone. She continues to learn so much at school and more often than not, she loves going!

Monday, October 25, 2010

Christmas Can't Come Soon Enough! Shutterfly Rules!

I can't stop thinking about Christmas and already started picking up gifts! I am so anxious to get my shopping done, but I do also worry that I am going to miss a good sale that may be coming up. Ugh! Black Friday and Cyber Monday can't get here soon enough. I love buying for people. I just wish I had an endless budget!

Our Halloween costumes this year should make our Christmas cards. What everyone is being is kind of a little surprise, but our theme is Christmas! It should be a ton of fun. So, we need to get some good pictures so we can get some awesome Christmas cards. Last year we designed something of our own and just printed it at a local store, but this year, we are going through Shutterfly. There stuff is awesome! Check it out! I love to do multiple photos and there are plenty of designs that allow that!

After playing around on the site, I was on this page and found the coolest Christmas party invite. It says "Merry Everything." I love it! Totally is perfect for such a joyful part of the year.

My sister, Sabrina has already tried them out with a free sample and they were great! Besides the cards, they are so reasonable for just printing pictures... which I also need to get on!

(p.s. Right now Shutterfly is offering 20% off of all their holiday cards!)

Now, I need to get these done and get on with some wrapping.

Bring on the Christmas music!

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Happy 1/4 Year to Blake!

Our boys!
 That's right, Blake is 3 months old today! Can you believe it? I feel like he's been in our family forever, but it does kind of seem like yesterday that we were heading to the hospital. Ahhh... memories. What is our little (big) guy up to?
  • He loves to be in his exersaucer.
  • He loves to smile and loves when you talk to him.
  • He sleeps through the night from about 9pm-6am.
  • He still spits up some, but nothing like he did at the beginning.
  • He use to poop in every diaper, now it's just about once every other day... and it's a big old blow out.
  • He can raise himself up some during tummy time, but he doesn't get enough tummy time. (bad mommy)
  • He loves the swing and loves to be in his carseat. If you swing the carseat while he is in it, he usually calms quickly.
  • He always seems pretty consolable... for Mommy, anyway.
  • He likes to hold his hands together. 
  • He loves his pacifier.
  • He still sleeps in our room, but will be in his crib before he is four months.
  • He has his first cold. Went to the doctor and he is up to 16 pounds. We make them big, what can I say. (The kids all got croup. Poor Blake also got it. The doctor gave them all an oral steroid. They are all doing fine. A couple low fevers, annoying coughs, and some crabby kids. Overall, they are all doing fine.)
  • He loves to "talk." If you start cooing at him, he will go on for quite a while.
  • He enjoys his baths.
  • His head seems to be on track to getting better and not so odd shaped.
  • He eats 5 times a day. I would guess about 5.5-6 ozs each time.
  • He is a lover!
Let's end here with a funny Chase story. As I may, or may not have documented, Chase can be a stinker... especially at nap time for me. I have had my experience of him taking of his clothes to pee or poop in the room. I have to gate him in or he will leave. I have had the closet emptied, drawers, and he has slept on the floor too many times to count, and even found him sleeping under the crib once. Last night, we got home around 8pm (bed time). I said we needed to head up to bed. All of a sudden, Chase was missing. I went upstairs and it was mainly dark. I called for him and he said, "I'm in bed." Sure enough he went and put himself to bed. I was just cracking up. I know that he is a bit under the weather, but I didn't think this would EVER happen. Even if this is the only time it happens, it was surely quite funny.

Friday, October 15, 2010

Fall Fun

I am kind of back in business... I have to put pictures on my dell and also the mac because I can't upload from the dell. It's annoying, but until we figure out the problem, I will have to do double duty. I could just put them on the mac, but I have everything on the dell... oh, issues, issues...
So, Gobert's! The highlight: The camel ride. Uncle Mark got Noah and Reese all situated and off they went!
Reese and Noah were having a blast. We all were unsure of Reese's reaction since she is known to freak out on animals, but here she is... all smiles!
... and she thinks she is a celebrity.
Here we go people!
Jackson is looking so old! What a looker.
A sad attempt at a family pumpkin patch picture. Gotta love that both boys were upset and Reese is smiling away.
Blake's first trip to the Pumpkin Patch. He was hungry, hot and not so happy about this photo. I hope to try again in the next week.
Avery looking super cute.
Chase in the tractor.
Reese wanted to check out the Cinderella cutout. She told me that if she put her head in there, she turns into Cinderella. Here she is, waving at her fans.
On the big bouncy pillow.
The girls and Jackson on the huge rocking chair.
Over at Apple Fest... Noah enjoying his large corn dog.
Reese jumping and cruising down the large slide. Poor Chase wanted to go on. He can climb like any champ out there, but the old man said he was too short and "try again next year." Rude.

Thursday, October 14, 2010


I mean, really... who is this thing for anyway! Jen was holding onto this for us and we just got it back and Blake loves it. BUT, he's not the only one!

Chase getting some time in.

Yes, she STILL thinks she fits.

There he is! Blake is checking it out and loving the new view on the world.

Monday, October 11, 2010

An attempt at an update...

You know, I am not usually one to slack with my posts, but for some reason, my computer is not uploading pictures. Every once and a while, I get lucky and I can get one picture to upload. Is this computer a P.O.S. or what is going on? Anyone have any idea what the story could be?

Anyway, we have been busy... Grandma Jill came to visit for a few days. We had a great time. She got to spend a lot of time (maybe too much:) time watching the kids, we went to eat, the farmer's market in Wheaton, shopping, and just some good quality bonding time. Reese loved her sleepovers with Grandma Jill, Chase loved finding Grandma Jill in the morning and was quite sad on Sunday morning when she had left the night before, and Blake loved all the cuddles.

Ryan and I went to a co-workers wedding and had a nice time. It was kind of like a little date... and we don't do that often enough. The family took a trip to Goberts Pumpkin Patch. It was so crowded and HOT, but we had a nice time. Reese got to ride a camel. Chase, Reese, and Avery attempted to go on a gigantic inflatable pillow. Avery and Chase couldn't handle all the other kids bouncing around, so their $4 was wasted. Oh well, maybe next year. Reese stuck her head in one of those wooden cutouts of Cinderella's carriage. She told me she needed to do it because it made her turn into a princess.

I scheduled my belly button surgery for November 19th, the Friday before the week of Thanksgiving. I need to have a full week off (they wanted me to have two weeks off- ha! I have three little kids, there isn't time for days off). Anyway, sounds like I will have to really take it easy for a few days, but the hernia will be fixed and I will once again have an innie.

As for the kids...
Reese has been very helpful and a better listener. She has been a bit sassy, but she is practicing doing what she is told the first time. She can write a lot more letters and with help, can write some words. She likes going to school and loves doing projects.
Chase is still a bit of a challenge, but also very lovable. He has decided to go pee in his pants a few times recently. He knows better so it's kind of frustrating. He can't get enough of play doh and loves to play with his cars and his Mickey Mouse Clubhouse blocks. Naps aren't always so smooth, but once he is asleep, he will sleep late and is happy. He is a chatty boy too.
Blake has a new love... the exersaucer. He likes to be upright and check things out. He does get fussy, but it's usually pretty easy to get him to stop. Reese has been calling him "Blaker." It's kind of cute. He will be going into size 2 diapers any day now. He could have gone into them weeks ago, but I didn't want to waste the size 1's. Maybe I would have avoided some blow outs if I did. Laying on the couch this morning he was talking and moving around like crazy. He looked so long. I swear he's six months, not almost 3. He is wearing mostly size 6 month clothes.

Well, there is my update. Hopefully soon I figure out the picture issue and can get some pictures up from these fun adventures.

Saturday, October 02, 2010


I am having no luck uploading pictures. I can get one uploaded and then it just doesn't want to put anymore up. What's the deal? I think it's my computer and need my smarty pants brother to look at it and do some magic! So, I guess I will just do a few posts over the next few days since I have been really slow.

We will start with Blake. He has been doing great. He is smiling so much. He is pretty much on a schedule now, eating about 5.5 ozs at 5am, 10am, 2pm, 5pm, and 9pm. He then sleeps from about 9:30pm-5:00am. He's such a champ! He loves his pacifier and loves when people talk to him. He has started "talking" more too. He will coo away. He is getting a little better at tummy time and loves to just lay and move his arms and legs around. He loves sitting in his car seat and always falls asleep in the car. He makes us happy. We all need something happy now...

Life has been a challenge lately. In the last 3 weeks, we have lost two people close to our hearts, my Uncle and my brother-in-law's Mother who was also my friend. In these hard times, we cling to the one's we love and remember to cherish all the time we have, because it can all end way too soon.