Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Irritating the Staniak's

Update on the Button
Let me just say that this has been no fun. I would say that I have not been in the worst pain ever, but just constant, non-stop, annoying soreness. It’s not like I am crying or laying around, but just the reminder of it every time I move makes it less than enjoyable. I really am looking forward to being myself again and not dealing with this sore and UGLY thing I refer to as my button. The bandage is off, we are just left with the strips that are holding it all together, plus the swollen remains – I appear to be a few months pregnant (don’t worry, I am not). AND, I also have the worst case of the ITCHIES ever. I mean, I am talking like, scratch until you bleed kind of irritation. Some of it’s from the binding, some of it’s from the bandages (I think)… all I know, is this is out of control annoying. I will go back to the soreness any day.
Last night, I headed to the doctor. He got rid of some of the swollen belly by draining the fluid, he said it looks good (yeah right) and he said that the rash is probably from the binding or the prep they put on before the surgery. He said to try benedryl. After I got the OK from the OB to take it while breastfeeding, I took the benedryl, felt better, but it knocked me out. I was out cold by 9pm and could have been asleep sooner. I visit the doctor again in 2 weeks. For now, I can start walking and can start getting back to normal.

Almost Tooth Time
Blake has been dealing with a cough, drool, chomping on his hands, fussiness, sleeplessness… when he is really irritated, the only place he is truly content is being held tight in his Mommy’s arms. (Ok, he will do this for others too, but he really likes my snuggles). Anyhoo, these are all symptoms of teething and if you feel his bottom gums, you can tell that a little friend or two will soon be make their appearance into the world. So, as we try and comfort him, he has made himself a nice warm place next to me in bed after some hours in the crib. We worked on some crying it out last night, but after about an hour or back and forth crying, he snuggled up all warm and cozy with his Mommy and got some rest (as did we). Let’s just all hope that this tooth will make an appearance soon and he will be back to the sleeping champ he once was.

Sunday, November 28, 2010

Giving Thanks

We celebrated three Thanksgivings this week with our three lovely children. It was Blake's first Thanksgiving and he enjoyed himself, minus his cough/cold (the kid just can't catch a break). Last Sunday we celebrated with my Dad and Janet, this Thursday we had the Staniak/Hirsch family here, and yesterday we celebrated at my Mom's. All celebrations were enjoyable. It's great being with family. We are very blessed and so thankful to have such loving, caring, and supportive people in our lives.

Today became pj day at the Staniak house. It wasn't our intentions, but after we decorated for Christmas this morning, and hung out, there were naps, dinner, baths... more playing. We figured there was never a need to get dressed and just enjoyed the family day. Which included the frustration of trying to get some pictures up on here... and we only got a few to work. After all the rush of the week, it was nice to just hang together.

As for shopping this year, we didn't head out. Last year, I went with Sabrina and my Mom for some early morning Kohl's shopping. This year, we got a few things online. I don't know if I can ever go out again. It's just too nutty!

Anyway, I posted stats from Reese and Blake in the last post. Reese and Blake are both over the 99th percentile in height and in the 90th percentile in weight!

Now, the countdown to Christmas is starting. We love the holiday season.

Reese asked everyone yesterday if they had a star of an angel for the top of their tree. She couldn't wait this morning to put the star on top and to decorate. She really enjoyed it. Chase was good after two minutes!

Reese got this Pinkalicious box set for her Birthday. She loves it!

Chase has a thing these days for hoods. He thinks they are cool. He wouldn't let us take if off in the store the other day. Kept him cozy.

Potato Head time! Their faces are just as silly in this picture as the Potatoes are.

Best buds. I love this picture so much. These three can make each other so crazy and really get silly or crazy, but they are so close and great friends. They don't even know how much fun the have together and how much more they will have as they get older. Noah is just a little serious, Reese is full of imagination, and Avery has so much silly spunk.

Blake at 4 months making a silly face. After sleeping through the night for a month or more, Blake has been getting up around 3am every night. I think half the problem is his cold, the other half his tooth. Then there is the problem that he rolls to his stomach and gets frustrated that he is on his belly. SO, I should let him cry himself back to sleep, but with Chase in there, Blake has ended up snuggling with me from 3 until he wakes up to eat. I know this can't go on for long because he will always want to be in my bed, but for now, I love the cuddles. He's the last one, so I enjoy my baby time.

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

4 Months, Conferences, and Chase

4 months
Blake is another month old! It does go quick, doesn't it?
  • He's rolling both ways. It's not a roll across the floor type thing, but he is going around a lot.
  • He likes to be upright and is working on sitting (but it will be a while yet).
  • He can't wait to start cereal (maybe after his appointment tomorrow- and yes, he told me!)
  • He is SO squirmy. I think he is related to a worm.
  • He smiles a lot and is chatty.
  • He has about two major poops a week which usually end up ALL over him.
  • I believe he is working on his first tooth. He is drooling a lot, loves to chomp on his hands, and I swear there is a little bump on his gums.
  • He has yet another little cold. Usually it wakes him up around 3-5am and he spends the rest of the night with us. Gotta get the humidifier cranking.
  • 4 Month Doc Appointment - 17 lbs 10 ozs, 27 3/4 inches tall. He got a vaccine and a flu shot. He is hitting his milestones. He is 90%ile for weight and above the 99%ile for height.
1st ever parent teach conference.
  • We saw her "journal." The first picture was one of her people (monsters). The caption was "Daddy in Kentucky." The next couple pictures were also "Daddy." There was one of "garden flowers" and then one page with "Mommy, Sunshine, and flowers." It was so cute.
  • There is a girl in Reese's class that has spina bifida. She was on vacation for quite a while and Reese would always talk about her being gone. The other night at dinner, she was telling us how she was back and how she goes in a stroller or the teacher's carry her or help her walk because she has "loose legs." (It was so cute.) We asked the teacher about this and she said they never explained it that way, they just told the class she needed help walking. I am not not how Reese came up with this but it's clever and sweet. Her teacher told us that Reese has really been taking care of this girl. That she will help her in class and outside at the playground. She said it made the girl's transition back to class easy. I think I almost shed a tear when the teacher told us about this. She is such a lover.
  • She told us that Reese is doing great and meeting and exceeding her expectations. She is an older first year preschooler, but she is surprised that she isn't in her second year. She told us she will continue to work with Reese on new things.
  • She said Reese loves to "read" stories to the teachers.
  • Reese is kind to all the kids in her class, loves to glue puff balls on paper, does well with drawing and cutting, and shares very well. (Now, if these things happened at home all the time too, it would be perfect!)
  • We really enjoyed hearing things about Reese in another setting. We know how she is at home, but never know how she is there. Glad to hear she is doing well.
Reese's 4 year doctor visit
  • 42 pounds and ?? on her height. (I will have to check next time). She is 90%ile in height and above the 99%ile for height (like Blake). She has some dry skin so we are supposed to skip the soap for a while in the bath. She got a flu shot and a vaccination. She claimed she wouldn't cry, but she couldn't help it! She did great overall. Chase got a flu shot after Reese. He started crying before she even put the shot in... he was just nervous, I think. He stopped crying really quick.
Since we don't want to leave him out!
  • We are working hard on shapes and colors. He is slowly getting better, but would much rather just play.
  • He is either an angel or a devil child...there isn't much in between. Luckily, he is mostly good.
  • Chase knows the word fragile. It's kind of a big word for a young dude.
  • He loves edamame and hummus!

Sunday, November 21, 2010


You will be happy to know that the pictures still aren't working on here for me. So, no belly button picture yet. Sabrina took a pre-surgery picture for me so we can forever remember the messed up belly button from my three lovely pregnancies.

I went in on Friday for my umbilical hernia repair. The last time I was put under was when I got my wisdom teeth pulled when I was like 13 years old. Needless to say, it's been a while and I was a little nervous. I got on the bed, they got the IV going, gave me a sedative of some sort, and wheeled me to the operating room. It didn't take long before I was quite calm and the next thing I remembered was waking up. While they were prepping me, they told me that I would have a tube down my throat. That was a bit of a creepy thought. I was trusting these doctors to just take care of me while I am completely unconscious. Luckily, they did a good job and I am doing pretty good.

Waking up was ok. I was in pain and they gave me a lot of medicine, but I moved from recovery room 1 to recovery 2 pretty quickly. Ryan met me in recovery room 2, and I swear it was only 30 minutes before I was going home. I felt pretty nasty and woozy, but made it home feeling alright. I took a nap, had pizza, and went back to bed. Thanks to all that helped take care of me and the kids. Most annoying was my scratchy throat for a couple days, but they said that went with the tube.

Yesterday Ryan took the kids out for most of the morning and I got to nap and lay around. I ventured out to the store and was feeling pretty good. Today I feel swollen and sore. Ick. The codine that they give is good for the pain but makes me feel sick... so I have to pick which I prefer... feeling sick or feeling pain.

Anyway, that's the update on me for now.

I go back to the doctor in a week to have the bandage taken off and see how my new innie looks.

Sunday, November 14, 2010

Happy 4th Birthday to Our Reese!

Happy Birthday to our princess! I really can't believe that she is four. It's funny to look back at the pictures of Reese at birth, and to think of all that has happened in her four little years. When they are young, they just enjoy their life, they learn so much and they don't have the stresses and worries that we have as adults... their lives are full joy. For us, our lives are busy, crazy and non stop, but with Reese in our lives, it's more enjoyable, exciting and pink. She is such a special part of our family and we love her so much.

We spent her birthday today travelling to Milwaukee for Grandpa John's 50th birthday. She had an adorable barbie cake. Last night was her "kid" birthday party. We celebrated at Gymnasti Gymnastics. I had never been there before, but thought it would be fun. The kids had so much fun running, jumping, tumbling, bouncing in a bounce house and on a trampoline, and jumping in a foam pit. They were all sweaty and really enjoyed themselves. The adults had fun too and got in on the action. We concluded the party with pizza, cake and great gifts. Reese got many gifts including a tea set, a jewelry box, gift certificates to great local kid spots, lots of barbies, a couple movies, some clothes, games, a puppy (not a real one), polly pockets, and a large paper doll. She also got a fancy soft blanket that I made for her. I am just learning how to work the sewing machine, but I did ok for the first time... and really, it's just made with love :). Her party was a success!

Reese has been asking a lot for Barbie dolls, and with the bunch she got, she is on her way to a great collection. Ryan asked what girls do with Barbie's. It was so funny today, she had a full conversation between two Barbie's in lovely high pitched voices. Next time I will get it on video.

I am having terrible luck uploading pictures at the moment, so those will come soon.

Friday, November 12, 2010

10 Years

Today, Ryan and I have been together for TEN years! That's a long time. That's a third of our lives. :) I know some people have known him longer, but the things we have experienced in ten years, the fun we have had, and the amazing memories we have made are worth a lifetime! Happy 10 years, Ryan! You make me happier every day! Love ya! :)

(Just had to document this day. It's a milestone.)

Sunday, November 07, 2010

Rollin' Rollin' Rollin'

Blake has really picked it up with tummy time, and today, on the couch, he rolled over from his back to his belly twice. (Good thing we were right next to him) Looks like we are on our way to having a mover. I don't think he will be rolling all the time for a while, but he is figuring it out and really likes it. He isn't very happy being held like a baby anymore unless he's ready to go to sleep. He wants to be up and checking out the world!

All smiles and all action!
 The Thursday before Halloween, the kids had PJ day at pre-school (well, Reese and Noah's classes did). They were pumped to dress up in their jammies and head off to school. We captured a silly picture before the headed out.
This weekend was fun. We hung out with some friends, had delicious food, and hosted a Ninnie and Yaya party (www.ninnieandyaya.blogspot.com). It was so great to see friends that we haven't had the chance to see in a while. The kids had a lot of fun.

Monday, November 01, 2010

Halloween 2010

Happy Halloween! I hope everyone had a great day. We sure did. We spent our Halloween in West Dundee at Jonathan, Jen, and Jackson's house for the second year in a row. They have a great neighborhood which made for a great time. (Thanks for hosting such a wonderful time!)

Anyway, this year we decided to go for a theme... Christmas in October. It all started with Rudolph and moved on from there. After all our work, we ended up with a present, the gingerbread man, Rudolph, frosty the snowman, and Mr. Elf. We had a lot of fun all getting dressed up. Carissa suggested we all dress up, and then as it got closer, we discovered it just made it more exciting for the kids. They loved seeing us all dressed up. Now, let's see how many years they will let us all "theme it up" together.

Trick or Treating this year was also a hit. Reese sprinted from house to house and was very good about her Thank You's. She would turn after she got a treat and say, "Mommy, I said Thank you." She was proud for remembering and doing a good job since we reminded her before we started. Chase was hilarious too. He was so excited and would talk to every person. When they would let him pick a couple, he didn't know when to stop. The best was when someone told him to take one, and then he would ask if he could take one for Reesey. He would then take one for her and run over to her and put it in her bucket (and this was after she had already gotten one herself). What a nice boy to share.

The excitement from all the kids made us all so happy.

Tha Staniak's.

My attempt at Hot Dog Mummy's. I think they turned out kind of cute!
I think that almost as cute as the kids were, the adults were a hit too! It was so fun to dress up together and get into the holiday. Who knew that you could have fun dressing up and celebrating when you aren't drinking in the city! (Those were the days!)
An attempt at a Staniak group shot. Ha!
Not sure you can see the bump above his eyebrow, but Mr. Snowman took a bit of a fall running in all his excitement.
Mark, Papa and Sabrina walking the streets.
Grandma Janet was busy leading the little guys (Nate and Jackson) to the doors.

All the kids! 7 this year... Need more room for the additions next year!
Chase is so funny. He says "I like that scary guy." Ha. He had to take a picture with him.
(Uncle Jason, are you so proud??)
Rudolph's antlers are hard to see, but she was a happy reindeer!
(Thanks to Ninnie & Yaya for the adorable tutu.)
The Gingerbread Man
Granmda Kathy keeping Jackson warm.
This may be my favorite picture! Me and my Reese! Just so festive and happy! :)