Thursday, January 27, 2011

Great Laughs and More Teeth

The 5 bigger kids were napping and Blake and I were having some bonding time. He was cracking me up. I started trying to get video of him scooting, but when I got the camera out, he kept going backwards and doing planks like Reese use to do (I have to get a photo. It's too funny).

In other news, I have been talking about his top four teeth making their way in. Oddly, Blake's teeth are coming in more uniquely than Reese's did.

(The X's are the teeth coming in)
Reese's top teeth came in like this X--X
Chase was the typical -XX-
Blake XX--
Really? Who's teeth come in two on one side first. The other two are really close, but that's just odd!

Happy Laughing!

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Whew. What a Week!

There is so much to report on. The last 10 days or so have been BUSY! So, we will try to get through all of the highlights.

Ryan was out of town for the last few days and we had Blake's 6 month doctor's appointment scheduled for a while (along with Reese and Chase's flu shots), so I had to go alone. The kids are ok when we go, but when we have to wait a while they get a little stir crazy in the room. Anyway, I braved it alone, and it went "ok." We did have to wait a while, and the doctor did come in rushed, so it was quick. She said that Blake is doing great. He is hitting all of his milestones. He is stuffy again, but it's most likely due to more teeth coming. He has a little rash on his belly so she said to be sure to introduce foods slowly in case there is an allergy. He was a good boy. Next up was the nurse for shots. Reese was all ready to go first, but when they told her to lay on the table, she lost it. We are talking like shrieking. It took two nurses to pin her down, and me to hold onto her (with Blake in my arms). Of course it didn't even hurt that bad. She was done screaming the second after the shot. She was just nervous. Then it was Chase's turn. You can imagine that he wasn't so pumped to get up on the table after Reese just screamed her head off, but it only took one nurse this time, and Reese and I holding his hands. He cried for a second, but survived. (Funny how Reese was now all cheerleader about it since she was done and it really wasn't that bad.) Blake went last and had to get one oral vaccine, and 3 shots. He cried for a short time. Whew! We made it. The kids got to pick something out of the treasure box (Reese a pink bracelet and Chase a lizard), and we stopped for some McDonald's ice cream sundae's on the way home. Overall, it was a success.

Blake is 19 lbs 8 ozs (about 80%ile)
Blake is 28.75 inches tall (99%ile)

Sunday was the big Bears vs. Packers football game. Because I love my husband so much, I dressed all three kids in Packers gear. I think this is what gave the team the extra push they needed to win the game. Here is Carissa and Blake. Blake seems so big, but as soon as Carissa pops out her baby in a few weeks, he is going to seem gigantic!
I have been dying for a margarita from La Compana. Eileen and Ron shared a pitcher with me and I got to enjoy the delicious treat. It had been since before I was pregnant with Blake, so it was a long wait but well worth it!
Blake also enjoyed the company.
We headed over to the Disney store for a princesses tea party that Sabrina discovered. Thanks for the brilliant idea, but the kid's had a blast. Reese and Avery really loved being dressed up and there were a ton of other princesses too. They got to decorate a tea cup, play some games, and answer some questions. Reese wore here Pocahontas costume and was the only one there. (which was kind of expected). Avery wore her beautiful Cinderella bride's dress. They both looked so pretty. Chase wanted to dress up too, but was happy enough just sitting and watching all the ladies. :)

Blake cruised the mall with Daddy.
Avery carrying the sugar cube on a little spoon.
Reese excited to answer questions.
Check out Reese's tattoo. It came with the costume and we have been looking for an excuse to wear it. She felt so cool and it's still on. (We have to be VERY careful in the bath) Chase sitting and enjoying the fun with the girls.
Reese showing off her braids.
Happy Chase.
Jodi and my friend Kim, her husband Mark, and her kids came over. Kim and I met when her daughter Isabella and Reese took dance together. This was our first "family date" and it was great fun. Her son, Joshua, is a couple months younger than Chase, so the kids had a blast playing dress up, wresting with Jodi, playing kitchen, cars, and eating pizza. We had a blast!
Me, Jodi, and Kim
Jodi, Kim, Isabella, and Joshua playing airplane.
Isabella and Reese having a pj party and giving big hugs.
Last week was Reese's class Sing. Ryan watched the kids for me so I could head over for a little bit and check out the class. The kids had so much fun singing and Reese was excited that I was there. It's so cute to watch them.
Reese comes home from preschool with a picture for Ryan or I. She draws these little people so we always ask her to draw our family. This day she finally came home with 5! Good work Reese. We have also been working on her writing her last name. She came home with this and was so proud of herself! Precious!
Reese also started gymnastics 2 weeks ago. She loves it! She gets excited to go and loves her teachers. Next up is getting Chase in his little Saturday morning preschool class.

Thursday, January 20, 2011

A Very Merry Half Birthday!

Hi Everybody!
It's been six months since Blake was born. He is officially half a year old. He is on his way to being one. I just can't even believe it. He is such a happy boy and I feel like we find ourselves staring at him quite often since he is most likely our last little munchkin in our house. He makes us all smile so much.

Here's what he is up to:
  • Blake is rolling all over the place. I have seen him attempt to scoot forward a bit and get onto his knees, but he isn't totally there just yet.
  • He loves to sit up. He will observe the room and prefers to do it at this view point.
  • He eats 4 times a day. He takes 6-7 ozs at 6am, 10 am, 3pm, and 7pm. He eats cereal with half a fruit at 7am, a veggie around noon, and eats a veggie and half a fruit at dinner time with us. He has had exclusively breast milk, but I am starting to phase out one of my feedings, so when the supply is out in the freezer, he will start having 1 formula bottle a day.
  • He has one major fussy time usually. He will be very tired and can't get comfortable so he will give out a good cry for 5-10 minutes and pass out.
  • He sleeps from 9 pm - 6 am. He usually takes about 3 naps in a day. (Around 9, 1, and 4). He prefers to sleep on his side or his belly and likes to snuggle with a little blanket. He falls asleep in our bed and then we bring him in his crib once Chase is asleep.
  • It looks like his top four teeth are working their way in. His gums look red and you can almost see a bit of tooth through the skin. Maybe this is what is making him cranky when it's time to go to bed? We give him Tylenol on occasion.
  • He loves to laugh at Reese and Chase.
  • He loves his Mommy. :)
  • He loves being in his car seat. He may fuss for a minute when going in, but then he is happy there for a long time.
  • He enjoys his pacifier. He can now put it in his mouth. He will hold it and chew on it in weird ways sometimes too.
  • He has a cute little dimple on the side of his cheek.
  • When he laughs he flings his head back and almost knocks himself out on the floor.
  • He has a good time in the bath. It's nice that he can sit up in there. I think he had his longest bath the other day. A full 10 minutes.
  • He really hopes the Bears beat the Packers on Sunday... even though he knows his Daddy will be disappointed.
  • Blake is a happy boy! He is a lover and so far, he is friendly with anyone who holds him.
  • Stay tuned from his stats from next week's 6 month doctor check-up.
  • Reese still likes to call him Blaker Doodle. Chase calls him Blakey.
Happy Half Birthday, Blake Buddy!

Monday, January 17, 2011

A Whole Lot of Adult Time

We spend most of our time with our kids. We enjoy their company, and to be honest, who really wants to babysit three kids 4 and under. Sure, they are just wonderful, but it's a lot to ask people, so we decide to spend a majority of our time as a family. This weekend, we did TWO adult only events. We don't do them that often, so it makes them even more exciting when we do.

Friday night, we went out to Uno's with Jodi and Tony and then went to the Wolves game at the Allstate Arena. I don't watch a lot of hockey and really have not been to many professional sports games, but we had a great time! I may have been a little silly bugging a little boy who sat in front of us, but he needed some attention... he was sitting dying his hands red in his slushy while his brother had his hand turning blue in his. Anyway, Jodi and I had a good laugh about it. We were 6 rows back from the ice, so it was exciting. I enjoyed the silly fights, even though they seemed a little Jerry Springer to me. I think I see another hockey game in our future! Thanks to Dad and Janet for taking care of the 3 little one.

Jodi and I

Saturday night we had more pizza at my mom's... some Lou's (which we may prefer over Uno's). My mom so kindly let us leave the kids there so we could head out. We met my Dad, Janet, Uncle Donald, and Mary at the Improv at Woodfield. We saw Bobby Lee. He was crazy!! The place was packed, and the show was great. He had some hilarious jokes and was really quite wild. There was even some crazy obnoxious lady that basically got kicked out of the place for being so nuts. So our second night out was filled with good laughs and lots of fun.
Ryan and I
We watched the game on Sunday and look forward to the Green Bay vs. Bears match next week. I may have bet Ryan's dad a bottle of booze on the game. I usually don't care about the outcome, but now, I am really going to be cheering for the Bears. Ryan though is in a win win here.... If the Packers win, he has home team pride. If the Bears win, a yummy bottle of Captain Morgan. Come on Bears! :)

Sunday, January 16, 2011

Mommy : Blake

I was looking through some pictures and came across this one... It really looked like Blake to me?!

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

January, You start the year off fine...

"I love, I love, I love my little Calendar girl... Every day of the Year!" Ok, enough singing. I was just thinking about January and what there was to say, and that song just jumped in my head. It's January! It's cold, snowy, dark... but it's the beginning of a new year! Let's just sing and be happy about the little loves in our lives.

What kind of rambling was that? Really? I know. Weird.

There is a really good deal at my gym at work for personal training and I was thinking about doing it, so I looked up the guy that is doing the training and he was born in 1986. 86! I mean, really? I feel so darn old. I didn't feel old when I turned 30, but realizing that I am not in my 20s anymore?? I remember how I would be places and I would think how I was so young... that is so changing so quickly. Anyway, I am happy in my life, I am satisfied, but the years are flying by and I am not longer a spring chicken. Oh yes, and speaking of falling to pieces, my belly button was healing great and at the 6 week appointment I was given the ok to go ahead and exercise, not to do crunches, but plank type things were ok. Well, somehow doing push-ups or something hurt me again! It doesn't hurt all the time, but many times now I get sharp pains where the repair was done. Ugh. I can run, but no movements that use my abs. I go back to the doctor again for a follow-up next week, so until then, we take it easy.

The kids are loving singing in the car. Reese does a lovely number with "I'm a Little Teapot" with a little shimmy in it. Chase is so impressed at himself that he can sing "ABCs" and gets so pumped when he gets to the end. They love watching Pocahontas and Mulan. Chase asks a lot of questions and always fill me in while I am driving so I don't miss anything.

Reese and Chase both love that Blake sits up and they can play with them. Chase loves to get in Blake's face and make him laugh and Reese tries all the time to pick Blake up or just adjust his position. Watch out!

Chase is having an issue going to bed at bedtime. It takes him quite a while to settle and will "read" and play in his room until after 9:30 (8:00 bedtime). I am tired before he is. I don't put Blake in his room until Chase is out, so it's exhausting sometimes. But, he is mainly quiet and will eventually go to sleep.

Reese starts gymnastics on Saturday, and the first weekend in February, Chase will start a little preschool class on Saturday mornings. We think that he is going to love it. Reese did it last year and tells Chase how it's so much fun and how nice the teacher's are.

Blake is sitting up all the time and loves it. He is now eating baby food three times a day- one stage one food. He sometimes has a bit of a freak out around 3pm, but is mainly very content.

Other than the fun that is our house, I am very excited about the babies that will be joining this year. Carissa is due next month, Jen in two months, Sabrina in four months... I am so pumped for these new little people. I love hearing about their pregnancies and love knowing that they have these little one's moving and a-shaking in their womb. It's just the most exciting moments in the world.

This little man is rolling all over the place.
He loves to play on his belly and sit and check out the world. "Ok, I am ready! Cheese."
Chase isn't digging the collared shirts lately, but went for it the other day. He was pumped for his Daddy haircut and for getting "stuff" in his hair.
I need to wear a bib a lot. I think my top teeth are in the works and I drool A LOT!
Chase trying to be silly for Blake.
Chase and Nate were loving the Elefun game. I think we filled it up 20 times!
A Happy New Year upside pose by Noah and Reese.

Wednesday, January 05, 2011

Welcome 2011

Hello- Stupid computer is not cooperating, so for now, you just get to listen to me ramble on.

We spent New Years Eve hanging low with the Connelly's. We enjoyed some pizza, chocolate cake and ended the night early. Everyone was a little under the weather so we didn't get crazy. Maybe next year... or maybe in a few years when we can all make it to midnight!

Everyone is doing great. Reese and Chase are getting over their colds. Reese isn't eating as much with the cold, but I am sure she will be totally back to normal soon. Either way, they are playing together a lot. They do like to bug each other, but also are sharing and running around like crazy. I let them play on the bunk beds and practice going up and down the ladder. They thought that was SO cool.
Blake is feeling better, but I think he is now working on his top two teeth. He is chomping on his pacifier and anything he can get his hands on. He is working on more foods. He has eaten cereal, apples, pears, carrots, peas, and squash. He usually has one food in the morning and one some time in the afternoon/evening. He isn't crazy about the peas, but really, who is. He has become a belly sleeper and we are trying to figure out a little bit of a sleeping routine. He is sitting up and playing a ton and loves to roll all over the place. He's a happy baby.

I am pumped for 2011. I am most excited for spring to come. I know it's far away, but it will be here so soon and we will be outside playing and enjoying our trips to Wheaton. I am also pumped to meet three new nephews (or maybe 1 niece), make a trip out to Colorado... and whatever else the year brings us.