Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Ta Da

Ryan had a Birthday this past weekend and it was a busy day! We started the day off with a 31 clue/gift scavenger hunt. It started with breakfast and ended with a nice card from me. I thought I would be clever and put one gift on the top floor followed by a gift in the basement. Let's just say it was a good workout. We then headed to preschool, gymnastics, Costco, and to Noah and Nate's Birthday Party. It was a full day.
This was Reese's last gymnastics class of the session. We got to watch her moves.

We signed up again because she really seems to like the class and the girls in it.

I love this one of Noah blowing out his candle. You can tell he is just so excited. He's my special godson and lucky to share a birthday with my wonderful husband. Then there is Nate who turned 2 a couple weeks ago. He always brightens my day. He ALWAYS says hi and bye to me when he sees me. He gets genuinely excited. There are one million reasons to love my husband, but one my favorites is his ability to be silly. Ryan knew Noah and Nate had their '5' and '2' animal shirts so together we made him his own '31' shirt. He kept it hidden under his shirt during most of the party until the big reveal at cake time. It got a good laugh. He's so funny.
Blake had a fun time at the party too! He was excited that his newest buddies Dylan and Brayden were there. (And Brayden was just 5 days new!-

Dylan is now and oldie at just 5 1/2 weeks. jk)
It had been awhile since we have seen little Aubry. It's she so cute!

Thursday, March 24, 2011

A Box + Digiorno House Party + Birthdays + More

I'm so far behind... I feel like life has just been a whirlwind of crazy lately. I can't catch up. I know it's a phase and all, but I feel flustered. So annoying. I think the couple days of warm weather threw me off... and the kids. We want to get out there! Enjoy the outside, but we can't. Soon, I know. So, here I go, trying to play a little game of catch up.

St. Patrick's Day!
Here's little Blake... ALWAYS on the move these days!

Guess what I got! (My friend Jodi brought over this bank. Of course, the box is the hit.)
Perfect Fit
Pop Goes Avery!
The worst excuse for a kids St.Patty's photo.
Miss Hott Mess, Mr. Smiles, and Mr. Stubborn
The Digiorno Party.
I was selected by the House Party website to host a Digiorno pizza party. It's great! They hook you up with coupons and all sorts of goodies for a successful party. I will start by saying that Digiorno does have some pretty good deals. It's like $7.50 for a box with a pizza and hot wings, or pizza and breadsticks, or pizza and cookies. Not bad for a meal. I think the pizza is pretty tasty too. I tried their buffalo chicken pizza too and that was tasty. We took advantage of our party and celebrated Carissa and Ryan's birthdays at our party. It was a pretty fun evening!

Dylan, Carissa, and Dave with some Digiorno pizza. Yum.
One of Avery's favorites- PIZZA!
One of the last pictures of Jen with Brayden in her belly!
We were looking for the full moon that was hiding behind some clouds.
The supplied us with some "Bam Bams." All of the "kids" really enjoyed them!
Look that precious boy with his Mama. Love it!
What's a Staniak party without a little dancing!
Jackson busting a move.
The birthday girl and boy!
Blowing out the candles.
A new little addition to my purse! Ryan's friend gave us this extra camera she had for a steal of a price! Little did I know, the camera she had was HOT PINK! I love it for that reason alone. Anyway, it will be nice to have a working little camera to throw in my bag when I don't want to bring the big camera along.
Trying to entertain the kids tonight, we made an extra bubbly bath. It was messy, but fun.
Have a good weekend.

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Foley #2 is Here!

Jen, Jonathan, and Big Brother Jackson welcomed Brayden James today at 12:04pm. He is perfect and precious and doing great! We are so happy to have another nephew. I got to the hospital on my lunch break around 11:45 and made it there in time to hear the great news. I couldn't be more excited for another baby in the family!

Sunday, March 20, 2011

Blake is 8 Months Old

Blake is 8 months old! Our little man is growing like a week and keeping us happy and on our toes! Here are the latest Blake facts:

  • He eats 4 bottles with 7 ozs of Similac Advanced a day.

  • He eats cereal with fruit mixed in for breakfast, one stage 2 veggie for lunch or (1 stage one fruit and 1 stage one veggie) with puffs, and a stage 2 veggie for dinner (sometimes with fruit too).

  • We have started finger foods since he loves puffs so much! He has eaten bananas, fruit cup peaches, canned carrots, and canned green beans. I need to figure out what else I can give him because he really loves to chew.

  • Mum Mums! We found these at that expo, and they have them at Target and Meijer. Blake loves them. They aren't too messy and they are a great little food for him to eat himself. I love them.

  • Poor Blake has had like one million colds. I guess it goes with having two siblings taking classes (school) and bringing germs home. I just hope this means he will have less colds when he is older. He's tough though. He doesn't crab too much about it. Took him to the doctor this week after a fever and he has a double ear infection. He seems to be getting better now but is still trying to fight a nasty cough. I think he has had one most of his little life.
  • We have a moving machine! I mean, really. This kid does not stop moving (sounds like Reese and Chase). He goes from sitting to crawling (mainly army crawling) to laying to sitting. He tries to pull himself up sometimes on furniture, but he is still working on that.

  • Blake loves to watch all the kids in the room and is mostly happy with a friend in sight. Reese and Chase love to sit with him too.
  • Blake loves his jumparoo still.
  • He's around 21.5 pounds and needs to move into a big car seat... probably this week, but it will be annoying because he uses his little seat for naps sometimes, especially since he is sick a lot (the incline helps).
  • He loves that Baby Dylan is here and that Baby Brayden is coming any day and then one more boy *baby Connelly to join his boy squad.
  • If we hold him and tell him to dance he usually will bounce in your arms.
  • He's a tough little cookie with all the "love" he gets from his siblings and cousins.
  • He's kind of a mama's boy, but he is happy in any one's arms.
  • He's smiley and makes us all so happy.

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Staniak Birthday's

The Staniak/Hirsch's came to town this weekend to celebrate Grandpop's (Feb 21st) and Ryan's (March 26th) Birthdays. We headed to Dave and Busters for some pre-party fun, we had some Portillo's Beef, some salad, pasta salad, Grandma's Jello Jigglers!, and some cake. (I made my first banana cream pie and it turned out ok!) We don't see each other as often as we would like since they are in Wisconsin, so when we are together, we live it up and have fun. It was great celebrating.

Uncle Jason showing Reese how to play a game.
Grandma Jill and Grandpa John showing Chase the ropes.
Reese run a huge amount of tickets on one game. She felt so cool!
The kids loved playing with the grandparents.
Jason & Reese vs. Ryan & Chase on the race cars. Chase's red car took the 1st prize!
Blake was there too... enjoying Dave and Busters in his seat.
The Birthday Boys.

Wednesday, March 09, 2011

Life really is sweeter...

It's pretty exhausting being a parent. You never have time to really chill, BUT there is nothing better.


We have been eating the little mandarin oranges lately, you know, Cuties. This morning, Reese went to get one and asked, "Mommy, Can I please have a Sweetie Pie?"


Sunday, March 06, 2011

Keeping it Real

Blake has yet another cold. The poor kid is #3, and has to deal with more colds in the house. He is happy as can be though. I took him to the doctor last week. He is back on breathing treatments a few times a day but overall he is doing fine. He is slowly starting to sleep better at night again. He is moving all over the place. The creeping is turning into crawling and he is fast! Watch out. He tried a few small bites of cooked carrots and mandarin oranges this week. The pieces were small, be he liked them. He is growing up so fast!
Friday night we went to dinner with Eileen and Ron to a place called Ivy in Wheaton. Ryan had been wanting to try it, but he was overall, unsatisfied. The prices were high, and so he had very high expectations. I thought it was pretty tasty, but not amazing. I don't think we will be there again anytime soon. Here's an interesting group shot...
Reese and I got to go to Kristen's baby shower on Saturday! She is having a girl, so it was fun to see lots of pink. She is looking great and we can't wait to meet little Adelyn.
Reese and Chase thought it would be fun to dress up in Daddy's shirts. They kind of looked like little hobos, but they thought it was pretty cool.

Oh, silly little Reese! And Daddy-O!
Chase has been his usual self... He is full of energy, lovable, a major chatterbox, and tons of trouble.

I am always trying to keep the kids busy. I find that with 6 kids, the key is that they are not completely bored. So, Ryan came home with a boa from his work trip, and we turned that into a project. (Sounds pretty fun that it was in his bag when he arrived home, but it was some sort of marketing activity, and Reese was thrilled.) Reese ran around with it and the feathers kept falling off. We collected them and made birds.

Reese Chase
Noah Nate Avery
(They did a great job and loved that we used googly eyes!)