Thursday, April 28, 2011

Make Your Own Sunshine

It's been cloudy and cold and all we want to do (like everyone else) is get outside. So, to get out some energy (and to clear off the kitchen floor so I can clean it at nap time), we made a bus and did some reading on it! Blake ate a Mum Mum and Nate played the ipod!

Who doesn't like a dance party? We put on some music videos on Comcast On Demand, and we dance like wild peeps. (Justin Beiber- "Baby" is a current favorite and it's not easy to find an appropriate video!) It goes well for a few songs and then it turns into a mosh pit and we have to call it quits, BUT it's great fun until then.




Blake didn't partake in the dancing, but he tried to sit and bounce... he's own style of dance for right now.

And, well, when you spend the whole day in the house and there's no place to go and the weather isn't very good, why not make your own beach? So, grab your suits, make your own water (aka the blanket), bring your babies, beach balls, rafts (aka BamBams) and enjoy some made up sunshine! Why not?

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Blake's 9 Month Stats and Doctor Visit


21 pounds 15.5 ounces



30.25 inches


(side note- Reese was bigger at 9 months and Chase was a little smaller)

His head Circumference was 18.5 inches. Blake got one shot and was happy to visit the doctor. They gave him the standard check and said he was meeting his milestones and doing just fine. I asked about food and they said I can continue with adding finger food. No nuts, peanut butter, or honey, but he can try eggs and strawberries and if there is no reaction, it's fine for him to eat them.

She asked how he was sleeping and I said he was doing ok, but gets up lately around 4. She said it was too early and to stand by his door and tell him to just go back to bed. Ha. Like telling a nine month old is going to respond to that! So, I know what I have to do... the job that is hardest on the parents... the job that no one wants to deal with... letting him cry it out. Last night we went for it. He woke up around 3:45am, cried/whined/moaned for 40 minutes and finally fell back to sleep (Chase basically slept through all of this!) We fell asleep around 4:45 (finally) and Blake was up and read to go before 6 for the day! Needless to say, I am tired, BUT I know that if we aren't consistent he will constantly be getting up in the night. So, we hope tonight goes better and after a few days we have a sleeping champ like the other two.

Monday, April 25, 2011

Easter Day

Our Easter morning started out with some church, a visit from the Easter bunny, and some egg dying. The Easter Bunny left treats all over the living room- candy, crackers, and juice boxes. Reese got Tangled, stickers, Silverlicious, and an elephant pillow pet. Chase got a shark pillow pet, How to Train Your Dragon, stickers, and some learning Leap Frog Dvds. Blake got a cup and some snacks. They made out!

We then hosted an Easter brunch at our house. Everyone brought food and I think it was all very delicious. The cousins had an Easter egg hunt and loved it.

All in all it was a great day!

Here are some pictures. I have so many great ones of the Connelly's, Foley's, and Thommes', but I shared them, so I will let them post their favorites too. Enjoy.

Our attempt at a family photo. Not the greatest, so we will keep working on it.
Reese, Blake (Smiley), and Chase.
Reese and Chase were so good about sharing. When we did our hunt in the morning, they just kept calling each other over to show things they found. It was very sweet.

Blake didn't get into the fun this year, but watch out for next year!

Reese was happy about her pillow pet! (I kind of want one for myself now!)

Some kids getting busy on the cousin hunt! The youngest kids started first to get a head start. They were so pumped. It was fun to watch!
The kid's table. (I remember when I sat at the kid's table. I am getting old.)

The Narly Nine.

Soon to be the tremendous ten.

Blaker Doodle.

I have some eggs from when we were kids. My mom had written our names on some. Jonathan was so pumped to find one with his name on it! Pretty funny.

Sunday, April 24, 2011

Hoppy Easter!

Happy Easter EveryBunny!

We hope your day is filled with lots of love, treats, eggs, bunnies, ham, family, fun , and sunshine.

With Love,

Reese, Chase, Blake,

& Jenny and Ryan too!

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

9 Months + A Little Easter Action

It takes 9 months + to cook a baby and they go from a spec to a 8+ pounder in no time. They develop so much in that amount of time and it's amazing what happens in your belly. I will forever miss that... it's the greatest experience ever. But, it's crazy to think that Blake has now been outside of my womb for 9 months. It seems like time flew, yet it seems like he has been part of our family forever. You think that there is no way you can handle the changes, but they just become who your family is.
Anyway, lets talk about where Blake is at after 9 months of life!

  • 8 teeth at 9 months. That may be some sort of crazy record.

  • Blake seriously has his like 20th cold. It's sad, but he continues to handle them well. He has a runny nose and a little cough. He's fine all day, but it gets him up around 2am and take a while to get back to sleep. Ugh for us.

  • Blake eats 4 - 8 oz bottles a day still and baby food three times a day with a snack around 4:00. We are working on finger food still, bread, crackers, green beans, carrots, a little lunch meat, and a little cheese.

  • Since baby boot camp, Blake is doing much better at nap time and bedtime. I rock him like a baby and sing him Twinkle Twinkle and the ABC's, then I lay him down, rub his belly and make him stay laying, put his little blankie over his eyes, and then sing him one more song. Usually he has been fussy for only a couple minutes now. We put the bumper back in the crib after he got his legs stuck a few times trying to sit with them out of the crib and then turn... doesn't work. He likes to nuzzle his head up against it.

  • Before this cold, Blake was waking up at 4 am every night Now it's in the 2's. We now have to work on crying it out in the middle of the night. Fun stuff.

  • Blake is a crawling champ (look out) and pulls himself up all the time. He prefers to be standing these days. He moves slowly along furniture but mainly likes to stay in one place right now.

  • Blake waves and tries to say hi, but it sounds more like a yell with an 'h' sound at the start.

  • He also claps and "cheers."

  • I think he may be the most smiley kid ever... at least when I am around! :)

  • He is very entertained by his siblings and cousins.

  • I think he is pretty easy going but can get angry when someone leaves the room (I think it's the separation phase).

  • He'll be 1 year in just 3 months... Will he be walking? Using a sippy cup and off the bottle? Eating only finger food? Sleeping until at least 6am? Will he say his first word? What will it be? So many more fun things to happen!

We celebrated Easter with Grandma Jill, Grandpa John, Jason, and Grandpops this weekend. The food was great (even if they teased that it was cold), the goodies were thoughtful and generous, and the company was fantastic. Thanks for the wonderful time!

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Mommy Boot Camp in FULL Swing

Being a Mom is not an easy job... let's be honest here. I mean, You love your kids so much but they know how to push your buttons and how to try and get their way around every corner. Maybe other people have perfect children, but ours... well they are usually great for other people, but when they are behind our closed doors, they can be a handful. We love being with them and love the good with the bad (and there is MUCH more good than bad), but some days, some weeks, they just need some tough love. Since we got back from vacation and the constant full attention from Mommy and Daddy, they are trying every trick in the book, so here I go-- trying to win the battle. Let's start off with little Blake. Obviously he is not talking back or doing naughty things, but it's time for sleep training over here. No more coming into our bed all the time or napping in the carseat (which, by the way, we have officially ditched the baby carrier seat and are now in the big boy seat). Naps have been a bit of a challenge and today was day 1 of letting him really just cry it out. It's painful to listen to it, but after 40 minutes of crying he fell asleep. Nap 2, he went to bed with 1 min of crying. Has he learned already? He has been going to bed at 7:15 after his 7:00 bottle and doing ok at that time. Some days he has cried a little more. Hopefully after a week of this he will be going down without a fight. This brings us to Chase having to really share his room. He has done a great job being quiet and not bothering his brother. That went smoother than I thought. We did try putting them down at the same time once but that ended with Chase in the crib with Blake... so, for now, Blake goes down and Chase goes in when Blake is asleep. Here is little Miss with her newest cousin Brayden. She's so happy to hold him. She has been such a great helper and sister. She held Nate's hand on our walk today so he didn't fall behind. She was looking out for him the entire time. Anyway, she has been a bit sassy lately so she is on a good behavior sticker chart. She gets a sticker for good decisions and being helpful and will earn a treat after she gets a bunch of stickers. Until then, no treats. Same thing is going on with Chase.
Chase can be such a great sharer. In Florida, he shared all of his brand new toys with Braxton and didn't whine about it. He is happy to play with others most of the time, but he has been a big time stinker this last week. My loving Chase buddy is giving me the biggest fight with my "boot camp" and he is not giving in without a fight. He's had quite a few time outs today and in protest has even peed in the seat (luckily it's a wooden seat that I can clean). He will be told to not throw something and will fake throw it watching to see if I am really serious. The issue is that he is only 2 1/2 but he KNOWS what is right and wrong and he purposely does the naughty things that he does. So, he will continue to get many time outs and learn that it's not ok to do bad things. I know he is just a kid, but if we don't let him know what is right and wrong, who will!? Oh, and food... all day long he is asking for food. He has not been sitting through meals and tells me he is hungry all day. He has to sit at the table until he is excused and if he doesn't finish his meal, it's saved so that is what he gets when he is hungry. Snacks are only fruit and veggies. I don't care if he eats veggies all day, but that's it.
I probably sound harsh or really mad. I am not either. I am just feeling that they need to be reminded of the rules sometimes. They are very smart kids and know right from wrong so they will learn! Now... the hardest part is on us. If we don't follow through and don't stick to our guns, they will not learn. Wish me luck! :)

Sunday, April 10, 2011

Vacation - West Palm Beach, Florida - Take 4

I feel like I can go on and on about vacation. It was just such a nice and relaxing time with good friends and my little family of 5. We enjoyed the heck out of the nice weather and travelling didn't end up as bad as it could have. The flight home was pretty easy. It was late at night (we left Florida at 9:20pm and didn't get home until after 1:00am) but the kids all fell asleep and besides the rowdy and annoying teenage girls (with their mom! Who doesn't tell their kids to calm down!??), the adventure was a success. We are so thankful for our friends for having us and look forward to another visit in the future! So, we will wrap up the pictures (though I took over 400!), and share with you the trip to the park and Reese's favorite event... Makeover! She randomly told me that the girls were going to have a makeover party. I am not sure where she got it from, but Jordan is stocked with jewelry and fun things, so we wrapped Reese up in a scarf, threw on some makeup and jewelry and she couldn't be any happier. Really. She was the happiest girl in the world. Everyone has their thing... Reese's thing is dress up at this point... I am sure it will change many times as she grows up. Now, back to reality...
Jordan & Lee

Reese made friends with a couple little girls at the park. They just kept chasing each other around. She was so happy to tell me she made some friends. Blake loved being in the swing. He is getting so noisy lately.
Teeth shot.
Cute little Braxton.
Chase got in on the swinging too!

And, the Makeover! Look at that little peach. Seriously though, we do not watch Next Top Model. Not sure where she got this from.Ok, this picture is too much. I don't even know what to say! (Bad Mommies!)

Thursday, April 07, 2011

Vacation - West Palm Beach, Florida - Take 3

I am not a beach girl. I mean, if I could just lay there, on a chair or blanket, we would be ok, but with kids, you are moving and a shakin' and there is sand all over everyone. I would have skipped the beach since the pools were so nice, but I knew the kids would love it and we were so close... how could we pass it up. It ended up being a great time. Reese and Chase are old enough to explore (and prefer to stay mostly out of the water) and enjoy the beach on their own. Blake was a pain, but we didn't stay too long so it was ok.

Practicing some spelling on the beach.

Owning the beach.
Hat on head. Eyes Closed, Leg Crossed, Bottle in Hand.

Another scene we may see down the road...

Mr. Mover decided to venture off the blanket and check out the sand. A face plant soon followed and he had sand everywhere. So, there was less sand time after that.

Ryan buried his feet! Blake napped for a while when we first arrived, but then enjoyed the sun.
The Peterson's
Me and Ryan.

Watch out. Here I come! My three boys doing some bonding.

Chase loved the sand. (Total boy thing if you ask me.)
She could stay on the beach all day. She loved wearing her swimsuit.
Reese loved collecting shells and cleaning them in the water.