Wednesday, May 25, 2011


Sometimes we just need a reason to smile...

This was Reese one year ago! She makes the same faces, but is growing up so fast.

Chase, a year ago. He still LOVES the parks. (Nice, hair, dude.)
This was Reese's school picture from pre-school. Her second one. I think it's kind of funny.
(I will see if I can get a copy of the first one up)

And Blake... today.

Saturday, May 21, 2011

10 Months & 6 years

Can you believe our baby is already 10 months? That he is only 2 months away from being a year old? It's crazy! Our littlest love is growing up so fast. :)
Here's the scoop on the Blakester.

  • Blake sleeps two good naps during the day- 8:45 am and 1:30 pm. He sleeps at night from 7:15pm-5:15am.

  • Blake is a great eater like everyone else in this house. He gets 4- 7 oz bottles at 5:30, 10, 3, and 6:30. He eats just about everything now. He still gets some baby food, but also enjoys anything from eggs, cheese, bread, chicken, bananas, waffles, mac and cheese, broccoli, noodles, carrots, green beans... the list goes on.

  • I am pretty sure that his first word is "Hi." I will get it on video and then I think it will be official.

  • He has been saying "mama" and "dada" and the "ga" sound a lot. I am not sure he can put a face to the names, but soon.

  • He can play peek a boo with a blanket.

  • He likes to bite things... even his arm. I think he is getting more teeth or something.

  • He crawls all over the place and stands all the time. No signs of walking yet.

  • He loves to open the art and Tupperware cabinets and make a mess.

  • He loves all kids and especially Reese and Chase.

  • Blake is under the table at the moment mad because he can't stand up under a chair. :)

  • He is working on a sippy cup. He does ok with some water, but mostly he throws it on the floor.

  • He loves the cell phones and the ipod and remote... like all kids in the world.

  • He is happy in the car and in the stroller for walks.

Today is the 6 year anniversary of the day that Ryan and I got married. :) We went out to Longhorn for dinner last night while my mom watched the kids (Thanks, Mom!). It was nice to be out alone and have some quiet time. Ryan got me a necklace that has the kids birthstones. I just love it! We also exchanged some nice cards. I am so lucky to have such an amazing husband.

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Fun Filled Weekend

We were supposed to do Mother's Day last weekend with Ryan's Mom, BUT the weather wasn't great and we were planning an outside activity, so we tried for this past weekend-- which wasn't any better. SO, we met up at Gurnee Mills and had a great time. We ate at Rainforest Cafe, the kids hopped on some little rides, Chase pet a snake, we did some shopping, and just enjoyed the company. That mall is seriously huge! I think there were quite a few sore feet by the end of the day!

Reese and Chase on a virtual roller coaster.

Ryan tried to get his mom to try out the hurricane winds, but she was a bit nervous. The kids didn't want in either so, John took it for the team and I guess it was weak. Nothing more than a fan on high.
Blake enjoyed the rainforest. He is eating everything these days. He enjoyed some chicken nuggets for lunch.

Grandpa John, Reese, and Grandma Jill.

Sunday, Dylan was baptized! He did GREAT! So proud of the little guy. He's such a cutie pie.

No tears!

While Ryan was working, the kids and I headed to the park yesterday before some grocery shopping. We all took a turn on the swings and Reese made a friend.. that girl will play with anyone. They played tag and hide and seek. Chase joined in too.




Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Logan Foley Connelly

Look at this adorable little guy. Logan Foley Connelly was born today at 5:31am. Sabrina called around 2 am, and I headed to the hospital along with Carissa, Jen (& Brayden), and my Mom. We knew it wouldn't be long and it wasn't. Sabrina and Logan are doing great. Congrats to Sabrina and Mark (Noah, Avery, and Nate). We are so happy for them!!

Sunday, May 08, 2011

Happy Mother's Day!!

We headed to the Chicago Botanic Gardens for Mother's Day with my wonderful mom and my sibling families. We had a picnic lunch that was great and had a fun time walking around the gardens. The weather turned out to be fantastic and we enjoyed the day!

There are so many special Mom's out there and I hope they all had a special day.

Me and my babies.

My buddy Chase wasn't in a chipper mood..., I got a picture with Blake and Reese who would smile with me.
My lovely little lady!

There really isn't anything better than being a mom.

I may not be perfect, but I love every single crazy second of it!

Thursday, May 05, 2011

Some Randomness

Thoughts I would share some pictures this afternoon. Some of these are new, some are a little older... all are kind of funny.

Since you are all wondering how Boot Camp is going, I will just say that Chase hasn't been as bad at that week, but his Boot Camp will be never ending. He just likes to challenge us and keep us on our toes. Here he is sporting one of Reese's hats.

Ryan took us on a nice long family walk last Sunday morning. Chase wanted to pull the wagon and it just happened to be when we were going up a little hill. After he got to a spot that it wouldn't roll back, he got in the wagon and said he had had enough. It was tough work with Reese in there!

We had Easter at my Dad and Janet's this past Sunday. It was a great time! Here is attempt at a group shot. Blake's hair and face are hilarious! I other Blake news, he is still getting up in the 5's but sleeping until then so I am happy. He also ate the same dinner we did last night and did great. Chicken breasts, sweet potato fries (that I made myself!), and a banana.

A better attempt at a group shot. I kind of think it's adorable. Do you feel the love?

I found this as I was going through my pictures. It's Sabrina's belly and Dylan and Brayden. I love it! That baby will be out soon and there will be three little one's!

About a week after Brayden was born, Jen found this Kid's night at a sports place in Schaumburg. Brayden had a great time sleeping and the kids had fun playing! The dad's had fun running around too and got quite sweaty.

Grandma entertained Blake for a while since he couldn't keep up on the gymnastics equipment.

Jackson found this helmet that Jonathan so nicely put on him. I think he loved it! (See, I told you the boys got sweaty!)

The "boys" (Chase, Nate, and Blake) and I took a trip over to Carissa's one morning while the "big kids" were in school. Chase and Nate checked out Dylan.

Blake and Carissa sported matching yellow shirts.