Tuesday, June 28, 2011

31 Baby!

Today I am 31. I had a great day with my family. Ryan and I took the day off and hit up Pirate's Cove, did some eating, and did some shopping. I think 31 is going to be an interesting year... it's at least starting that way. Anyway, a couple people came over this past weekend to celebrate... nothing crazy, just a small little and fun gathering. To keep in interesting, there was a little martini contest. It was really fun and the martini's were delicious. The martini's were even Jenny inspired.

The winners...

a chocolate martini by Jodi and Tony.

"Brown Noser"

(Thanks, Jodi!)

Second Place
A Lemon Martini by Ryan
(Look at that disappointment)

3rd Place
A fruity fizzy martini by Carissa and Dave
Presenting the awards, Mr. Dave Thommes.
I love his display.
My super great and wonderful husband.

Jacquie and Mike
They did the "Sparkletini" YUM!

The kids were entertained by Brian and Katie for a while. (What a treat!-- there is a lot of them.)
Mark and Dave enjoying some martini's.
Reese, Chase and Jackson helped me with my candles.

Mark, Sabrina, and Nate.
They did the "Sweetie-tini" Another Chocolate deliciousness.
Avery, Sabrina, Nate, Jen, and Brayden.
Jen and Jonathan made the "Tank-ini" (Which some may have not preferred because of the coconut, but I like it!!)
Jen made me this Delicious cookie cake! (which we topped with vanilla ice cream!)
My buddies Avery and Nate.
Blake and me.
I think this may be the cutest picture of Blake ever!
My big kids and me.
Mark- What a guy! :)
What a great day!

Sunday, June 26, 2011

Colorado - The rest of the trip.

Crazy kids had a blast playing in the community pool. There was a little baby pool that they had to themselves most of the time, and we even made a short stop in the big pool. Now, we need swim lessons so they can learn to swim on their own!

We made a trip to the Denver Zoo. The weather was great, and they had yummy popcorn! Chase may have slept for most of the visit, but we all enjoyed the animals we got to see. (Couldn't miss seeing the flamingos!)

Jessica and Reese The Puccini Family

Nathan and Reese. They aren't quite as tall as the huge polar bear.

Aunt Judi, Alex, and Sammy.

Jessica and Reese.

Moon Sand was a hit! Chase loved it almost as much as play doh.

Chase (by Jenny) -- Reese (by Alex) -- Alex (by Sammy)

Happy Father's Day to Ryan while we were in Colorado!

I think this picture is sweet.

"Cool like Dad"

Daddy and Reese

Uncle Bob helped the kids roast a marshmallow. They loved it!

Alex and Happy Blake.

Uncle Bob and Chase.

Chase Uncle Bob about 50 times if he lived there. It was like a non-stop joke! But it was hilarious.

Reese and Josh.

Blakey Doodle.

We went to a little mini indoor children's park.

Loving the teacups.

We got to see Kristen!

... and adorable Adelyn.

And Megan! Who spun Reese on the teacups. Reese could go fast enough. I wanted to get sick just watching!

Growing up, I made Chocolate chip cookies with Josh EVERY time we were together. Josh thought he would carry on the tradition but take the lead this time with Reese and Chase. It was so cute!

Me and my cookie boy.

The trip was great... the flight home was a success, and it only took about 5 days to get back to a little bit of a normal life! Thanks to the Puccini's for a great trip.

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

11 Months Old

Blake is 11 Months. Just one month and he will be ONE!

  • Still just cruising around furniture. I am not sure if he will be walking by one. At this point, I think no. He crawls so darn fast, I think he just prefers to go that way, but I think it's time he starts walking so his poor knees get a break!

  • He has a biting thing. I am not sure what it is (he isn't trying to hurt anyone or anything), but he will vampire attack people and furniture and even his own arm while playing. We are trying to put a stop to that!

  • He doesn't eat baby food anymore and he has had some whole milk here and there while trying to get use to the sippy cup. He likes it, so I think that will be an easy transition. He eats a lot of green beans and carrots and pretty much likes everything he has eaten. He still drinks 4- 8ounce bottles.

  • He loves to repeat people if they talk to him, but it's mainly just noises.

  • He sleeps with his paci and his blankie. Without a little blankie, it's harder for him to go to sleep. He naps twice still at 9am and about 1:30pm. He goes to bed at 7pm and wakes around 6am.

  • He is currently standing in the corner of the room and saying "hiiiiii." I think it's his first word.

  • He is on his second real vacation to Colorado right now. He has already flown to Florida and now Colorado.

  • He's SO smiley. He is such a happy boy!!

  • He let's the big kids play with him and is very tolerant.

  • He is working on mastering the stairs.

  • Blake got his first hair cut by Daddy at 10.5 months.

  • He's been drooling like crazy. I think his molars will be in soon.

Monday, June 20, 2011

Colorado Fun #1

The flight was a success! We had a 7am flight but then it was cancelled. Luckily, we got put on an 8am flight and made it with no problems. The boys are slept and Reese and I tried to entertain ourselves with movies, coloring, books, and games. The time here has gone really fast, and we had great meals, plenty of sun, pool time, and awesome time with the Puccini's. They have been fun, generous, and great entertainers. Here are some pictures from the first part of our trip.

Reese got her hands on the camera. I thought she did a good job with this silly picture.

A picture of Ryan and I taken by Reese.Loving up the sunshine.

We played at the park outside of the Denver Children's Museum. (Which was GREAT!)

Group Hug!

An attempt at a Daddy picture.

These next few pictures crack me up. There was a puppet show area. Reese and Chase were putting on a show for Blake, Ryan and myself.

Trying out the rocket exhibit.

A firetruck to test out.

Reese built this rocket. It kept getting stuck. We were cracking up as they had to keep getting it out of the air tunnel. They just kept letting her add more and more to it so it was so heavy.

The kids loved the kitchen/grocery shop area. It was by far their favorite.

A little bubble popping...

Ready... Set....


Alex and Reese hanging out and Reese showing off her feathers.

Chase and Sammy.

Blake Buddy... or Blake Man, as AJ likes to call him.

Chase and the little butler man. He had to pose every time he walked past him.

... Stay tuned for more!