Sunday, July 31, 2011

Last Day of Soccer for the Summer

Reese had her last day of soccer this past Wednesday. She isn't always so excited to go, and she hates putting on her shin guards, but when she gets out there, she has a blast. She is a good runner, and has a lot to learn still, but she is semi-coordinated and has potential. I think we will take another go at it next summer.

Loving her medal.

Waiting to be called up for her award.
What a great high five.

"Can't catch me!"

It rained a little and Chase got a picture of Blake and me under the umbrella.


Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Do you need a good laugh?

Ok, there are a lot of crazy dance parties at our house. I found this one. I can't stop laughing. Reese has some crazy moves... and Chase's squat dance kills me.

Blake is taking 8+ steps now. (Of course he didn't want to do to many for the video, but here are a few). How about those mixed up jammies. I love my kids. They are so funny.

Blake is ONE!

One year ago today, this little man entered our life!

... and 365 days later, he is no longer little and no longer a baby... he is our little boy.

Every birthday we (well, probably all parents) say it... Where has the time gone? I know our parents think it looking at us, and in just a blink, our kids turning 30 and we will really be in shock. For now though, the attention is on our baby who is ONE today. Blake, our little happy and smiley guy is no longer our little baby (ok, our kids have never been little), but he's growing up! He will ALWAYS be our baby, but the baby phase is passing and a new phase will begin. I already miss him being a tiny guy I can hold in my arms and rock to sleep, but I so look forward to him joining in the fun with Reese and Chase (and his cousins!), to seeing him run (and walk like a pro, getting many bumps and bruises along the way), hearing him talk, and watching his personality continue to grow. He already is such a happy guy. He adds so much love into our lives. Happy Birthday, Blake!

    And here is where our one year old is at today!

  • No more bottles, all sippy cup. Now we just work on not throwing the cup on the floor. He does see his baby cousins with bottles, and get a little jealous.

  • No more formula. Blake is drinking just whole milk now and LOVES it!

  • Still using the pacifier. I give it to him anytime he gets fussy, but soon we will save it just for bed and the car, and then eventually take it away.

  • He can wear a few things that are 12 months, but 12-18 month clothes or 18 month clothes seem to fit better. 12 month shirts are crop tops on the tall kid.

  • He has a low voice for a little baby. It's pretty funny. He likes to scream (not as much as his big brother) and that is a bit more high pitched. We really need to start working on words. He does say "hi" which I believe is his first word, and can say Mama and Dada if we work at it, but we now have to really start focusing on his talking... he is one!

  • He can climb up and down the stairs like a champ. We have to keep an eye on him because he goes so fast that I worry he is going to fall, but is has some major skills.

  • I wouldn't call him a walker just yet, but he is gaining confidence every day. He takes 6+ steps at a time.

  • He never has shoes on. (Bad Mommy, but it makes learning to walk easier).

  • He loves to climb. He will get himself on the couch if he finds a way to get up there and can get himself down without falling.

  • He likes to climb on the little chairs and get up on the little kiddie table.

  • He loves to play with the kid's kitchen.

  • He can roll a ball back and forth with you.

  • He goes to bed at like 7pm every night and gets up around 6am. If he has his pacifier and blankie he rarely cries. He naps twice for 1-2 hours each at 9am and 1:30pm.

  • He eats pretty much anything. He sticks with cooked veggies now and soft fruit in the produce department, but anything that is soft enough for him to chew, he likes (though he doesn't prefer cheese-its or plain cheerios-he tends to throw them on the floor a lot).

  • He does like when the adult watching him walks out of the room but recovers quickly.

  • He loves his Mommy the best. :) Actually, he is a lover. He likes everyone.

  • He enjoys the bath.

  • If you leave the fridge door open, he tries to get in and is mad when you close it.

  • The kid will crawl on any surface, including sidewalks. (Ouch!) Hopefully we master the walking soon.

  • He can sit and play alone or loves to be in anyone's business.

  • He only seems to be afraid of masks. (Ha!)

  • He goes by Blake, Blaker Doodle, Blakester, Blake Buddy, Blake Man, and Baby.

    (Hopefully I covered mostly everything... Aunties, let me know what I missed!)

Happy Birthday, Blake. We can't wait to see all of the new things you learn in the next year! We love you soooo much!

Monday, July 18, 2011

Logan & Avery

We had a busy weekend! There was a visit to Wheaton, a sleepover with Jackson, some shopping, a baptism, a new godfather, a 4th Birthday... It was busy but very enjoyable. We met Baby Olivia and Baby Patrick for the first time and saw some friends we haven't seen in a long time.

The Staniak family with Baby Logan at his baptism.

God Bless Logan!

Logan with godparents, Ryan and Jen.
Baby Logan. He did great!!

Avery turned 4! She is so sweet!

Happy Birthday, Avery! We love you-- you are finally four!
Jackson slept over!! We had some fun outside and the kids had a great time playing.

Blake enjoying the water.
Jackson has no fear!

I think the boys were looking at their Mommy.

A little sibling love on a Saturday morning trip to Wheaton!

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Getting Closer

...Blake is 1 week from being one and he is taking more steps every day... but he's not there yet.
...Reese is getting closer being 15! Just kidding. But I swear she isn't 4.

...Chase is almost 3. He's fighting me with bedtime, but I am working on it with him. He is getting close to starting his first year of preschool!

Thanks to Brian for the fun pictures! :)

Sunday, July 10, 2011

Life Can Be... Mavel-US!

The famous "Life Can Be..." party returned this year after a 2 year break and it did not disappoint! Since it was a super hero theme, the kids all sported their SUPER t-shirts and capes while the grown-ups also got into the spirit. The night included about 200 paddle boat rides, bounce housing, some eating, some drinking, some singing, dancing, chatting, laughing, frog spotting, bags playing, and just good old fun. I am pretty sure the party would have gone on all night if we didn't have 12+ kids to get to bed! Great work goes out to my Dad and Janet for throwing such a fun party. Now, for the pictures...

The Staniak's

Aquaman, Silk Spector (from the Watchmen), and 3 of our favorite Super Hero's!

Super Brayden!

(Look at that great smile)
Super Logan and Sabrina

The Captain Underpants Family with Dash.

(The Foley's won the award for the only family to stay in costume the entire night!-

but hey, I was wearing spandex and pleather and it was HOT)

Here is Carissa doing the dance Ryan created for us!

Madisyn and Reese.

They have a great time playing together after not seeing each other for a couple months.

Amie and Brian.

Brian taught me some new things with my camera, so hopefully I will be taking some "cool" pictures soon.

Mark and Ryan.

Here are Dad and Janet's 11 Super Hero's in training.

Eraser X and Super Dawg

Jodi and Tony


The Super Thommes'

(Great sewing Carissa!) Janet and Dad.

Blake was SO freaked out by my dad's costume. I don't think I have ever seen him get so scared. It was kind of funny.

Super Reesey

My little Super Heros!

Aquaman and Me.

By the way, I went into Jimmy John's in this costume. People looked at me like I was nuts... like they have NEVER seen a costume in their lives!

Ron and Eileen.

More Watchmen!

Spider Girls and Flash

Jessie, Chase, Alex, Dad, and Sammy.


Wednesday, July 06, 2011

Happy 30th to Leenie!

My cousin turned 30 in June! Her party was so much fun for everyone and the party brought all the fun! There was a HUGE princess bounce house, glow jewelry, tons of food (even some from Fit Chef Chicago!, music, drinks, and more! It was great to celebrate with Eileen. Happy 30th. Welcome to the club. ;)

A special birthday kiss from Reese Eileen to Eileen. The name gives them a special bond.

Jonathan, Reese, and Jackson getting stuck in the corner.Blake got in on the action!Me (Hot Mess), Carissa, and the Birthday girl.Reese and Leenie.Chase wanting in on the Birthday Cake.Eileen, One Eyed Reese, Aunt Donna, and Jackson.