Monday, August 29, 2011

First Day of School 2011


Reese- 2nd Year of Preschool

Chase- 1st Year of Preschool

I was not there to drop off my little lovelies on their first day, but Ryan got to and he said it was a piece of cake. Chase ran out the door and was as happy as can be. He carried his Cars backpack and didn't look back. He didn't have too much to say after, but he enjoyed it and was happy to get to go back today. He said he spent a lot of time playing with the doll house. He loves his firehouse now, so it's his thing at the moment. Reese was excited for her first day, but she is totally that kid that asks every day, "Do I really have to go to school tomorrow. Can I just stay home?" She goes in every day with a smile and I think she really does enjoy herself and learn. There is just so much she always wants to do. She is going to have an awesome year!

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Out and About

We hit up the Brookfield Zoo this summer with Carissa and Dylan. The kids LOVED the monkey house... who isn't fascinated by gorillas?!

These two fit in the large shirt.

Blake got in on the action.
Our Super Girl

Dylan, Auntie Carissa, and Reese.

One boring day, we went to the local Brunswick Zone and wasted $10 for some good old lame arcade games. The kids had fun and the sweet tarts we "won" with our tickets made it a successful trip.

We took a trip to Kid's Town in Wheaton. The kids had fun and would have stayed all day. I got a groupon for this place, so the price was right!

Kids LOVE the play grocery stores!

There were a ton of these little cars. Chase and Blake loved all of them!

This summer, Reese got to go to Pandamania camp at St.Julian Church. It was extra awesome because it's the church I grew up in, got married at, and the kids were all baptized at. Reese went with Noah and Avery and they had so much fun. The songs are still sung at our house. I can't wait to send Reese and Chase next summer.

Reese giving us a big wave at their final performance.

Other Updates in Life:

  • Blake has had a fever on and off for the last 3 days. He has been really crabby and congested with a cold. You never know when to bring them in, but when he started walking very wobbly and falling, we took a guess that he had an ear infection. Sure enough, double ear infection for our poor boy! He now has his meds and will be better in no time. He was so sad.

  • Reese and Chase went to MEET THE TEACHER today! Chase had a fun time meeting his teacher, Ms. Lisa. She seems super nice and he liked checking out the classroom. I think he is really excited and I hope he brings only his good behavior. I am excited to see what he learns. It's funny... I haven't thought much about him going. Mainly, I have been excited, but today, walking down the hall, I got that sad mom feeling for a second. My little boy will be going to school for 4 days starting on Thursday! He's just a young little thing, but I know he will do great and have so much fun.

  • Reese has a new teacher this year too... Miss Liz. She seems to be really nice and I see Reese really enjoying her time at school. She was acting silly (hiding behind me) when we first went in. It's hard to see her act this way because anyone that knows her, knows that she isn't shy. I am really hoping she learns at the speed she learned last year. I think she has a chance to be reading and writing some at the end of this year- she seems to really want to!

  • Thursday is the big First day of school!

Monday, August 22, 2011

Fun at the Connelly's House & More

The kids have so much fun at the Connelly House.

Chase on the swing set.

The 3 oldies on the swings.
Blake and Avery in the car.

Chase, Nate, Reese, and Avery.

I remember when it was just these two and people thought we were nuts to watch 2 kids under 8 months. Now, Sabrina, Carissa and I will be braving 8 kids. We really are crazy!

A random week this summer, Ryan car died... and we had to have it towed. 3 days later, we sat and watched my car get towed. All in the same week! Luckily a nice lady drove us home. The kids watched and thought it was cool. (Thank goodness for AAA!)

Crazy Reesey

Silly Buddies.

A special Thank you goes out to Sabrina for watching our three lovelies this summer. There are many others that have helped us out, but Sabrina takes them one day or more EVERY week in the summers when she is off and I don't watch her kids. We appreciate everyone who helps us- our parents, sisters, friends... every one that is so loving and kind to our kids, but this shout out is for Sabrina. Thank you so much.

Sunday, August 21, 2011

Home is where the heart is.

The kids get into EVERYTHING! As the summer is almost over, the kids are getting more bored and school is sounding more an more exciting. I think Chase isn't sure if he should be excited or not. He keep telling me, "Mommy, I want to stay home with you!" I think he will love it, but it will take a little time. He is usually really good for other people, so I hope he is well behaved at school. Reese has a new teacher this year. I think she is excited to be one of the older kids this year and be able to help out the younger kids. She also knows that her new teacher is Miss Liz and is wondering if she can call her Miss Lizzy!! I told her she can't nickname someone she doesn't even know!

Chase playing with a plate!
Reese hanging out when we took a visit to the yogurt place in Wheaton.

3 Amigos.

The day Blake turned one.

Saturday, August 20, 2011

Morton Arboretum

My friend (and neighbor) Beth told me one morning that she was headed to the Arboretum. I had Dylan but decided I would pack up my 3 and Dylan and venture out. We had a great time! It was a little warm, so the kids did a lot of cooling off in the water. We had a picnic lunch and the kids rode home in their undies as their wet clothes dried off!

In the tadpole pond.

Chase was climbing all over the place.
This was the first time I saw Blake stand up in the middle of an aread with nothing to help him!

Dylan had a good time!

Buddies: Chase and Abigail.

Friday, August 19, 2011

Hanging at Home

The kids and I took a trip around the block. The weather has been so nice and they just like to be outside. Chase loves his new scooter... he was trying out Reese's in these pictures.

Reese was hiding behind things and popping up so I could take her picture.

Total concentration.
Blake is a walking champ now and loves to be able to "run" with the other kids.

Posing with some plants.


Chase was all about the scooter... Reese was running all over the place.

Happy boy has another cold. His nose is a runny mess. (But he is still happy most of the time!)

Thursday, August 18, 2011

Summer Happenings

We hit up the Roselle splash park this summer. I loved it because the kids loved it! It was free and easy and great fun.

Reese and Aves

Noah, Nate, and Chase.
Speedy Reese

Blake got tired. He really was falling asleep in this swing.

But he did have fun in it first.

Ryan and I had a kid free day/night this weekend. My mom took Blake and Ryan's mom took Chase and Reese. Ryan and I went to a Brewer's game in Milwaukee with our friends Jodi and Tony. It was super fun and the weather was great.

Jodi and Tony were so prepared for our pre-game fun!

Ryan and Jodi

Tony and Jodi.

Me and my buddy Jodi!

Monday, August 15, 2011

Family Fun Day 2011

Today was officially Staniak Family Fun Day. We took the day off because it's a week before school starts and we wanted to get a chance to really enjoy a day with the fam before life even gets more crazy. We had purchased half price tickets to Wild West Town back in winter. I visited this place as a kid and remember it being a lot of fun and was pumped to bring Ryan and the kids there. It was not a disappointment. The drive was a little less than an hour, which was the worst part. Our day was truly a fantastic one.

We got there shortly after it opened and of course there was a million day care buses, but it didn't slow us down...

  • We panned for gold (Mommy and Chase vs. Reese and Daddy- Reese and Daddy found a bit more.).

  • I went on the roller coaster with Reese and Chase. Chase needed an adult to go on with him. We went on twice because Reese loved it, but i was honestly scared for my life. I swear it was going to jump the tracks.

  • All three kids went on a pony!

  • Reese and Chase fed the goats.

  • We watched a cowboy show, and the guns were so loud but the kids keep talking about it now that we are home.

  • We ate a picnic lunch.

  • Ryan and the kids went on the Merry go Round and I think it was making Ryan sick.

  • The kids when on little hand powered train cars.

  • The list goes on and on... It was so much fun!

We finally left and stopped to get an ice cream cone. Chase couldn't keep his eyes open but he somehow finished. The next adventure was school supply shopping. We went over to Meijer and the kids had a great time picking out the items they needed for school. Now we just have to find a first day of school outfit!

The day ended with lots of dress up, dinner at home, a movie and an early-ish bedtime.

Happy Family Day, Family!

So precious.

Love Bugs.
Chase and the goats. (We did ok because we fed them from outside the petting zoo!)

Bad picture but Ryan had the camera and was walking with Blake and the pony.

But, even though it's blurry, you can see he is happy.

Chase and his horse.

Reese before going on her horse.

Happy Chase.

Me and my brave roller coaster kids.

Blake just chillin.

Chase loved the gold.

The better gold finders.

Riding the canoe.

Merry-go-round. Reese posed for me every time she went around.

Chase loved it.
Daddy and his baby. Poor little guy has a cold...

The death coaster.

See, we all look scared. Ha.

Messy ice cream face. Trying to stay awake.

...But it's so good!