Monday, September 26, 2011


Flashback to September 25, 2009.
Click on the link. That was just 2 years ago and Chase was just over one.

I didn't take a picture of the actually dookie this time, but I saw Blake working on a #2. I put him on the pot and Reese, Chase, and I sang the "Poopies on the Potty"... and then, he pooped! We cheered so loud we scared him and he wanted to cry.

Of course there is no way he is close to potty training, but it was odd that the same event happened with Chase. We have many more diapers in our future, but it was one less poopy diaper.

Happy Monday! :)

Sunday, September 25, 2011


Blake is the same old little dude. He's loving to sit on my lap, to run, and to eat eat and eat again. He's happy most of the time and loves to follow his brother and sister around.

Reese has been very helpful and loves doing things with Mom. She went to a meeting with me and helped me prepare food and will even help me with dishes. She has her moments of crazy, but she is smart and quick to figure things out and stay on our good side.

Chase is as silly as ever. He has a tendency to be really loud which makes us a little crazy. He is just so sweet though. At night, he comes out of his bed but he is always so cute and just gives us an extra kiss and runs to bed. He's a lover.
They don't leave us a moment of calmness, but it's true that it's all worth it.

This week and weekend were really busy. We had dinner with my dad and Janet, had meetings, food to prep for dinner, dance class, a great time at a get together with friends, a fun packer vs. bears game at my mom's... the list goes on.

It's all crazy but all wonderful.

Sunday, September 18, 2011

"2 Things: If it makes you happy, do it. If it doesn't, then don't."

Reese had her first dance class this weekend. She was a little hesitant, but really loved it and looks forward to going back. It helps that her little friend, Isabella, from her first dance class over a year ago was in her class. It was also nice for me because he mom and I became friends and I have someone to chat with while she is at class! Woo hoo! Being the prepared Mom that I am (ha), Reese and I stood outside Payless at 9:30 for it to open so we could get her ballet shoes and get to dance class by 10am. I had to say a few prayers that they had her size and we could move quick enough, and we did. Thank God! Now, we go every Saturday morning and in April or May, she has a recital! It's going to be great. Can't wait.

Friday night we headed to Jonathan and Jen's house for West Dundee's Heritage Fest. We had tons of great food at their house and then walked the few blocks once it got dark to see the fireworks. Jen loves the fireworks and had been their a couple years in a row so she got us great seats on the water and was prepared to entertain the kids while we waited... popcorn, m&ms, balloons, glow sticks... she had it all! Great party Jen. Thanks for inviting us! (Oh, and the fireworks were really awesome!)

Chase hitched a ride on the way back from the fireworks. Uncle Dave modelled Dylan's bear hat.

Dylan and his Daddy-O.
Chase, Blake, and Reese. Had to pull out the winter gear for the chilly evening we had.
Luckily it wasn't too bad!

Blake is working on that scrunched up face all the kids do around this age. He has mastered "hi" and "bye." He's also saying mama, dada, eese (Reese), chee (Cheese for pictures), and also throwing a darn good temper tantrum.

"Just the Girls"

(as Reese and I like to say since we are out numbered)

Logan, Sabrina, and Avery.

Noah staying warm.

Happy Brayden enjoyed the fireworks.


Look at Blake all bundled up!

Reese just loves this swing at the Foley's house.

Chase and Nate cruising. Chase would stay in these cars all day if he could!

Jackson was so nice to share all of his toys.

Reese with the hostest with the mostest.
We spent the remainder of the weekend in Wisconsin hanging with Grandpops and Jason and then doing a benefit walk for Scleroderma. Ryan's friend from high school has this rare disease. We walked to help raise money for research.

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

You learn something everyday IF you pay attention!

I stole that quote from Pinterest. I pinned it because I love it. So often I am not paying attention because life is moving so fast! I am here with 4 kids right now, but the other 4 will be coming after school at 11. Nate and I are going to play trains in a minute when I finish this. I am also working on dip for tonight for the BIG BROTHER finale party. Can't wait. How do we get so stuck on these mindless shows? Like Bachelor Pad. It's such a train wreck, but I love it. It would have been so awesome if Micheal decided to take all the money and not share it with his x-finance that got engaged and didn't tell him, only allowed him to find out on a tv show. He's too nice to have taken it, but it would have been hilarious. Anyways... we have a full day here in the Staniak house, so I will give a few updates and move on!

We got to attend Noah's first soccer game on Saturday. It was so fun to see him run around out there. He was excited that we were all cheering for him. We celebrated my mom's and Dave's birthdays. We had a tasty brunch and a fancy cake. The kids were excited to dig in.

Make a wish!

Here is the work of art. One Chocolate cake and tons of Little Debbie Treats. It was hilarious, but it was a fun little cake.

We got to see some Florida friends who were up North visiting family. Nick, V, and Natalie came over. We all had such a nice time hanging out together.

I have been kind of crazy with my camera lately. I don't really know what I am doing, but I am trying to mess around with it, so the poor kids keep having to say cheese for me.





(I know he isn't looking but i think it's still cute!)

Brayden again!



I made applesauce with the million apples we picked. I thought I would be cool and take a picture. I just used apples, a little water, a little sugar, and a little cinnamon. I think it's really good and Blake loves it. Reese isn't quite sure.



(yes, nerd for taking the photos)

Other News:

Blake is really working on his molars. I think that 2 or 3 have popped through a little bit. They have made him miserable. He had a bit of Tylenol and had a major runny nose which maybe came from the teething? It seems to be getting a bit better. He got a good haircut like his big brother from Daddy-o this weekend and is looking like a big boy.

Chase is still loving school. I talked to his teacher yesterday. She told me how he really likes her and spend a lot of time by her side. She sends him off to play but he usually comes back after a bit to check on her and talk to her before running off again. It's so funny because that is totally Chase. He also go "sad" at school because he was told he could only have one pump of the hand sanitizer. This also cracks me up because he is totally obsessed with that stuff. He a little crazy.

Reese is doing good. She got a hair cut from me (just a trim and I was crazy for trying, but I did ok). She has her first dance class on Saturday. This is the full year class that ends with a recital. She already tells me, "I am going to be nervous and embarrassed to be on stage," but I think she will do great and love it. She is a little performer at heart.

Wednesday, September 07, 2011

Reese's Family Picture

I couldn't resist posting this. Reese came home with this from school today. The theme of the week is their families. So, Reese made her family and obviously told the teacher the names...



Reesey Girl



Too precious!

Tuesday, September 06, 2011

Apple Holla!

Our Labor Day weekend was super non-stop, but of course, enjoyable. We made a trip North and hour and a half to celebrate Grandma Jill's Birthday at Apple Holler. We were all super excited to go have brunch, pick apples, hang out, and enjoy the beautiful weather. I enjoyed the place for the most part, but really, I thought it was pretty expensive. I hate that you get into places and then they want to charge you over and over for all the fun stuff. Overall, I enjoyed the activities, the place, and of course the company.

Blake and I hung out while everyone was finishing brunch. He doesn't really want to sit still now that he is a walking machine.
The Birthday Girl and her Favorite little girlie.
Jonathan, I took this one for you. I was working on my camera skills.
My and my little buddy.
Blake had a fun time working on an apple.
Chase picked a lot and took a bite out of a lot.
Reese was my best helper. She picked with me until the bags were all full!
Chase riding the tractor
Reese and Uncle Jason
Group Shot!
This picture CRACKS me up. Reese wanted so badly to sit on this "guys" lap... and then his fake shoe kept falling off.
Grandma Jill and her gang.
He just wants to walk around. Gotta love this age.
Little Sheep.
Of course the kids were treated with face painting. They felt so cool!

The big kids had ice cream and Blake had some pretzels. What a silly boy.
I went a little camera crazy... now to do something with all those apples!