Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Cruise Pics - Take 2

Eating on the ship.
Brayden loving the sand.

Dylan after a nap. Good Afternoon, Buddy!

My baby looks so old!

Jackson and Blake can definitely pass as brothers! Jackson loved the sand.

Chase wished he had a shovel and a bucket. He also loved the sand.

This girl loved the water! Isn't it so pretty! The background almost looks fake.

Dylan turned one! What a cutie!

Papa and Grandma Janet.

Happy Birthday, Buddy!

The Thommes clan one more time.

Daddy and his little girl.

The Foley Fam.
Good Looking Foleys.

Valentine's Day treat.

Loving the heart brownie.

Me and Blake.

She's a fish.

Blake loved the music!

Sunday, February 26, 2012

Cruise Pictures - Take 1

Our little godson, Brayden!

This was Hilarious! They wanted to take a picture, so were posing as brother and sister in this island scene.

Happy Chase!

Quiet boy, Blake.

Reese just LOVED the slides!

Strike a pose.

Jackson, looking so old!

Crazy Reese- The only girl in the group of 6 kids.


Dilly and his Mommy! So happy!

"Hey, Buddy. Want to Dance?" Blake loves to play with Dylan.

Thursday, February 23, 2012

One Heck of a Vacation!

Here are the details...
Saturday, Feb 11th : Our family of 5 hopped in an American Airlines plane and flew to Orlando, Florida. Somehow, we managed to pack one big suitcase to check along with a small rolling suitcase and 2 backpacks as carry-ons. At $25 a bag, we were trying to pack light. We had a pretty uneventful flight, though Blake didn't nap and was a bit of a pain, and Reese (who we found out had an ear infection that morning) did well, minus some tears as we landed. (We travelled with our three kids getting over a nasty cold and cough- fun). We arrived around 10:15pm and my Dad and Janet picked us up. We went to meet the Foley's and Thommes' at Uncle Larry's Florida house for some sleep.
Sunday, Feb 12th : All 14 of us in the house (8 adults and 6 kids) got ready and headed to the our Carnival cruise out of Port Canaveral. It was pretty uneventful, minus the horribly long line at the slowest McDonald's ever, and a pretty cold day. We got on the ship and checked it out. We were doing well until the ship took off. The boat was a rockin'. We didn't stay up late that night. We were all beat and needed to lay down. Our room was tiny, but had two bunks that came down from the wall and a king size... and a crib that Blake climbed right out of. Basically, the boys and I shared the king, Daddy got a bunk, and Reese had the other bunk.

Monday, Feb 13th : Freeport, Bahamas - We quickly had a routine on the ship - Breakfast, get dressed, leave the ship for a bit, lunch, sprinkler, nap, dance, dinner, kids club and bed. Then, the Dad's headed out for a bit. Freeport had some shops where they were all over you. Braids was the thing and Reese got 3 braids for $10. But, hey, that lady deserved $10 for how fast she could brave. It was impressive. Jonathan and I had a fun Coconut drink and we headed back to the ship. That night we had dinner in the buffet. The weather was getting nicer. Our water time wasn't super warm this day, but it got better. Reese, Chase, and Jackson also spent some time in the kids club. They enjoyed having some fun time with kid toys.

Tuesday, Feb 14th : Nassau, Bahamas - Our highlight of the day was the beach! We walked a couple miles to a beach, and though the entrance into the ocean was a bit rough on our feet, the sand was nice, the water was blue and the sun was warm. The kids loved the sand. Reese loved the water! She wanted Uncle Jonathan to take her in! We also had dinner at the sit down restaurant this night. The kids enjoyed the heart shaped desserts for Valentine's Day. They weren't having much fun sitting, but they headed to kid's camp after and had fun while we watch Janet rock the Karaoke.

Wednesday, Feb 15th : At Sea - This day started just fine. It was warm, Reese went down the slides 100 times and we got another great nap in. It all went south after dinner. Blake wasn't eating well (which we all know is odd), and shortly after dinner, he barfed all over him self. Yuck. It happened multiple times throughout the night along with some nasty filled diapers. Brayden also got it. We thought maybe it was from food... but as it spread over the week, we discovered it had to be a stomach virus. This night of sleep was not good.

Thursday, Feb 16th : Back to Land and off to Disney World! - Blake woke up and was done puking, luckily. He didn't eat much for the rest of the trip, and he was tired, but other than that, he was doing ok. We were so pumped to get to dry land and to get to DISNEY WORLD! After a stop at the house to get some of our things, we were dropped off by my Dad at the Caribbean Beach resort. I loved that it had beaches and so much going on around us. We got a much deserved nap in and were met by Jason, Grandma Jill, and Grandpa John. Their first trip to Disney World (for Gma J and Gpa John), and we were so pumped to show them around! We went to dinner at O'Hana at the Polynesian, and though the boys didn't want to sit, we made had a nice time and we even got to ride on the monorail!

Friday, Feb 17th : Magic Kingdom - We had a detour to start our day, with a boy passing out on the bus, a bus change, and an ambulance... but we made it to a crowded Magic Kingdom. It was a cloudy but warm day, but it was THE Magic Kingdom. We headed to fantasy land and got on Peter Pan, Snow White, It's a Small World, The Haunted Mansion, The Tea Cups (Reese and Jason), saw a parade (that the kids loved), and headed to Pirate's of the Caribbean. Chase was so pumped. He love pirates and was ready to pick something out in the shop with his Christmas money. All was well, until he started puking all over in the shop. Oh brother, another bites the dust (Jackson quickly followed as the Foley's headed out of the park). Poor Chase made a mess and was so confused by this "gross red stuff coming out of my mouth". Grandma Jill took Reese and she got a hair wrap while Chase quickly fell asleep. Jason, John, Reese and I headed to Splash Mountain next. I was pumped for Reese to try it out. She LOVED it, but as soon as we got off the ride, we learned that Chase got sick again and again, so we headed back and cancelled out dinner at Tony's. Ryan, Jason, Jill, and John had dinner at Shutters at our hotel and the kids and I tried to rest.

Saturday, Feb 18th : Epcot - Well, we got up and Chase did have some breakfast and got sick one last time. We just were so nervous and knew the kids needed rest. Our original plan was to go to Animal Kingdom, but we made another switch so John, Jason, and Jill could head to a more grown-up park, Epcot. We cancelled our dinner at Boma too. We let the kids sit on the beach and get some fresh air before a nap. Chase was still feeling bad, but around 3:00 we got brave and headed to Epcot. We had dinner at Coral Reef and went on the Nemo ride. At this point, it was dark and late, but we waited in line to see the characters and it was well worth the wait. The loved getting autographs and Blake couldn't stop hugging all of them. It was precious. After, Reese went on Mission to Mars with Jason and John. She didn't like it, but she's tough. We went back to Reese complain about her belly. In the middle of the night, my bed buddy, Reese, woke us up with noises that sounded like they came from the Exorcist. The sweet girl got sick in bed with me. (Gross- and the last one bites the dust).

 Sunday, Feb 19th : Downtown Disney - Another day we were excited for, Chase especially who was excited to get to the Lego Store and to also have lunch at T-Rex. We did manage both, but Reese and I were not feeling good. I was so sure I was going to get it next, I didn't end up having the worst of it, but I got woozy and had a splitting headache. Reese and I left before getting our shopping in and went back to sleep. After a great 3 hour napped, we felt much better. Meanwhile, Gma Jill, Gpa John, and Jason had to head home. We had a great time with them, but wish it could have been a bit more magical... we missed so much, but they were such great sports as someone was always struggling and things kept changing. We had one last dinner planned at 1900 Park Fare at the Grand Floridian. I didn't want to throw away the meal, so we toughened up, knowing the kids would like to see the characters. My Dad and Janet picked us up. We weren't overly impressed with this "fancy" meal, but overall, we had a very nice time.

Monday, Feb 20th :  We had a wake up call at 3:10am, loaded up in a van to wait for a bus, got to the airport by 4:30am for our 6:55am flight. We didn't have any issues in the airport, but Blake cried, fussed, and wiggled for 1.5 hours of the 2.5 hour flight. My Mom came and picked us up and we were SO very very happy to be home. We got a nice long nap and got started on the laundry.

This was a vacation to remember. It was not perfect. In fact, you could call it a disaster, but we spent so much quality time with most of our families. We enjoyed some sun, water, and Disney.

Stay tuned for many many more pictures!

Friday, February 10, 2012

Girls Night!

What an awesome night! My friend Beth wanted to get rid of her Princess's on Ice tickets and since she had four tickets, Sabrina and I took it as a perfect opportunity to take the girls out on a special 'girls only' date. I can't lie... I seriously was almost in tears with the excitement that these two shared. Reese and Avery were so pumped to get in their dresses and head downtown to the United Center. The girls had Happy Meals and Tangled music playing the entire way. They cheered, danced, and sang to the music and asking one million questions. Reese was literally jumping and screaming as all of the princesses made a quick appearance at the very end. What a great night-- one that I will for sure look to do again. 

Aurora and Cinderella on the ride to the show.
 Avery is such a peanut next to Reese. This picture cracked us up.
 Sabrina and Avery.
 Reese and Mommy
 Reese loving her spinning Minnie.
 Our first special 'girls only' night!