Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Bye Naps - Hello Quiet Time.

We have been blessed with three kids that are so full of energy. There are moments when they completely exhaust me, and I don't see myself as being the easily warn out type of person! Reese and Chase are known for taking good 2-3 hours naps during the day but then they are still up at 9 or 10 at night, and without getting a nap ourselves, it's gotten a little tough. So, we decided it's time for a change. At 1:00 when the kids would typically nap, we are having quiet time. I put a movie on in the basement when Blake goes down for a nap and the kids can watch or play quietly. It has actually been working out great. They know when the movie is over they can come up. There are some days that one of them falls asleep or even both, but for the most part they just hang out. Then, it seems that we can start the bedtime routine around 7:15 and they are all asleep by 8:00pm. It's a work in progress, and some days we will make them take naps depending on what we have planned for the day or evening. Hopefully this works out.

Now, the reasons to smile...

We got to watch Jackson and Brayden last weekend. They had quite a good time playing dress up and being super silly.
 Cinderella and Brayden
 Great faces with Dilly Bars.
 This kid is nutty!
 Let's make some muscles!
 Strong boys.
 Watch out!
 Our dog, Daisy for the week! She's been a good pup!
 Busting a Move.
 Polly Pockets Swimming at the kitchen counter.
 "Oh, I am so sad."
 Attempting to calm down for the evening.
 All cleaned up.
 Time for bed!

Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Happy Birthday to Ryan

Ryan's Birthday was yesterday and I am a day behind, but that's just because we were busy having a super fun day. Actually, it was a pretty low key family day. We worked, shopped a little, and even took a trip to Gameworks complete with a couple beers and a pucker martini... which I hesitated to get but Ryan was right, I enjoyed it. The kids didn't last long with the games. They mainly just wanted to run around and hop on the video game cars and motorcycles, but getting some tickets and some little prizes always makes it exciting. A little piece of junk toy is somehow a kids treasure. No need for an expensive toy... a little tony ninja man is always a hit. Anyway, we had a great time celebrating the birthday of our favorite dad, husband, friend and funny man.

Friday, March 23, 2012

Noah's 1st Birthday adventure for his 6th Birthday!

Me and Noah
 I have two godsons and their birthdays are just 4 days apart! I decided that when they are old enough, I am going to do a special outing of some sort for their day. My godmother (Aunt Judi) and Ryan's godmother (his Aunt Joann) did this for him and it created a nice bond and special memories. I was all over the board with what do with Noah, but after many options, I remembered him always wanting to go to Build a Bear. Since he won't always be young enough to enjoy this place, this was our special adventure. I didn't tell Noah where we were going and this made him nervous, but with just a little hesitation, he came home with me. We had dinner with Chase, Blake and Ryan at home (Reese went with Auntie Sabrina and got her toes painted), and then we headed to the mall. Chase tagged along so that Noah had a buddy and Ryan and Blake went their own way. As we approached, Noah first thought the Lego store, but then noticed the Build a Bear store. He had such a big smile on his face. I was so happy for him (and also a little happy that I picked something good!) He picked out a hunting dog, that he named Hunter! Afterward we went to Jamba Juice since he had it recently and told me he loved it. This year, our adventure wasn't so long, but I think it was a lot of fun for him and a special time together! Love my godson, Noah... he's an awesome kid! Happy Birthday buddy- wish I was in Disney to celebrate your actual day with you!

Trying to decide which paw should have the barking sound button. It wasn't an easy decision!
Orange Jamba Juice.

Thursday, March 22, 2012

House Full of Crazy

Time gets away from all of us. It seems that things are a bit nutty because of moving, parties, working, watching kids, unpacking, getting organized, but if it wasn't these things, it would be something else. We are moving along as quickly as we can, but since the weather has been amazing (almost 80 for the last week), we have been playing outside more and letting things slide. I really need to clean the floor and unpack the remaining boxes. Soon. Now, I sit updating the blog because Grandma Jill needs some new posts, and I am going to give her some things to enjoy for a bit and leave the boxes. They aren't going anywhere. Right? Right.

Here is silly Chase at Brayden's party. Black frosting does some wonders on the tongue. Reminds me of his daddy. He's been loving the outside and digging in the dirt. I hate dirt under the nails, but it doesn't phase boys. He is still enjoying school but mostly loving wearing shorts in this great weather. He has been amazing us with hos smart he is lately. When I say smart, it's more like clever. He asked Eileen the other night if she was spending the night. When she said maybe, she asked which bed she was staying in. She said, "well, which is bigger." Reese's bed is the obvious answer, but he stopped to think and then said,  "well my is the most comfortable." Always thinking that one.

Oh messy boy.
Blake enjoyed Brayden's party too. He loved playing in the cars, just like his brother. I wish I could say I had a good talking story about Blake, but to be honest, his words are few and far between, though it seems in the last week his is trying harder. Water, Dada, Mommy, Papa, Doggy, Hi, Bye, Movie, All Done, Bad Boy, Noah, Shoes, Car... I think this about his list and most people may not understand all of these. We are having his speech evaluated to make sure there are no issues, but we are thinking there is not. He is just surrounded by chatterboxes. He understands everything we tell him! He is also pooping on the toilet more often than not. It seems that he will just grunt to let us know or actually go to the bathroom and lift the toilet lid. I will get started on the training soon, but am hoping to hear a few more words first and get closer to the summer. One other thing to note, Blake has been doing great in his big boy bed. He needs some reminders to stay in there, but sleeps all night long and whines in the morning for us to get him! Success!
Loving the camera lately.

He smiles so he can see the picture on the camera after.
 Reese is such a ham. She is still loving her dance class and puts quite a bit of drama into everything. She loves playing with the babies and taking care of them. She loves her room and looks through 20 books a night, reading them to herself. I think this summer we will really work on her sight words. She knows a lot of them and looks forward to reading on her own. She takes care of her brothers often. I am looking forward to teaching her how to ride her bike without training wheels. She loves playing with the girl next door and I know she will be riding bikes all summer!

Birthday picture with Brayden!
As for the house, it's getting there. We have met many nice neighbors. Our next project is getting the backyard cleaned up a bit. A couple big dogs made some good muddy spots, so we will get on that next.

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Brayden's 1st Birthday Party!

We celebrated our godchild, Brayden's 1st birthday this weekend. The party was fabulous, with delicious food, great decorations, nice weather, and good company. Brayden was perfect and seemed to enjoy it all. Happy Birthday, Brayden. We love you!

Brayden and his god parents.
 Digging into his smash cake created by Ryan.
 Brayden and his silly gift that went with the theme.
 One cute one year old! :) 
(Well in 2 days!)

Monday, March 12, 2012

We are in!

It's been a crazy few days! We closed on Thursday, had a painter do some work on Thursday/Friday.  Ryan and Jonathan built some furniture on Friday. The storage container was dropped off on Friday and the movers unloaded it on Saturday. Saturday evening and Sunday we moved all our stuff from the Connelly's and my mom's houses. We unpacked and tried to organize all day yesterday and still have SO much work to do. It's all coming together though!

All went well with the move so far except our couch wouldn't fit in the basement, which was sad. It was a comfy nice couch. We sold it on craigs list for $275. Not bad. Now to find something that we can get down there. For now, it's just a playland!

Chase was so very excited to see his toys that were in the "pod". He found all his little guys and was just so happy. He loves to help but also run around and be silly. He passed out last night on the couch but woke up when we put him in his new room. He slept like a champ though and we had to get him up. This time change was a killer!

 Lots of changes for Blake. He is now in a big boy bed during his first night in the new house. He did ok considering... Ryan laid in the room and reminded him to stay in bed. He then woke up around 1:30 and I laid with him and then Ryan laid in there around 2:15. Hopefully he gets better at it quick, but it's a lot of adjusting so we will see. In other news, he still isn't talking yet. This morning he pointed to the tv and said movie and is trying some new words but overall, he is still slow to talk. We will see what the doctor advises with that. He's so smart, but just still not interested in talking. He will stay dry and use the potty a lot, yet he is a lazy talker?! Come on Blake!
 Reese is loving her new room. She wants to play in there and get things organized. She was so excited to sleep in her new house and find her missing girlie items. I think she already has memorized her address and her school name. She does well with change.

Wednesday, March 07, 2012

Dilly Bar is One!

We went to Dylan's First Birthday party this weekend. Carissa and Dave threw a great party at a Schaumburg Park District Play area. The owl theme was so cute and the kids had so much fun. Reese and Chase fell asleep on the couch after the party. They loved it! Happy Birthday Dylan! We love you! 
The Birthday Boy and one of his favorite Aunts.

Snuggles for Grandma.

Ryan made this adorable owl smash cake. I think he did awesome!
Blake in the little ball pit.

Another picture of the owl.

Chase was so happy!

Reese loved it!

Logan got in on the fun!

The Birthday boy, his amazing cake, and his Mom and Dad!

Dylan was just taking it all in.

12 Kids under 6! Getting a picture together doesn't work out so well.  Can't say we didn't try.

Dylan didn't want to dig into his cake. He didn't want to get dirty... or maybe he didn't want to wreck it. :)