Monday, May 28, 2012

The Little Dude

Blake is such a funny dude. As he learns more words, the things he is trying to say and do are just quite amusing. Looking at a book, he just kept saying "bad guy"-- over and over. I feel he has been a tiny bit less aggressive than he has been as he is learning to communicate a little more and his frustrations don't always have to be him sitting on top of someone else.

Blake has always wanted to keep up with Reese and Chase. (Who's names he can say perfectly now and I just love it!) He has honestly pretty much potty trained himself with pooping and can get himself to pee on the potty, so I was all ready to give potty training a go this weekend, being a long weekend and all, but after the first morning of him peeing and pooping a little in undies, I was scratching the idea. I figured that he would do it when he was ready or I would try again in a couple weeks. So, he stayed in a pull up all weekend... and it didn't even have to be changed. Ever! (I did give him a clean one in the morning). He woke up dry and went on the potty. He kept telling us "GO" and he would go. We went to Legoland and he stayed dry and I just took him once to the bathroom and he went. Tonight I put him in undies for like 6 hours and we went out for an hour walk and he didn't go until we got back home and told me 10 times this evening he had to go. Is he on his way or what? He will stay in pull-ups for a bit. When I am watching him, I will try and remind him to tell me when he goes, but I am sure he won't be perfect for a while. Maybe next weekend we will try undies again. I ordered him some new Toy Story undies so hopefully that excites him.

Here's to a diaper free house... forever!

Monday, May 21, 2012

Dancing Queen

It's that time of year when classes end of all sorts... school, sports, and dance! Reese finished her first year of dance (ballet- tiny toes) at the Carol Stream Park District. She really enjoyed the class, made friends (as did I) and learned some moves. I mean, I don't really know if she is going to be a dancer, but age 5, I feel like she can really move and shake and really gets into the drama of it. Her expressions crack me up. She got so many flowers at her recital. She was so proud... as were her parents. Here she is... Miss "Everyday Princess."

One of the highlights... wearing make-up. I even put on a little mascara for the show. She was in heaven.

Chase was excited to go to the show. He joined me at many classes so was happy to watch his little friends.

Look at that excitement.

Seriously, the flowers made her day! And took me an hour to put in vases, but I am enjoying them too!

Papa and Grandma Janet came to the show.

Auntie Carissa.

Auntie Sabrina and Avery.


Grandma Kathy.

Auntie Jen.

Reese, Ryan and Me.
(Special Shout Out...
Today is our 7th wedding anniversary!
So happy to be married to this awesomely wonderful guy who makes life extra special every day.)

Chase and his little girlfriend, Gianna. They are classmates at school and she gives him a hug every time he comes to ballet. He loves it!

Me and my *star*!

Reese and her friends Avery and Payton!

Reese needed to get a picture with her teacher, Ms. Donna.

She was seriously this happy and not nervous at all. She rocked it up on that stage!
Reese and Avery! I am hoping next year they take a class together. How cute would that be?!

Reese and her special pink rose from Grandma Jill.

Sunday, May 20, 2012

Mother's Day

We celebrated Mother's Day this year in Milwaukee. It was a nice trip that included breakfast with Granmda Jill, Uncle Jason, and Grandpops. We hung out at Gma Jill's for a bit, Ryan and I snuck out for some shopping, and we even got to hit up the outlet mall on the way home. I can say that it was a fantastic day and I have a great time with my family. I love bring a Mom.
The sweet first love that made me a mom.

My second loving child that made me get to celebrate this special day.

My third little character that completes my Mom status.

An attempt at a group shot.

This was just before we left so we struggled to get a good picture with Grandma, but it works! :)

Me and my babies!

Saturday, May 19, 2012

Logan turned 1!

All four of my siblings now have a baby that is one! It will only last until July 20th when Blake turns 2, but for now we all have a 1 year old. Anyway, Logan is 1 and he celebrated with an awesome train themed party. I mean, check out this picture. Sabrina made a train car for each family! I can't keep up with all this creativeness going around! Great party and lots of fun! 
The birthday boy Logan sharing his first car with his brother Nate.

Blake sat in his car with his train hat for about 20 minutes straight!

The birthday boy and his beautiful blue eyes.

Dylan sat in his car even longer than Blake!

Brayden loved his train car too!

Ryan's last 1st birthday smash cake for a while now!

I think he liked it!

Reese got in on the action too!

Chase enjoyed the party too and didn't want to leave!

Tuesday, May 15, 2012


It feels like so long since I posted. I should get something up here. I had intentions of doing a great Mother's Day post and talking about all the fantastic Moms, Grandma's, Aunt's, Mom Friends, and the like in our lives, but my computer decided to go to laptop heaven so it just didn't happen. I did get a new laptop this weekend, so I am back in business. There is something nice about starting fresh. Lucky for me, I had backed up my pics about a month ago on the other computer so I think there is maybe only a month missing (and I have been slow with picture taking so there wasn't many, I guess that worked out for me). Jonathan is going to try and recover the few things I want from hat computer... hopefully he can work some magic.

In the meantime, here we are enjoying the warm days and the yard. These three full of energy kids are keeping things real, always learning, and always playing. This week is a full one with dance recital rehearsal, preschool picnic, kindergarten meet the teacher, and the dance recital!

Make today a great day. ;)

Chase loves to be outside!

It's funny that kids don't care how cold the water is!

Blake wants to be outside every second. 

Reese practicing her pose for her dance recital.

Blake always wants us to take his picture.

Jen kept our trampoline for us while we were between houses. The kids are pumped to have it back.

"I am so high!"

Crazy boys.

Sleeping boys.
(Blake likes to pretend to sleep and snore all the time. It's too funny!)