Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Diaper Free, Could it Be?

If you have seen me recently you will know the story. In fact, I talk about it way too much, but it just amazes me. It's actually quite crazy in my opinion. Blake is diaper free. I would like to say that it was all because of my awesome potty training skills, but nope. It was all him. Our little Blake who can not talk all that well (but continues to get better every day) can use the potty like a trooper. The story is, at 22 month, Blake had been pooping on the potty all the time. I thought I would give the training a go, but the morning started with pee and poop in the undies. I said, forget it and that I would try again in a couple weeks. Well, the day went on with Blake in a pull up and wanting to go to the bathroom all day long. I continued to remind him as the days passed and he was doing great. If I put him in a pull up, he would pee in it because he could, so I decided to just go all out. Sure enough, he is potty trained. Don't get me wrong, he still pees his pants every now and again (maybe once a week) and since we keep him in undies at night, he has wet the bed too, but more often than not, he is dry. We spent 4 days in Green Bay running out and about, going for a 3+ hour car ride and he was perfect! Now, we continue to work on the talking!

(Like his bruise? He fell off a picnic bench for the nice cheek bruise and fell on the wood floor for his forehead bruise. He is always getting a new bump or scrape! I hope grows out of his clumsiness... I am not sure if I ever did. I was a walking disaster as a kid.)

Monday, June 25, 2012

Checking things off the list

I made a list for the summer of things I really wanted to do with the kids. I still work 3 full days and have Dylan on some of my off days. I try to do something each day that I can.

We took a trip to the Brookfield Zoo with Dylan, Sabrina and kids, and Tricia and her kids. The weather was perfect and the kids were pooped by the end of the day.

Here's Blake ready to head out.

Dylan was perfect!

 Checking out the dolphins.

Checking out something... maybe giraffes?

Reese and her buddies, Alyssa, Avery, and Payton.

I get SO nervous about the pool, but my neighbor, Caitlin, and Sabrina and kids and I went to the Itasca pool. It was a lot of fun and it was so hot. Blake asked to go to the bathroom a few times so it was nice to have the help there. The kids had so much fun!

We have even snuck in a second girls date this month! Jen found "Motherhood the Musical" downtown and it was so hilarious! We had so much fun! Thanks, Jen.

Sunday, June 24, 2012

Summer Lovin'

The summer is so great, isn't it?! Sure, it's hot, it's filled with jam packed weekends, but it's awesome! A couple weeks back we celebrated Jackson's 3rd Birthday! He was so excited and the kids were even more excited to be there. Jen, as usual, planned a fabulous party! There were so many great activities, and the kids especially loved the water balloons! I may just have to have some for the boys party this summer!

Blake loved being outside.
 Can this birthday boy be any more excited?!
 Reese having a blast.
 Taco tongue Reese throwing a water bomb at Uncle Jonathan.

We had some outdoor fun at the Connelly's backyard! The kids are so easily entertained outside with just a little water!
 Ninja moves!
 Awesome Fun.
 Little Love Logan.

Sunday, June 10, 2012

Color Run Fun!

On June 2nd, Sabrina, Carissa, Jen and I headed to downtown Chicago to participate in the Chicago Color Run. Thanks to Facebook and my friend from college, Kari, I found out about this super cool "fun run" and put it on my life list! The images of color everywhere got me excited! It just looked so happy :). The race was already full when I discovered it, but my friend Kari helped us attend the event because she works with these events. It seems like a crazy concept - running and getting covered in color but it was so much fun! We laughed, had a kid free morning, got some exercise, and experienced something new. There is one in Milwaukee in August and I think we may just be attending again. We knew of two other people that would be there, a high school friend, and our cousin, Brian. Oddly, we found both of them! Next year, we are going in silly attire like a lot of the other people there? Tutus? Tights? Bows? Skirts? Look out!

The Four Sisters.

Carissa and I waiting at the start line.

Jen and Sabrina waiting for the start.

They had awesome music playing. We all just danced and got excited!

Sabrina and I with Katie Lavin.

Some dirty girls.

The color explosion.

Tuesday, June 05, 2012

Wrapping up the School Year

The school year is coming to an end and has been fun for all. Reese is excited for the summer because she will be in kindergarten and Chase is excited for the summer because he will be able to wear "sporty shorts" every day! Those two are something special!! I look forward to the summer to get the kids out for some camps, fun activities and I get a little break from our crazy schedule. I won't have the Connelly kids because Sabrina is off for the summer (jealous!). Thanks to Sabrina, my mom, Carissa, and Jen, I still have support with my kids in the summer. It takes a village people! ;)

Auntie Jen surprised Reese at her class for family day. She was so happy to have her there and get to share all the things she does at school. (Thanks, Jen!)
 I attended Chase's tea party. He was so excited to wear his tie! He didn't like the tea but he gave it a try.
 Looking good, Chase Buddy!
 Chase and his teacher, Ms. Lisa. He's really going to miss her. She was so great with him this year!
 The silly class picture.

Here they are in their First Day Pictures . Below you see their last day. They continue to grow so quick and keep us on our toes. They are super energetic and absorbing so much every day!