Monday, July 30, 2012

Life Can Be! Hobo Style

It was that time again-- time for the annual Life Can Be... party. This year, the theme was hobo and it was great! There is nothing better than getting together with family and friend, dressing up, dancing, eating and acting a little crazy. My Dad and Janet did not disappoint and their new deck was awesome! I am now pushing an 80s theme next year. Also I think next year dressing up should be a requirement! Some of us got into characters while others pooped out. Come on people, bring on the fun!
We look like bums! Thanks to some goodwill shopping and some scissors.

Carissa and Dylan looked super cute.

He sure looks dirty!

The best part was that she LOVED this outfit.

Another dirty boy.

He's prepared.

This is how hobo's tell if it's time to jump in the lake to refresh.

Dad and me.


Talk to the hand.

Dave and Jen-- getting closer!

Rocking the Mic.

Shake it!

All the kids loved to sing and dance.

Jackson wanted some candy!

Janet making the hobo stew. That is a serious pot.

Carissa and Jen's bumps. Can't wait to meet these babies!

Sunday, July 29, 2012

More Happy

The happiness doesn't seem to end around here lately with all the Birthday fun. We celebrated Blake's actually birthday with a trip to Pirate's Cove and some hot dogs and ice cream in the evening! It was a pretty great day if you ask me. Sabrina and my mom joined us and we even got to have McDonald's for lunch which to the kids in the most exciting thing in the world!
Blake is struggling with getting two fingers up. It takes so much concentration, but he knows he is TWO!

Sibling pirates! We were at the same place last year!

Birth Day Boy!

Chase Buddy

Reese taking the birthday boy for a ride down the dragon slide.

Maybe the highlight of Blake's day- A picture with Spiderman.

A ride in the Choo Choo with Nate.

This picture cracks me up. Brothers.

Blake and Nate on the Merry Go Round.

Singing with Auntie Sabrina. Ice Cream!

I'm 2!

Blow out those candles.

The 3 Amigos.

Friday, July 27, 2012

Kohl's Childrens Museum

Carissa and I took a trip to the Children's Museum a few weeks ago. The kids had a blast. If it didn't get crowded, we could have stayed all day!

Monday, July 23, 2012

Little Miss Thang

There is just something about her... don't get me wrong, she has plenty of "tude" going on this summer as all the kids struggle with what to do with themselves all day, but she is just a ball of fire. Some days I really think she is destined to be on a stage! She can really turn on the tricks as she did in the pictuers below. She is taking a tap class with Avery this summer and we will try a full year recital class again this coming school year. Will dance be her way to the stage? Maybe we will try some theatre classes sometime. 

Other things Reese-- she will sneak off with the ipad and watch a movie on Netflix any chance she can get, she has been very helpful and very bossy lately. Reese doesn't miss a beat- you really can't sneak anything past her. She is always paying attention and is always learning. She is a smart cookie.

Now... for the fun!
Show me happy.

Show me silly.

Show me mad.

Show me sweet.

Show me sad.
 Then, the fun continued with Jodi!
Show me angry.

Show me surprised.

Show me scared.

Not sure what they are showing me, maybe Jodi told her she couldn't have a treat later?
We then made our way to the stage where Reese made up a song and sang the entire thing with a dance and some serious emotion.

Friday, July 20, 2012

Blake is 2!

Do you remember this day?? Were you a blog reader than? If you weren't, it's almost worth reading... at least I think it is. It was such a funny recap of the events of Blake's Birthday. Written by clever and funny Ryan.
CLICK HERE (on the link, read from the bottom up.)
The day he was born. I mean I think he was pretty darn cute!
Today is our baby's Birthday. Blake is 2 today! Our BABY is 2! How do we not have a little one-? How are all 3 of our kids getting old so fast? It really is amazing how time flies...

First trip home.
Blake is one special kid. He bring joy everywhere he goes. That may sound a bit cliche, but it's so true. He gives a smile that it's impossible to not return. He looks at you with such flirtiness and with this look that means - play with me or get me or pick me up - and you just can't help but get in on the fun. And picking him up isn't a light task. He is such a solid kid. He looks older and solid, but when you go to pick him up, you are blown away but how solid he is. He's a brick.

This is Blake at 1. The eyes were talking even then.
Blake is potty trained. About a month ago gave up pull ups and haven't looked back since. He wears undies all day and night. He is an advanced potty trainer and still a slow talker, BUT he is making great strides every day. I am sure if you have no idea what he is talking about you would be lost, but he's putting 3 words together now. Some of his favorites are still "ewww gross" (he says this to just about anything- a crumb, a piece of hair, grass on his wet foot by the pool), "fresh beat band", "mine", "I do it"-- there are actually a lot. My favorite is that he adds Mom to the end of most things when I am around. "Right Back Mommy?", "OK Mommy", "Yes Mommy"-- The tone is just too funny. Ryan and I look at each other and laugh.

Birthday ONE! Two is coming up soon. And today on his birthday, we are headed to Pirate's Cove, which is fitting because his 1st parth with Chase was there!

 These two guys are going to be best buddies forever! They really enjoy playing together and it goes better each day. They also enjoy wrestling. (Trouble!) Blake is always looking for "Chase" and "Reese" and doesn't want to leave them out. Sharing a room is a bit annoying at nap/betime but they are learning.
When Blake was just a week old.
... and now! Buddies.
 This guy is now 2! And we wish him the happiest Birthday ever and a year full of extreme laughter, happy moments, tons of learning, playing, and love. Happy Birthday Blake!!