Sunday, August 26, 2012

The Boys

4 Years Old
Height = 40.25" (50%ile)
Weight = 39 lb 3.2 oz (70%ile)
Chase got a shot and wasn't happy about it and let out a few tears.
On Chase's actual birthday we went to Lou's for some pizza, followed by a trip to the Lego store to build some little guys, and then we finished the night with our first family trip to the movies! We saw Brave and we all enjoyed it!

2 Years Old
Height = 37.25" (97%ile)
Weight = 33 lbs 12 oz (95%ile)
Blake got a shot and let out just a peep... this was after Chase went and freaked out. I was impressed, but let's be honest... next year he will no better and it won't be that easy.

Monday, August 20, 2012

The Bergs came to town!!

 The Berggren's came to town and we had a blast. We hung out, had sleepovers, played at a nearby kids town place, went to the mall, and went to music in the park with the Connelly's too. It's always so nice to see great friends and to watch the kids have so much fun playing!

Sunday, August 12, 2012


There is finally another girl in the family and we are so excited! Jonathan and Jen welcomed Quinn into the world on August 1st and she is the most precious baby girl! I got to the hospital a couple hours before she was born and was so happy to be there! She's cute, lovable, sweet, healthy and a GIRL! And she already loves her Auntie Jenny! Reese can't get enough of her!
Bring on the pink! (Congrats Jen and Jonathan! Great work Jen!)

Loving our newest niece!

Monday, August 06, 2012

The Boys Party

I was all over the board trying to figure out what to do for the boys party. We went with a backyard water theme. We made a blob, filled the pools, got water shooters, filled a billion water balloons (or it felt like it), borrowed my dad's mister... we stayed cool! Ryan made the kids lego shirts and we had great fun. Happy 2nd and 4th!

Girls hanging out on the blob. It was a tarp folded in half and taped (found it on pinterest!). It kept springing leaks, but the kids still enjoyed it.

The boys hogging the pool!

Chase and Blake enjoying their food. Blake wanted to go lay by Chase. It was too cute.

That is me in the pink shirt getting thrown into the pool. Totally did not see that coming.

Chase getting someone.

Thanks to Grandpops we had a fun filled pinata.

The 4 year old sporting his lego shirt!

Happy Birthday didn't work too well outside...

So after the attempt outside I let them try again inside. Love Blake's face!

Birthday boys!

Birthday boys with Papa and Grandma Janet.

The boys with Grandma Jill.

Hanging with Jason and Grandpops.

Present time! We now have lots of legos, superhero toys, outdoor fun, and waterfun! Lucky guys.

So fun!

That's a serious pile!
Thank you to everyone who made the boys feel so special!

Friday, August 03, 2012

Chase is 4!!

Yesterday our Chase Buddy turned 4! Can you believe it!? I feel like he has been 3 forever and the day finally came. Chase is the sweetest and most sassy boy around. He is charming, kind, and thoughtful. He is a good sharer too. He can finally write Chase and he is so proud. He is just getting over a cold with some high fever days. He was so huggable and calm... now that his energy is back, his is 100% spunky. He is still a pain at bedtime but he will mostly stay in his room now. If Blake would leave him alone we would be onto something. Chase LOVES legos and superheros. He plays so well with them. His favorite food is watermelon and peanut butter and jelly. I think we are phasing out his nap. He will take a good nap, but then he isn't tired until after 10, so we are working on quiet time with a movie and if he falls asleep then it's ok, but trying to keep the naps shorter. Chase is still very stubborn and I am sure will be forever.

We love you Chase-- we love your silly days, your crazy days, and your big smile!
Happy 4th Birthday!