Tuesday, September 25, 2012


Last week was an interesting one. Ryan was out of town and I had all the kids here on Wednesday. It was a typical day-- the kids were playing great and the boys were in full acting out bad guys and good guys in the basement. Next thing I know, Chase is hurt. Noah accidentally threw a toy shield like a frisbee and it got Chase. He wasn't bleeding too bad but it looked deep. I didn't know if I should bring him in and with Ryan gone it was a little trickier. Sabrina thought maybe I should take him and everyone said that since it's face that I should. So, Mark watched Blake for me, my assistant soccer coach ran practice and Reese went home with a friend after practice. I took Chase to a clinic since the doctor wasn't available until 7, but when I got there they said that the doc on staff wouldn't see children. What?! Seriously? So I then got Reese and took Chase and Reese to the doc. Once I got there I was sure that he was probably ok but we had to be sure. After all that, no stiches or anything, but we know that he is ofically ok and healing now.

The next day, Blake took a nose dive off a swing and got a bloody nose! Whew. I am glad that week is over!

Boo boo.

Look at that tear.
It just seemed really open on the right side.
As you can see, by the time we got to the doctor, everything was all peachy. Just another adventure for the Staniaks!

Thursday, September 13, 2012

Septemberfest Fun

Moving steps away from a big annual Labor Day festival is pretty cool. This was our first Septemberfest being so close and it turned out to be pretty fun! We had an "open house" party where friends and family could come over, hang out, hang at the fest, get prime parking, and then watch the fireworks from our front yard (though most didn't make it that late this year)! Looking forward to it again next year!

Brayden and Jonathan

Nate and Jackson

Ron and Baby Charlie (only a few days old!)

Leenie and Reese

The kids decided on their own that it would be fun to have a water fight!

Eileen's surprised Face.


Monday, September 10, 2012

Happy 6-0 to Grandma Jill!

On September 1st, Ryan's Mom turned 60! She doesn't look it, but it's a special birthday so we decided to make it extra fun for her. We picked up Jason and then picked her up. We had lunch at a fun restaurant, took a tour of memory lane and the hot spots of her years, we hung out with Grandpops for a bit (which included one of my lovely children using too much toilet paper and causing a major house flood), dinner with Aunt Joann, Rob, Grandpops and all of us, and finished up with a night at a hotel-- swimming and a big sleepover! We got up early and had breakfast as a group. It was so much fun!
Reese and Grandma

Uncle Jason and Reese.

Grandma and her favorite trio.

Grandma Jill and I had a lunchtime beverage!
Aunt Joann and Jill.

Mom and her baby!

Wednesday, September 05, 2012

First Day of School 2012

Reese and Chase were so excited to start school.
Reese being in afternoon Kindergarten was bummed that she had to wait until after lunch to go to school.  Chase started in the morning but it couldn't start early enough. They both had a great first week and are really pumped so far!

 Blake was sad that this year he doesn't go to school. He has been carrying around his backpack all the time in the hopes that one day he can sneak off with the others.

Tuesday, September 04, 2012

Charlie John

Baby #12 was welcomed into the family on August 28th! Charlie John is Carissa and Dave's second son. We did not know the gender of the baby and with boys out numbering the girls, we did really think that it should be a girl, but were still just as excited to hear there is another boy to get down and dirty. Sabrina, Jen and I tried to get to the hospital in time for the annoucement, but were a few minutes late, so Dave waiting for us to all arrive and give us the big news! We are so happy for Carissa and Dave and Big Brother Dylan.

Monday, September 03, 2012

Toledo Time

We wanted a fun little family adventure before school started and before we got back into the swing of things. We decided on Ohio! We went to visit Dad and Janet and check out where they call home when they are not here. We had a great time! The kids were so excited to play with all the toys and hang out with Papa and Grandma Janet. They were so nice to let the five of us take over and bring some noise to their lives for a few days.
We all took a trip to the Toledo Zoo.
Our little happy family.

Dad and Janet


That last picture was funny. As you can see we were trying to get a group shot but we were experiencing tired kid meltdowns. Reese tried hard to hold back her tears.

We also took a trip to the Toledo Children's Museum. It was really nice and the kids had a blast!

We spent a lot of time playing in the yard and under the willow tree. They also had a little pond in the backyard. I thought it was so cool!

Lastly they had this game there - Hyper Dash
This game is so cool and I for sure have to get this and maybe some of the others. It's high paced but easy enough for all the kids to handle. Ryan and I even got in on the action!