Friday, October 19, 2012

Happy Birthday to Uncle Jason

Happy Birthday Uncle Jason! Thanks for being so much fun!! We love you! - Reese, Chase and Blake!
Last weekend Uncle Jason, Grandma Jill, and Grandpops came down to celebrate Jason's birthday and watch the kids while Ryan and I got a night out with our friends Tricia and Bob. We had a great time as did the kids. Grandma Jill was nice enough to bring all sorts of stuff to decorate cupcakes and the kids were spoiled by all with treats and love.

Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Friend Time!

We met up in Milwaukee at a hotel to have a fun little night away with our friends, the Berggren's! We all had so much fun. Pool time, food time, hanging out time... what else can you ask for?! We got connecting rooms which was so awesome for the kids. It was just one quick night away but always so great to hang out.
The kids loved the pool. 
 Reese actually cried the next day a few times telling me how much she missed her best friend Madisyn. They have such a great time together. They have been this way since they were little.
 I am missing Baby Case in this boy group! (He's so sweet!)

Sunday, October 14, 2012

Sonny Acres

We made a trip out to Sonny Acres. It wasn't a long trip since the weather was cold and rainy, but we were there long enough to enjoy a few things. We missed the Foley's but spent some time with the Thommes and Connelly clans. It still surprises me how much these rides cost so the kids each picked one and had a great time.
At the entrance. Blake woke up soon after.
 Chase was glad to be outside even with the cold.
 Dylan looking all serious.
 Charlie staying warm.
 She's pretty tall this Fall!
 Chase and Reese were all ready to go in the kiddie haunted house alone.
 They made it to the door and then came back and I had to go with them.
 Dylan and Blake rode the firetruck.
 Chase, Noah, and Nate picked a race car.
 Avery and Reese went in a spinning strawberry.
 The four oldest in the dozen cousins. I mean, I can't believe at one time it was just these four!
 Silly girls.d
 Staniak pumpkins.
 A poor attempt at a group shot. Nate is hiding behind Noah.
Happy October!

Monday, October 01, 2012

Interview Catch Up

What is your full name - "I don't want to tell you. Chase Patrick."
How old are you? - "4"
Favorite Color- "Blue and Green and Black."
Who is your best friend? - "No one"
What is your favorite Animal? - "Gorilla"
What do you want to be when you grow up? - "A worker. Like Mommy."
What is your favorite movie? - "Batman, Robin, Spiderman, and Joker."
What is your favorite book? - "Spiderman"
What makes you happy? - "Nothing."
What makes you sad? - "When someone throws something at me."
What is your most favorite food to eat? - "Old McDonald's and Taco Bells." (Super healthy) "I like pizza."
What is your favorite song to sing - "Up up and Away we Go and You you you, you can trust God." Thank you Vacation Bible School.
What games do you like to play? - "Batman, Robin, Green Lantern."
Do you like sharing your room? - "No. It's so boring." (Not quite! It's always a party in there.)
What do you get in trouble for? - "Saying bad words and not doing what Mommy Says and not listening."
Do you like school? -"No." Favorite part? - "Playing with the castle"

Chase says that he doesn't like school, but I think the only reason is because I make him wear jeans to school. He goes happily (even if he has complained a bit) and always comes home with a smile. He is writing his first name and we are now working on his last name and need to work on all his letters. He is a very clever and stubborn kid. He loves to work the system, but as stubborn as he is, he is sensitive. He loves to play Legos and anything super heroes. He loves to play dress up and to collect bugs. This weekend he had some bugs in his bug house. He told a friend "The spider isn't moving. I took off all his legs so he couldn't run away!" Oh boy. Chase mainly does not nap. If he naps he is up late, so when he naps we try to keep them to an hour. He still has a hard time settling at night. He just doesn't want to miss anything. We signed up Chase for karate, but he just wasn't ready to do it on his own, so we cancelled and will try something else in the winter. He's still shy sometimes. I think he will be happy to try soccer or gymnastics, he just loves to tumble.

What is your full name - "Blake."
How old are you? - "2"
Favorite Color- "Green."
Who is your best friend? - "Mommy"
What is your favorite Animal? - "Monkey"
What do you want to be when you grow up? - ?
What is your favorite movie? - "A Movie."
What is your favorite book? - ?
What makes you happy? - "Hmm"
What makes you sad? /What is scary? - "Scary Witch"
What is your most favorite food to eat? -"Macaroni"

Blake did actually answer those questions. Now I am not sure that everyone would be able to understand him, but every day he makes more progress. He wants to have full on conversations, but he just isn't so clear just yet. He has cracked me up telling me "No way Jose" and "Miss you" and of course we get a lot of "I do it!" Blake, like both his siblings, also can work it and will attempt to cry to get the things he wants. He has now started to be scared of things (Halloween decorations and fireworks). He loves his Mommy so much. He wants to give a lot of hugs and makes the most flirty silly shy faces. He's precious and he's tough. He will fight for what he wants. He is not a big sleeper. He falls asleep around 8 and is up by 6. Lately he wakes up and night crying for me and sometimes camps out with us for a little bit... but he is a kicker and that is annoying. He takes a nap at 1. It's anywhere from 30 mins to 1.5 hours.

What is your full name - "Reese Eileen Staniak"
How old are you? - "5 and 3/4"
Favorite Color- "Purple."
Who is your best friend? - "Madisyn, Avery, and Nora and Avery, Peyton, Alyssa, and Josie from school"
What is your favorite Animal? - "Baby Seal"
What do you want to be when you grow up? - "A Cookie Maker"
What is your favorite movie? - "Brave"
What is your favorite book? - "Barbie and the Pop Star"
What makes you happy? - "When I get to go where I want to go"
What makes you sad? - "When I don't get to do what I want to do."
What is your most favorite food to eat? - "PB and J"
What is your favorite song to sing - "H-E-L-L-O. That's the way you spell hello"
What games do you like to play? - "Candyland and Chutes and Ladders"
What do you get in trouble for? - "Not listening to what I was told."
Do you like school? -"Yes. I sometimes get to go to recess but I don't get to go anymore."
Do you like dance? - "Yes. Because I get to see my cousin Avery."
Do you like soccer? - "Yes. Because I get to see Nora and Claire and Izzy."

Reese is her same old spunky self. She loves school. She has so much fun seeing her friends and comes home with so much energy. She has been testing things a bit more and like her answers, is not a happy camper when things aren't the way she wants them-- and crying about silly things at 5 (and 3/4) is just not cool. She loves to make new friends and always asks us if she can go talk to a new person. She loves movies and the ipad (as all three kids do). She's excited to learn to read and be around others. I am really enjoying coaching her soccer team. The kids are all so great and they love being at practice and games. Reese is just starting out but she tries hard and is a hard worker. She is also in dance and is enjoying that time with Avery as they don't see each other as much since they have opposite Kindergarten hours. She's a loving and sweet girl.