Saturday, January 26, 2013

Bye Bye Baby.

I told Reese that I didn't want her teeth to fall out because it meant she was no longer my baby because she would get big girl teeth. Those words through her off for a bit and she no longer wanted to lose her teeth like Noah and her friends at school. I had to talk her into realizing that it was totally cool if she lost them and that she would still be my baby. The truth is though, she is 6 and losing her teeth and turning into a big kid. She will though, always be my baby... just like the boys. I am so going to be that mom that calls her kids babies even when they are 50!

Reese is such a ham. She had to put on every piece of jewelry she could get her hands on and had to add the hat and glasses.
December 30, 2012 -Reese's tooth was quite wiggly and it was time for it to come out. Ryan helped pull out her tooth with just a couple tries. There were a couple of tears because of the blood and because she was so shocked, but after a moment she was so excited and had to call everyone.

Reese was this excited to go to bed that first night. She couldn't wait to see what the tooth fairy would bring. She got 3 sparkly dollars - because tooth fairies need to leave some fairy dust!
This past Monday, January 21st, Reese's second loose tooth was looking like a hot mess. Her tooth was coming in behind it already and it was time to get that one out. We were in Joann Fabrics and Ryan gave it one try and it was out. This time she got one dollar and some m&ms. She did let us know that this time the  dollar had different fairy dust. (They just don't miss a thing!)
 As kids get new teeth they just start to take on such a new look!

Monday, January 21, 2013

Foley Christmas

Christmas ended the weekend after New Years when the Puccini's finally came to town. They usually are here on Christmas day but this year was different, but we just as fun. We enjoyed all our time together and had a blast. We miss them already.

Reese and Jessica
 Sammy and Dylan
 Dave and his toy... I mean, I think he has some skills using this thing.
 Chase and Josh. Chase loves Josh so much!
 Nathan, Quinn, and Jessica.
 Chase and Josh again.
 Nate and Sabrina
 Eileen and Me.

 Dad and Brayden
 Aunt Judi and Logan
 Alex and Sammy

Monday, January 07, 2013

Christmas at Dad's

Christmas afternoon, we headed to my dads for a TON of food and great company. This year it was just us siblings, all the kids, and Dad, but we had a wonderful time!

The kids get these crazy stocking Bags as do we. Grandma Janet never disappoints!
The kids also got a Wii! They are so excited but really need to work on their skills. :)
 Ryan's attempt at a silly picture. 
 Reese, Avery, and Blake.
 Dad and his kiddos.
 Blake and Me. He just got up from a nap.
 Jen and Quinn. I remember when Reese wore this!
 Papa and his gang.
 Captain America
 Chase and Charlie. My boys love Charlie and Quinn so much!

Thursday, January 03, 2013

Christmas Morning with Mom

After Santa time, we headed over to my Mom's. With 12 kids, there is no shortage of Christmas gifts. I love giving gifts to all these kids. They are all so special to me and I know them well enough to know I can find them something they will love. They make Christmas more special every year.
Look at those gifts!
 We have brunch and I LOVE brunch. There was SO much food.
 That's a lot of stockings!
 We all put one thing into each stocking. Always fun items in there.
 The Dozen.
 The kids with Grandma Kathy
 Our clan - Blake looks thrilled.
Mom and her four kids.
 Mom and her in-laws.
 Chase and Uncle Mark

Wednesday, January 02, 2013

Santa Claus Came to Town

This first picture makes me laugh! The kids needed to take one before they could go at the gifts. Chase had already gone down to sneak a peek. He was planning on busting Santa but he did not wake up when the big man in the red suit did his work!
 They were just so darn excited. Reese was happy for everything she got. Chase just loved that something was for him and couldn't get enough of opening. Blake opened nice and slow. Reese and Chase were always willing to help.
Chase and Reese loved that their were the same red and white "pershey kisses" in their stocking like last year. Those must be Santa's favorites.
 Reese loved each gift.
 Blake loved his new shoes. They each got a new pair and some clothes and undies... not the most exciting things but they still loved them.
 Chase got a ninja castle. He loves it and has been playing with it a lot. He also got some Lego's and can't wait until they are all built.
 Blake got the Spiderman House. He thinks he is so cool to have it. He has to show it to everyone.
 Reese got a barbie house. It's pretty tall. It has an elevator. I think that's the coolest. Now, to just keep her brothers from touching it!
Gift opening went rather quickly, but we had more places to go and people to see...

Tuesday, January 01, 2013

Christmas EVE

We finished up with the Staniak's on Christmas Eve, had a successful family nap, and then headed to church. We then went over to my Mom's with the Connelly's, Grandma, and the Stawicki's. More holiday cheer was shared.
Avery and Reese
I think I startled him.
I think it's fun to think about back in the day when these two were the only little ones at Christmas time... back in 2006.
2006. :)
Loving up Christmas.
The kids kept photo bombing all the pictures. It was actually quite funny.
Those Cute Connelly's.
Those Silly Staniak's.
Oh Logan!
Avery and Noah.
The 4 oldest. Such a great picture.
Mom, Grandma, and Aunt Nancy.