Saturday, February 02, 2013

Chase Buddy

Chase is 4 1/2 today! Kids love being that extra half a year old. It's the coolest thing ever. In fact, Reese just noticed the date and told Chase it was his half birthday. Woo hoo! Chase is a bundle of joy. 90% of the time he is happy, helpful, and full of joy. That 10% of the time when he is a stinker is normally when I am putting him to bed and he fights it or when he is asking for a snack... mostly because he is bored. (It's not like he is starved.) He complains about getting ready for school but he goes happily and seems to enjoy it. 

Chase is in a soccer class now and LOVES it. He runs around the entire time and loves for his whole family to come and watch. He is always looking over at us and giving a bit smile. He feels like a superstar.
Chase LOVES babies. He loves to help and make them smile. He is always giving kisses.
Helping give Charlie his bottle.
Chase loves to dress up and loves to play with his brother and sister. They are not always playing like perfect angels (there is a lot of wresting that goes on), but most of the time is just playing.
Chase's people have really improved. He loves to draw. I also had him write his letters the other day and he one got stuck on a couple. He's making great progress. He's a smart cookie.
Chase was sick a couple weeks ago. He was quite mellow and miserable, but he recovered and is his peppy self again. We love our Chase Buddy.


The Michna's said...

What a sweet boy that Chase is! Love all the pictures!!

Grandma Jill said...

What a sweet boy~~~~Chase you are the best. Grandma Loves You!!!!!!!!!

Katie said...

Man, he looks so much like Reese!!!