Saturday, March 23, 2013

Brayden's 2nd birthday adventure.

Ryan and I are lucky to be the godparents of our nephew Brayden. For each birthday we hope to take him on a special outing! This year we went to the Disney store and the Rainforest Cafe. As he gets older we will do more exciting things. It was so nice to have the one (or 2) on one time together. Happy birthday buddy!!!

Monday, March 18, 2013

A 30th to Remember!

Carissa was the last in our group of 8 to turn 30. It had to be a special day and for sure it was! In fact, it was one of the most fun nights EVER! She expected a small group but was surprised with more family and friends. We made a fake photo booth complete with many awesome props (Thanks Eileen!). There was plenty of green, and more than enough food and drinks to go around. We made a Harlem shake video and even a couple music videos. We really lived up the night celebrating Carissa!
Lucky for Ryan and me, my Dad and Janet had our kids and surprised them with Disney Live. They spent the night and we had a kid free night and morning. Thanks to them!
Happy 30th Carissa! I hope you always remember your special day... I know I will!
These pictures keep me laughing. I think if I am even having a bad day, I know where to come for a good laugh.
Ron, Ryan, Sabrina, Jonathan, and Eileen.
 Me and Eileen.
 This may possibly be the funniest thing I have EVER seen.
 Carissa was pretty surprise and looked so pretty!
 Everyone waiting in the kitchen to say surprise!
 Is this guy creepy or what?!
 Brooke-- Deep in thought.
 Jonathan and Jen's taxi driver - aka Mr. Heil even got in on the fun.
 Dude, who is this guy?
 Ryan and Sabrina.
 Eileen and Ron.
 Me and Ryan.
 Jeff and Christine- Loved their wigs!
 This was Mark and Jonathan acting casual as Carissa came in. Because they typically sit on this chair together?
 Group shot. (Carissa was kind enough to pretend to share a jello shot with me!)

Christine and Jeff. 
 Carissa and Dave and the awesome birthday cake.
by EVOL CAKES --CHECK IT OUT! Local and amazing!
 Make a wish.
 Jonathan and Carissa.
 Dave, Ron, Mark, Ryan, and Jonathan. This one is a keeper for sure.
 Sabrina and Mark.
Jen, Carissa, and Erica
 The birthday girl!
Is this guy for real?
 Sabrina and Me.
 Jonathan and Brooke.
 Jello Shot anyone?
 This is love.
What we know...
1) Adults can have a lot of fun.
2) Parents can have even more fun.
3) Enjoy life and live it up.
4) Birthdays are a good reason to celebrate.
5) We all act like crazy people sometimes, but it makes for good laughs.
6) Laughing really is the greatest.
7) Pictures really capture some awesome moments. Don't forget the camera.

Have and awesome week.

Friday, March 15, 2013

Reese's New Years Resolutions

Reese really should work on her Push Ups. I mean really, her form is pretty bad! :)

Thursday, March 14, 2013

So much to celebrate

The beginning of the year is full of birthdays, all of which deserve to be celebrated!! I guess the entire year really is packed with our large family, but Feb- March gets busy! Jonathan, Papa, Grandpops, Dylan, Brayden, Nate, Noah, Carissa, and Ryan all have a special day in the first quarter of the year! I don't have pictures of every one, but here are some moments I captured.
Carissa turns 30 tomorrow! She will make 30 look awesome! Dylan turned 2.
 Nate turned 4!
 Brayden is almost 2! Our little godson!
 Look at my oldest godson in action. I can't believe he is going to be 7. He told me 7 is still little but I told him that I knew him when he was 0. But he said he was 0 when he was in his mom's belly, otherwise he was at least a day old.

Blake doesn't have a birthday for a while, but he really liked this picture because he is a Ninja Turtle!

Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Reese Moment

We try as parents to make our kids eat their dinner and we try to make sure it's healthy. We have started to give them whatever we are having. It's not always a lot but they have to eat it. So, typically it's a few bites of chicken (all meat to them is called chicken since typically it IS chicken), a vegetable, a fruit, and sometimes a carb. They usually do ok. Today we had asparagus. I knew it wasn't Reese's favorite, but she still had to finish or she wouldn't get a cookie later. (Too many Girl Scout cookies in this house!) Anyway, she ate her meat and apple sauce, and then was determined to finish the vegetable she hates. She got to her last two pieces and went to put her plate away and I hear coughing and gagging. I told her she better not spit it out or she wouldn't get a cookie. She tried to get it down and then proceeded to barf it up on the kitchen floor (which I just finished cleaning). I wasn't so thrilled and it took everything in me not to crack up while she started crying because now she couldn't have that cookie. Oh, Reesey!

The Blakester

Blake-- my litle baby. I guess little isn't a great word for him because he's tall and solid, but he is my baby. He's such a happy boy, always looking to play with Chase or Reese. The time change has been good for him because he was always getting up at 5:50, but now, we have moved into the 6s. He's my workout motivation, getting me up and telling me it's time to go to the basement... so I can exercise and he can play with squinkies. He is all signed up for preschool next year and he's very excited about it. His speech is always getting better, but he still have a long way to go. He's smart, but not always easy to understand. He's such a lover and brings so much joy every days!

Sunday, March 10, 2013

Let it Snow

I am over the snow. I love it, I love the kids being able to play in it, I don't even mind shoveling, but I am ready for spring. The kids have been wearing their winter boots and snow pants and really getting in the snow. We even went sledding and it was kind of awesome! That will be in another blog, because I am getting back to my blogging too. Have to keep the memories here.
Blake loves the snow, but hates when his hands get wet or cold. He is usually the first one in.

Reese could play outside all day and night. I don't think she ever gets cold.
 Chase loves to roll around in the snow too. Biggest problem is he doesn't like getting hit in the face with snowballs. :) Daddy-O got him a few times... it wasn't his favorite way to play!