Thursday, April 11, 2013

Noah's 7th Birthday Outing

Noah is my godson and we went on a special birthday adventure. He picked Gameworks and was pretty excited. We ate lunch and loaded our card up with points to play. Noah had his favorites... the wheel game and ski ball but I got him to try a few new ones. We had a great time and ok his last play he won 500 tickets. We were pumped. He used his tickets for a bunch or random items including disappearing ink, a ninja set with two swords, a mechanical hand, an alligator, some tootsie rolls, and a tiny figure. We ended with an ice cream cone. I love these special dates with my godchildren!

Sunday, April 07, 2013

Two wheels baby!!

Reese finally rode her bike by herself. We were both soooo excited. She still can't stop gracefully or turn but that will come. Such a proud moment!!!

Friday, April 05, 2013


Easter was filled with family and love and treats and fun. We started of with Dad and Janet's Easter, then we had Easter with the Staniak's, then at home, and then at my Mom's. It just kept on going, but every day was special. Sadly, Chase and Ryan missed Easter at my Dad and Janet's. They were bummed but Chase was sick and we couldn't take him out. Janet sent him a box of eggs in the mail and that just made him so excited. He loves the Easter egg hunts more than any kid out there!
Easter Morning at home. Chase found the most eggs!
 Blake took his time and didn't really care how many eggs he got. He was so pumped every time he found one.

 They had to take a picture before they could go and Ryan gave us a nice photo bomb. We have almost the same picture from Christmas. The flash is too bright for Chase since it's still dark out when we get started!
 Reese did a great job and they all shared with each other so well. She got the George stuffed animal from Monsters Inc. She wanted it so badly for who knows what reason... the Easter bunny brought it and it made her day. Chase got one of the bears from Brave and Blake got Timon and Pumba. Chase quickly made Timon his own, but Blake was happy with just Pumba.
Easter at Dad and Janet's!
 A Monkey hat! Monkey's are his favorite!

Cheese! Look at that hole in her mouth!
 The gang minus Chase.
I didn't get pictures with the Staniak's or my Mom's this year. #fail! Happy Easter!