Sunday, July 28, 2013

Ears pierced!

Reese went with Avery to get her ears pierced for Avery's birthday! I really didn't think she was going to handle it well (she said she didn't want to forever) but was really excited to do it with Avery. Surprisingly neither girl cried and they both picked out their birthstone earrings. What a big milestone! Such cute girls!

Blake's First Drawing

He was so proud!! He drew his first guy. Now we need to work on his name! (We have a long way to go). Blake took a camp this summer- It was a preschool readiness camp... his first class alone. He was excited at first, but he was the oldest and with kids that hadn't turned two yet and just cried and cried and screamed (This is not an exaggeration). So, by the end, he joined in the fun and cried too! Yikes. Luckily he still seems excited for school!

Saturday, July 27, 2013

Girl Scouts!

I am lucky enough to help with Reese's Girl Scout Troop. We made a trip to the Elk Grove Park District and learned to make cookies that taste like the standard Shortbreads. They were so tasty!!

Monday, July 22, 2013

Blake is THREE!!

I look at pictures of Blake and they really just sum up this kid. Happy, Smiley, full of love! I can't believe our baby is 3. He is our gentle giant, though he isn't always gentle. He can really hold his own against the big kids, but he love babies and snuggles and hugging Mommy! He likes to crawl on top of Mom or Dad in the morning and aggressively hug us with all the love he's got! It's just precious. His speech still is a little "blurry" but he talks ALL the time and tries hard to get his point across if we are struggling to understand him. He loves his brother and sister so much and all of his cousins. He is just such a sweet boy! Happy Birthday buddy!
 We spent his "little birthday" (that's what he calls it since his party is in a week) - eating dunkin donuts, playing in the pool, picking out toys at Target, eating some pizza, and some ice cream. We finished the day off with some ice cream! He had a very happy day! Happy just like Blake!

Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Colorado - Take 2

We went mini golfing, went to the Children's museum and got to meet up with Kristen. Whew! We kept busy! We played a lot of cards too. Can't wait to go back!

Monday, July 15, 2013

Colorado - Take 1

We had an awesome time in Colorado! The flight was delayed for two hours after we got on it, but the kids did great! We did a lot of hanging around the house, swimming in the pool and a ton of eating! We visited a cool cupcake shop that also serves all kinds of cereal and met my cousin Megan there. We tie dyed shirts, Ryan rode on Uncle Bob's motorcycle (with him), we celebrated my birthday at a sushi restaurant and I tried real (aka raw) sushi. Ryan went to a shooting range too! Our time there is always fantastic in Colorado with the Puccini's! We miss them when they aren't around and appreciate all the time we get to spend with them!!!