Saturday, August 10, 2013

First trip to the American girl store

Reese and I joined our friends Darcie and Nora at the American girl doll store downtown for Nora's birthday! It was really cute and the girls had so much fun! That place is intense and everything a little girl could ask for!

Monday, August 05, 2013

Chase is 5!

Chase is 5! This buddy, this kid, is 5! I can't believe it. I sat and thought about his birth and how he was the only one of our kids that came out on his own (no induction needed). He entered the world in the middle of the night and was as cute as can be. He's always been a little big of a challenge, but not in a bad way... he is just so smart, clever, funny, loving, sensitive. He's just one heck of a kid. He took soccer camp this summer and did great! He seems like a natural athlete... of course only time will tell if this is true! He is our only kid that sleeps in and loves music. It's scary how much he is like his dad! He's such a great kid. He's pumped for Kindergarten and we know he will do great! Happy Birthday Chase buddy. You are an awesome kid!!!