Thursday, September 12, 2013

Chase's 5th and Blake's 3rd Birthday Party

The boys had a fantastic party, though it was in the low 60s that day in the end of July! Anyway, we had a Monster themed party and the boys had a great time with all their family and friends.

Chase and Blake Stats

Blake - 3 years old
40 lbs (97%ile)
40.25 inches (94 %ile)
He didn't need any shots and had a great appointment. The doctor told us to get his speech tested so he doesn't get frustrated. It seems to be getting better every day and the teachers at preschool are going to watch him.
 Chase - 5 years old
43 lbs (67 %ile)
43.5 inches (63 %ile)
Chase had to get kindergarten shots which also meant that it took three people to hold him down. He wasn't too happy about it, but he survived.