Monday, November 25, 2013

Christmas Morning

The kids surprisingly slept until 7:00. They took time opening their gifts and were filled with excitement. Blake loved his power ranger items, Chase loved his rainbow loom kit, and Reese loved her barbies. The kids were very happy and ready for the next adventure!

Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Reese is 7 Years Old

Reese is one special girl and she is 7! I can't even explain the joy she brings to our family. She is loving, kind, thoughtful, smart, and beautiful. She loves to make friends, play soccer, laugh, help her cousins, play with her family, and be helpful. She loves to dance, sing, make up songs, write, read, and play make believe. Reese can also be stubborn, whiny, and tell us 'No' way more than she should-- This too shall pass? She has only lost three bottom teeth so far, though many of her friends are missing their top 2-4 teeth. Reese loves school, loves playing with her brothers, and is overall a happy girl. We love you Reese! Happy 7th Birthday!
We went to Wicked on her actual Birthday and or course had donuts for breakfast! She got a beta fish she named Peacock. Chase gave her a little notebook and tissues and Blake gave her a dolphin key chain. All gifts were so exciting to Reese!
Reese had a tea party with her friends followed by a family pizza party. I think she had an awesome day!

Sunday, November 03, 2013

Eileen and Ron's Bach event in Lake Geneva

We had a blast at the Abbey for Eileen ad Ron's Bach party. The boys zip lined and the girls did the spa thing! We had some girl fun and then met up with the boys for some drinks, bar time, masks, and dancing. I'm pretty sure the event was a success.