Sunday, October 26, 2014

Staniak Halloween Fun 2007-2013



Saturday, July 26, 2014

Chase's 6th Birthday and Blake's 4th Party!



A great day at Wild West Town

Blake is 4!

Our baby is four. Like everyone says, it's crazy how fast time flies. I mean, I am 34 already! Anyway, back to Blake. He is our  smiley boy. He wakes up in a good mood and 98% of the time he stays that way the entire day. What else...
-His speech is getting better. He works hard to talk so others understand. 
-He is still so tall and so solid! He looks like a 5 year old. 
-Blake loves to play with his siblings. He loves Pokemon and lion king. That's all he puts on his birthday list. 
-He loves playing soccer. He just wants so be cool like the big kids. 
-He is looking forward to his second year of preschool. He loves to write and work on "learning things".
-Blake loves to come in our room for morning hugs and snuggles. 
We love you Blake!

Another fun week at church camp!

This was Blake's first year and he had a blast. He was a bit concerned that the day was long, but he did well! Chase and Reese also had a great time. They love learning the songs and come home with great stories and lessons learned.