Thursday, July 30, 2015

Blake is Five

I have been a terrible blogger the last couple years and I really want to get back to it. I think it's so awesome to look back and see so much changes in such a short time! Like Blake! He just turned 5 and is such a big boy!!

Blake finished preschool as a reader. He picks up skills quickly watching Reese and Chase. He has a great buddy in class and his teachers always said how he is "the big man on campus" and is going to be a great student in Kindergarten. Speaking of Kindergarten, they now offer full day, which Blake is SO excited about and ready for. He thinks having a lunch box and eating lunch there will be amazing. I am worry about him getting tired! He goes hard and will just fall asleep. Maybe a bunch of early bedtimes in our future.

Blake smiles 90% of the time. He is just a happy kid and if he gets in trouble, he will frequently just back down and cry. He isn't perfect... turning 5 has made him think he knows more than he should sometimes. He can be a stinker.

Blake loves his siblings and all of his cousins. He is full of happiness anytime he is with them.

Blake is our early riser. He is up between 6am and 7:15am... usually too early! He wakes up, pops up and is ready to start the day.. which is usually too early for the rest of the house.

He is almost as tall as Chase and we get asked if they are twins. I think he is going to be the tallest one in the family.

Blake is so loveable! So glad he is ours.