Sunday, January 31, 2016


Some basketball funsilly little cousins
A family day downtown to see Newsies. 
Soccer friends and teammate. Now and in college. 
Chase just trying to stay warm. 

Keeping it real

Walks to school have been super icy. Nothing better than helping your sibling outs And proving to your parents that they really are teaching you something about kindness and being a good friend. They can be a handful but when we catch these moments of love, you can't help but be proud. Chase always shows his soft side around his little cousins and other little kids. He is so patient and helpful with them. 
Indoor soccer is in full swing!

Blake was Joseph in his nativity reinactment at church. It was precious. 
Who cares if it's snowy. Blake and Chase could spend all day in the snow!

Fun packed weekend

We got to celebrate my most favorite brothers birthday and check out some awesome ski jumps! We all squeezed in Goosebumps movie, 3 soccer games and 2 soccer practices. We also made it to church and enjoyed Noodles! Busy life but one full of love, friendship, activies, and fun!

Thursday, January 07, 2016

Reese turned 9!

Reese turned nine this past November! I can't even believe sometimes how time flies. Reese had a little girly party at a local cupcake shop. The girls used a lot of frosting and candy to make some delicious and messy cupcakes!
Reese is such a happy girl. She is kind hearted and helpful. She does get sassy at times, like most little girls do, but she spends the majority of the time with a big smile on her face. She enjoys playing soccer and being silly with her brothers. She does a good job at school and does not like when she doesn't do well at something. She loves to read and start way too many books at one time. I am always so proud that teachers have positive things to say about Reese -- that she is a good role model. Hopefully she will continue to grow up as a leader with a positive attitude and a smile on her face!!